I don’t do proofreading…

…mainly because I am too lazy to do it. Laziness and not enough time are great companions for a busy day and getting sick. So I wish all of you the best and hope you can enjoy your stay on my site a little bit.

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About me

I am a 20-something student and IT-employee who kinda likes her job and just tries to get a degree for the degree, not because she’s actually gonna do anything with it (it’s not an IT related subject).

I collect everything with owls and have a big fluffy elephant plushie in my bed. My favorite movies are Aladdin (2019) and Ready Player One and my guilty pleasure song is I Want It That Way by the Backstreet Boys. I’m a K-Pop fan and my future traveling goals include Australia, New York, Canada, Thailand and South Korea. As you can probably figure from that, I’m not from any of these places. I’m from Europe.
I speak English and German pretty fluently, I can understand some French and Spanish and I’m currently learning Korean.

I’m also, without a doubt, addicted to watching movies with over 600 DVDs. Also I discovered Thai BL series’ in 2015/16 and ever since then I’m addicted to that too.
I’m a constant breakfast skipper because I’d rather sleep in instead of eating and I go to the cinema pretty much once every week.

I call myself an optimistic pessimist and do think I am a little bit crazy. Like everyone I have done things in my life I regret and things in my life I’m totally proud of. I’m a V.I.P. – a Vaguely Improving Person 😉

Yep, that’s me! Welcome to my site.