Top 10 Hardest K-Pop dances (Male edition)

So here is the male edition of the Top 10 list of hardest K-Pop dances. Enjoy!

Again, the criteria is:

  • difficult movements (hard to follow, hard to dance movements)
  • very fast tempo (can be easy or hard moves but in a very fast tempo)
  • high stamina necessary (can be easy or hard moves but needs a lot of stamina over the duration of the song)

Some of the following songs/dances fit into all three categories, some in two and some only in one. I put this list together by looking at videos on YouTube and reading lists online to see what dances were called out the most.

Side note: I wasn’t a 100% on board with this list, tbh. I think people focused too much on groups they already knew where good at dancing, while some other choreos, which were definitely hard to do were ignored or not as high on the list…also, more popular songs got more attention than songs that weren’t that known. So I kind of changed some of the placements in the top 10 (though I did NOT change the Top 10 overall). All of the following groups were in the top 10, I just changed some of the numbers. 

10 – Infinite – The Chaser / BTS – We Are Bulletproof Pt.2 / Monsta X – Stuck / NCT U – The 7th Sense

Like with the female edition there were a few songs, that all deserved to be on this list and actually made it but all on number 10. Since I didn’t want to decide which one is the best I just put all four songs here. Infinite’s ‘The Chaser’ for its sometimes difficult and clean moves, which are hard to dance perfectly, and its fast tempo. BTS’ ‘We Are Bulletproof Pt.2’ which has some amazing choreo and is often disregarded since they had more known and popular since then. Monsta X’s ‘Stuck’ which was just one of the songs of Monsta X people considered as hard (seriously, I think Monsta X had so many songs. There was at least on of their songs in every list). And NCT U’s ‘The 7th Sense’ which is a song I don’t like at all but the choreo does look hard and difficult to follow. So all of them deserve to be here and I’m definitely not gonna dance to them anytime soon, I’m not that fit T.T

Infinite – ‘The Chaser’ Dance Version

BTS – ‘We Are Bulletproof Pt.2’ Dance Practice

Monsta X – ‘Stuck’ Dance Practice

NCT U – ‘The 7th Sense’ Dance Version

9 – BTS – Danger

BTS is known for powerful, detailed, fast and difficult dances and ‘Danger’ is just another proof for that. While some of their newer songs focus more on tempo and looks (though that doesn’t make it easier at all), ‘Danger’ features many detailed and clean moves which are hard to dance. Unfortunately ‘Danger’ is often ignored since the group had so many more popular songs since then. Still it’s included here and while I wish I could dance the choreo I will probably never try…I would probably think about one move while the choreo is already at the end of the song ;D

8 – SHINee – Everybody

Every group has their own dance style. BTS has power and fast tempo, Seventeen has specific moves and synchronisation, VIXX has details and concepts…SHINee has difficult moves mixed with just enough power and tempo. For their choreos you need training to learn the moves exactly and stamina to make it even halfway through the song. SHINee is mostly known for having difficult choreos and Everybody mixes that choreo with a fast tempo which makes the song really hard to dance to. I would probably only make it for 20 seconds…yes, I know the song starts by lying on the floor XO

7 – GOT7 – Hard Carry

GOT7 is an amazing group but kind of disappeared in the shadows behind other groups for the last few years…which I think is really sad, because they are amazing. While other groups get praised a lot for their choreo, I think GOT7 deserves a lot more of that too. Their dance is always strong, fast, detailed and on point. ‘Hard Carry’ made their dance talent even more apparent since it is a step faster and more powerful than some of their previous songs.

6 – Seventeen – Very Nice

Seventeen are known for being a self-producing group and therefore being extremely talented. ‘Very Nice’ shows their typical perfect synchronisation mixed with a fast tempo and some hard to follow dance moves. If I had to vote for one of Seventeen’s songs though I wouldn’t even known which one had the best choreo. All of them are great and awesome. Although I do have to mention one difference between this song and the others in the list. This is probably the only song who also focuses highly on synchronisation and not just detailed moves, power or fast tempo, since synchronisation is one of the main charms of Seventeen.

Side note: Yes, I know other songs are also synchronised and stuff like that but while they look better that way, it is one of the reasons why Seventeen’s songs made it here. It is not just hard but one of the hard points is getting it done at the same time and matching 13 people. 

5 – SPEED – Don’t Tease Me

First off, this is one of the main reasons why I told you before that I changed some of the placements in this list. SPEED isn’t very well known, so many people just disregarded their choreos or dances and didn’t include them in the list. But in my research I noticed, that when SPEED was mentioned people vehemently claimed it was one of the hardest ever. And I agree. ‘Don’t Tease Me’ features a simple main choreography which needs a lot of stamina plus some awesome stunt moves which I would scream about if I saw them live. I also heard the members did actually get hurt while doing it, which I’m not really surprised about…you won’t be either when watching the whole dance practice. The stunts are hard and difficult and tbh I have never seen such stunts in a K-Pop song before. That’s why I changed it’s placement a little higher than it was originally. (but it was always part of the top 10, like I mentioned before)

4 – BTS – Dope

I don’t have to tell you who dominates this list, do I? BTS does have many of the most difficult or hard choreos ever. Either because the moves are hard to follow or because it is just too fast. Sometimes both. Dope does have some difficult moves and also easy ones but I think the hardest thing about it is still it’s fast tempo and powerful performance. While many people complained that it was only mentioned so often, because it is a popular song, I do say that’s the case but it also deserves to be called out as one of the hardest choreos and dances there are. But judge for yourself!

3 – SHINee – Lucifer

I just wanna say, this was originally at the top spot and I totally get why, still I decided to pull it down a notch because while ‘Lucifer’ does have a hard choreo its tempo is only slightly fast and it has breaks inbetween. ‘Lucifer’ is hard because it has detailed moves which are hard to learn and memorise and it definitely made SHINee the known dance group it is know. It had interesting choreos before but ‘Lucifer’ topped all of them. Even today it is still one of the best choreos out there.

2 – BTS – Fire

People are probably getting bored with ‘Fire’ always being at the top of such lists and I understand why. But at the same time we all have to admit that ‘Fire’ is hard. It consists of some difficult movements, a powerful performance, a lot of jumping and hand moves and it is overall stamina exhaustion everywhere. While many moves are repeated over time its tempo is still straining and when you actually dance to it you realise that near the end you are just wishing “End…end…END!!!” I still love it, like so many other people, and use it for my workout because afterwards you will feel like you definitely did something ^.^

1 – Teen Top – Rocking

Aaaaand number 1 is…Teen Top’s ‘Rocking’. While ‘Fire’ is straining your stamina and ‘Lucifer’ includes difficult moves Teen Top’s ‘Rocking’ is like…like a dance with a normal choreo and a crazy part where you think “OMG, if I could do that I could do anything”. Okay, let’s talk about the normal choreo and just ignore the jumping part for a minute. The choreo is difficult. It is fast, it has a lot of big moves mixed with minimal movement of another part of the body, both at the same time, which translates to: You have good coordination? You should definitely try this. You don’t have good coordination? Goodbye! So while the normal choreo is already detailed, fast and annoyingly complicated they also added the jumping and leg kicking part which makes everyone go “Wow”. It kicks the tempo up a notch and while I would already consider it hard doing it that fast and just in one direction, they even move their positions while doing it. So, whoever choreographed this made a crazy hard choreo and added some extra madness. For me, Teen Top’s ‘Rocking’ is like the tempo from ‘Fire’ (sometimes faster) plus the difficulty of ‘Lucifer’. And that is why it is Number 1 on this list.


Here, a few honorable mentions: B.A.P. – One Shot / EXO – