Top 10 hardest K-Pop dances (Female edition)

I love dancing. Not just K-Pop dancing but also like the dancing in the movies Step Up or let’s just say dancing in general (excpet for the standard waltz and stuff like that…I’m not much for formal dancing). Maybe I’ll make a list with the Top dance movies one day…maybe not, depending on my mood. But since I love dancing and K-Pop I decided to make a list of the hardest K-Pop dances.

Just so you know, this isn’t just according to me. I spend a long time watching other people’s lists and reading articles and tried to collect what songs where called out the most. If you know any dances I forgot (please, if the dance came out in the last two months, it’s probably not included, because no one mentioned it yet) then comment down below and I will have a look at it and adjust the list.

The choreos include at least one of the following criteria:

  • difficult dance moves (like very specific or very hard to do moves)
  • very fast tempo (can be hard or easy moves but very fast)
  • needs amazing stamina (can be hard or easy moves but no rest and moving all the time, strong movements)

Let’s start with the female version first.

10 – Miss A – Breathe / G-Friend – Me Gustas Tu / WJSN – MoMoMo / Black Pink – Boombayah / KARA – Mamma Mia

Number 10 on this list wasn’t very clear as you may see. All of these dances were called out a lot for different reasons. ‘Breathe’ by miss A for being hard on the stamina and the body, because of the hip and core movements and the few and precious breaks in the dance. G-Friend’s ‘Me Gustas Tu’ for its fast tempo and continuous movements. Cosmic Girls’ ‘MoMoMo’ debut track for its big movements and fast tempo. ‘Boombayah’ was also named as one of the faster tracks with big as well as sometimes complicated moves. And KARA’s ‘Mamma Mia’ was often named as a dance that needs stamina and has many little movements. All of these deserve a place on this list and I just didn’t think it was right to just choose one and put it in this list. So here you have number ten =D

Side note: Don’t worry, this is the only place where I’ll put more than one song

miss A – ‘Breathe’ Dance Version

G-Friend – ‘Me Gustas Tu’ Dance Practice

WJSN – ‘MoMoMo’ Dance Practice

Black Pink – ‘Boombayah’ Dance Practice

KARA – ‘Mamma Mia’ Dance Practice

9 – SNSD – Catch Me If You Can



When I started watching videos and reading lists of the hardest K-Pop dances I was kind of suprised at how often SNSD or Girls’ Generation was named. So I decided to watch their dances again and I admit, it looks hard and probably needs a lot of stamina but because the girls do it so flawlessly you don’t really realise how good they actually are.

‘Catch Me If You Can’ features a few complicated moves but I think mostly it is hard because it tests your endurance. It exhausts you stamina and I’m amazed that the managed to sing while doing this.

SNSD – ‘Catch Me If You Can’ Live

8 – Red Velvet – Dumb Dumb



I don’t like the song so the moment it appeared a second time on a list I decided to look up the song and watch the choreo a few times. Many may ask why ‘Dumb Dumb’ is supposed to be hard, it looks easy, doesn’t it? But that’s the whole trick behind some K-Pop dances. It looks really easy and in the end you realise it is not…not at all. ‘Dumb Dumb’ features constant movement and no breaks, as well as complicated moves in terms of details. You have to complete every move perfectly to make it look good and that plus the constant moving makes the dance hard and difficult. Compliments to Red Velvet for making it look very easy even though it isn’t!

Red Velvet – ‘Dumb Dumb’ Live

Red Velvet – ‘Dumb Dumb’ for Weekly Idol 2x tempo

7 – Wonder Girls – Like This



‘Like This’ falls in the same category as ‘Dumb Dumb’. Looks amazingly easy but is very hard. ‘Like This’ has shaking, jumping, shaking, sweeping and so on…it features more movements that you think and if you actually manage this song with your stamina in one go and without dying you can definitely count yourself as a person with quite some endurance and a fit body.

