Top 15 male KPOP group leaders

While I think about what story or posts to post here, I decided to give in to my fangirling…at least a little bit. Let’s see where it goes ^.^

Please note, this is MY opinion. I DO try to give reasons (other than ‘he’s soooo cute’ or ‘he’s soooo hot’ or ‘I just love him’) but since I don’t know all K-Pop groups and since I’m not a fan of all of them I may have skipped one of two…sorry =P

These Top 15 are chosen from 3 criterias: Character, Popularity and Talent which translates into – they are the most known person in their group, they are really talented, they have a unique character. Some of them qualify for one of the criterias, some for all of them. Although, for me, it was less important how talented they themselves are and more important how they interact with the other members, how they try to make their group more known and how they deal with problems and their overall efforts. Because of all of this, some of the results may differ from what you expected, while others might just fit your opinion.

So here are my Top 15 male K-Pop leaders:

Side note: I’m a girl, so sorry it’s just for male K-Pop groups…if I have the time I will see if I can write about girl groups too.


15 – Rap Monster (BTS)rap monster1

I like BTS, I love their music and their style and when their song ‘Fire’ came out I was like OMG OMG OMG…BUT I don’t know who is who except for Rap Monster (which btw I think is a strange choice for a stage name).

So, RM made this list because of the Talent and Character criteria. Although he is the main rapper of his group he has quite a funny character and charm and he has shown some cute sides before which also goes against his deep voice. He is also known for his talented rapping and I do think he composed some songs or at least wrote some…like I said I’m not too much of a fan, so I don’t know. But his name is definitely known in the K-Pop world.

Side note: He’s number 15, so I don’t have to write too much, right?

14 – Suho (EXO)suho1

He is the leader for one of the most known, most popular and highest popularity rising K-Pop group out there, EXO. I don’t know much about him, his background or any other members really (I’m just proud I even know all their names and what they look like, as well as some of their songs), but I do know that he has quite a funny personality and at the same time is reliable as a leader. I think he still has to grow some more in the ‘getting more popular through variety shows etc’ part but expect for that I think he is doing great and you can see he really is trying his best for himself and his group.

Side note: I like EXO. Like, not love, so sorry if you are…ok, I forgot what the fan name was…EXO-L? Exotic? Oh, I give up…

13 – Eunkwang (BTOB)eunkwang

Some people may be like “Whaaaa~~~” now because he is higher than Rap Monster and Suho but like I said before this is about my opinion and the three criterias I told you. And while Suho and Rap Monster are more known than Eunkwang, it is mostly because they are in more known groups than BtoB (which I think is unfortunate because BtoB is great and they are really funny).

So Eunkwang is on this least because he is an amazing and talented singer (and the main vocal), I think quite reliable when it comes to it and because he has the variety charm of a A-Class K-Pop star. No, seriously, I don’t know if it is his actual personality or if he is just that good at variety but he knows when he has to lose face to be funny, when a comment is enough and he also gets along quickly with other people. That is why he is Number 13 on this list.

12 – Soohyun (U-Kiss)soohyun

Another leader who is here because of talent and character. Soohyun is also the main vocal for U-Kiss and has the character of a dork. He doesn’t care about his age and still acts cute. He tries his best whatever he is doing and he is reliable as the leader of U-Kiss. He knows how to make people laugh and seems to get along with others quickly and easily. He also managed to get U-Kiss through some tough times of member changes and some scandals and I really think he deserves Number 12.

11 – Jinyoung (B1A4)jinyoung

B1A4 have those times when they are really big and then a few months where you don’t hear a word. I think at the moment we are in the no word phase and I really hope they have a comeback soon. Jinyoung is here because of talent mostly. He wrote soooo many of B1A4’s songs, so many hit songs, and is quite good at composing and writing lyrics and in general he is very talented in music. He is also reliable as a leader but knows when it’s time for a joke or how he can make something funny (even though his personality is quite down to earth compared to Number 12 & 13). The only thing I ask of him: Please try a little bit better with your english because some of the english lyrics are just…well, wrong. Otherwise I think he is a great leader and a funny guy.

10 – Yongguk (B.A.P)yongguk

This person…why is he here? Well, he is definitely talented, not only in his groups as a rapper but also as a solo act or featured artist, but I think I remember him being surprisingly funny on variety shows, maybe a little bit quiet from time to time but I think that is his responsible side for his group. He is also quite known throughout K-Pop and he also went through some troubles with his group and his entertainment agency. I just hope we hear more of him in the future.

9 – JB (GOT7)jb

JB from GOT7 is one of the leaders who fits all three categories: Talent, Character and Popularity. His name got out even before GOT7, as an actor in Dream High 2 (was that the name…yes, I’m quite sure…it’s been so long though) and as a duo with other GOT7-member Junior in JJ Project (oh, I love that song). He is also a talented dancer, singer and a reliable leader with a funny but maybe a little bit shy side, although he seems to get along with other people and new aquaintances quite well.

8 – Yonghwa (CNBlue)yonghwa

Yonghwa is without a doubt the most known member of his group, as well as a talented singer and musician. Also he is good at variety, with a nice joke here and there, and some funny qualities as a host for variety shows. I don’t really know much about his qualities as a leader for a group, since I don’t know much about CNBlue, but he is also a great actor and also had main roles in different K-dramas. He definitely fits the all-around-talented description.

7 – Leeteuk (Super Junior)leeteuk1

When you ask about the most known leaders in K-Pop history his name just HAS to pop up in the top ten. Leeteuk is one of the first K-Pop idols who got known for his amazing MC and hosting skills as well as variety side. He is also a reliable and responsible leader and managed to keep Super Junior going even though there are sooo many different characteristics in the group. And even after his military duty of 2 year (mandatory in S.Korea) he still gives his best and shows that he hasn’t forgotten how to do things.

6 – B.I. (iKon)bi1

This guy…I admit I don’t really like him but I also realize he kind of has to be on this list. B.I. is talented, as a rapper, as a musician, as a composer. He is definitely a leader type and definitely knows what swag means. Maybe it’s because the group is a rookie group, maybe it’s just his personality but I DO think he lacks a little bit in the variety department (but also iKON-member Bobby balances that out perfectly for the whole group). Why I still don’t like him? I don’t really know. Sometimes he seems like a total douche and sometimes like the cutest guy ever…maybe he’s just not my style.


Side note: So, now it’s getting a little bit more fuzzy. With the following 4 people I had no idea how to place them – except for number 1. Some may agree, some may not, but stay until the end and maybe I can tell you my reasons for placing them this way. 

5 – N (VIXX)

vixx_nFirst off, VIXX is my favourite group out there and I did want to place N higher, but tbh that would just have been unfair to some others. Maybe in a few years he will be there ^.^

So N is a great dancer and singer and has the charisma to pull some those crazy VIXX-music videos off. But the one reason why he is here? Because he excels at variety. He knows how to be funny and make people laugh, especially the other members. And even though people tease him and make fun of him he takes it well and teases them back. I think he knows when to be serious but also doesn’t take himself to serious. He figured out what makes idols great at variety: When they build a character for themselves. And he did it and is still doing it. He may or may not be the most known person in his group, I cannot really judge that because I love them whole but I do think he’s also very good at presenting his group and dealing with fights or conflicts.

4 – Doojoon (Beast)doojoon1

Another character for himself. He is a good singer and dancer and definitely a good leader. In my opinion, though, what makes him special, is his ability to fade into the background when necessary and shine brightly when it’s time. He knows when to give the spotlight to others and when he has to step in because a situation is becoming awkward. He also managed to build a character for himself and show his great variety skills. Combined with his shine or not shine skills, every variety show with Beast seems like a blast and makes people laugh their hearts out.

3 – G-Dragon (Big Bang)gd

Some may hate me for putting him at spot 3 but tbh I wanted to put him even lower, still in the Top 10, but lower. Why? Because the main reason why he is so adored and at the top, is the popularity of Big Bang in general and his solo acts. I think he is amazingly talented, probably the most talented one on this list, and he knows how to make a performance great and make Big Bang look breathtaking but in my opinion that’s pretty much it. Compared to others on the list Big Bang in general and G-Dragon lacks in the variety department. He knows how to funny and cute but not as good as others. Like I said, in general, BB seems to be lacking in that area (except for Seungri, he fits there perfectly). But since he is so crazy talented and does seem to be a reliable leader I put im 3rd, even if it goes a little bit against what I really feel.

2 – Zico (Block B)zico1

Another person who is crazy talented. Some of you may want to hack me to pieces for putting him in front of G-Dragon, some may applaud. Why is he placed higher than the king of K-Pop? Easy answer, he has the variety appeal. He does not only have talent and a modest side but also some variety skills and knows how to make his group shine. He is without a doubt the most known member of Block B but still promotes them even if he has a solo appearance in a show. Also he lead Block B through some serious troubles and scandals and managed to learn from them (at least it seems that way).


And the number one goes to:

1 – Sunggyu (Infinite)infinite sunggyu1

He managed to build himself an image and a character, on variety shows, in interviews, in reality TV. And he doesn’t even seem to need funny jokes anymore but just his image to make people laugh and joke around. Although his build image seems a little pouty and like he’s holding a grudge sometimes he gives his best and seems approachable and funny.

And beside all the variety his voice is amazing and he manages to keep Infinite together and teases the other members back when they annoy or tease him instead of taking it the wrong way. Although he also seemed to be somewhat on the problematic side when Woohyun became the main vocal of Infinite, he managed to get through that.

In my opinion he deserves the Top spot for this all-around personality and talent.


So, after this list, I do have to say, that for me, musical talent isn’t the only thing that counts. As a singer, I wouldn’t care about their variety talent, in that case, the list would look very different, but as idols, I do think that term contains a great deal of talent, variety and image. That’s why it looks like this. I did try not to get myself too involved in what groups are big and what are not that big (as well as when they had their debut and so on), otherwise SHINee and Teen Top would have been on there and EXO would have definitely snatched one of the top 5 spots, but like I said, I tried to judge talent, variety and popularity of the leaders and not the group.


I hope this was fun to read and I did not offend you…if yes, HOW???? I definitely didn’t say bad things about fans and even if I said someone seems like a jackass, I never said he actually is one =P So if you are offended…I have no idea why and tbh I don’t really care -__- (just don’t read it then)


If you have a different opinion or think the same, comment down below, maybe post your top 10 or if I missed someone you can tell me who and why and I will put him in and throw someone else out *smirk* and if you know about something important for the list (like an event or something else that happened in the groups or with the leaders) which you think has to be mentioned, also comment down below.

If you don’t write me, I cannot consider or think about your opinion, because I’m not a mind-reader, so if you really want to tell, then comment ^.^



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