Wonder Girls – ‘Like This’ Dance Practice

6 – T-ara – Lovey Dovey



‘Lovey Dovey’ looks like a lot of fun and interesting but don’t be fooled. ‘Lovey Dovey’ has so much shuffling, it fills most of the song. So, sure, you don’t have to learn many moves, but just try to do shuffling without falling, looking stupid or doing something that doesn’t really count as shuffling but just jumping around and ruining the floor. T-ara manage to make it look easy and I cannot even imagine how long it took them to be that good at it.

T-ara – ‘Lovey Dovey’ Dance Practice

T-ara – ‘Lovey Dovey’ Live Performance

5 – SNSD – I Got A Boy



SNSD’s ‘I Got A Boy’…ha, this song is not only a little bit longer than other songs but it also includes so many different music styles. And when the music changes, the dance has to change too, right? So ‘I Got A Boy’ features a lot of different dance moves, not necessarily difficult ones, but some of them need a lot of stamina, some are just plain easy but really fast and some are hard to do without looking like a dork. And while they do stand around in the beginning there aren’t many breaks during the song itself. Good work, Girls’ Generation!

SNSD – ‘I Got A Boy’ Live

4 – G-Friend – Rough



G-Friend is known for being one of the fastest rising girl groups in the K-Pop industry at the moment. Why? Many reasons but one of them are their dances. Their choreo matches the songs really well and while girl groups normally feature sexy, cute or funny moves, G-Friend’s dances are fast, big, sometimes complicated and often without breaks. Rough is a really good example of that. It’s fast and has big as well as small and complicated moves. These girls definitely have some stamina.

G-Friend – ‘Rough’ Live

3 – G-Friend – Navillera


So another G-Friend song right after. Well, I understand why. ‘Rough’ is hard and ‘Navillera’ isn’t any easier. It shows G-Friend’s dance style: big and small moves, complicated and easy ones and moving continuously with no breaks even when you are the one singing (which is often the point where one gets to rest).

Also, for all those you don’t know: G-Friend actually went onto the variety idol show ‘Weekly Idol’ and performed a 2x tempo version of …I think ‘Rough’ and ‘Navillera’? I’m not sure which songs they were exactly but since all of their songs feature an amazing dance choreo it doesn’t really matter. They danced twice as fast and were amazing!

G-Friend – ‘Navillera’ Dance

G-Friend – ‘Navillera’ for Weekly Idol 2x tempo

2 – SNSD – Into The New World



This, I think, is the oldest song on this list…yea, I’m actually quite sure it is. I never really watched a performance of the song before but when I did, I totally understood why people said it was hard. ‘Into The New World’ is hard because it is fast, powerful, cheery and with big movements. It is SNSD’s debut song and it features an amazing but definitely stamina-testing choreo. Maybe I should use this for my workout, I would definitely get some endurance training!

SNSD – ‘Into The New World (Remix)’ Live

1 – After School – First Love



This song was on nearly every list I looked at. And I didn’t have to think about it more than 1 second. Why? Because its choreo features pole-dancing and pole-dancing is one of the hardest sports. You have to train and commit to it and really know how to use your muscles and body in the right way or you’ll fall down like a rock. After School not only managed to show us amazing pole-dancing, they even sang and performed while doing it. And the song is actually more of a ballad than a dance song, so I think it is amazing that they didn’t just stand behind the mics but gave us fans such an amazing dance ^.^

After School – ‘First Love’ Live


Here a few honorable mentions: The Ark – ‘The Light’ / Hyuna – ‘Red’ / Chocolat – ‘Syndrome’ / BoA – ‘Only One’


So, this was my list for most difficult K-Pop dances, the female edition. The male edition is also ready and I will upload it in a few days. I hope you liked the post, if yes, yippie yay yay! If not, not my problem, I had fun. If you have questions, comments or additional suggestions comment down below =D

Thanks for reading and bye bye!!!


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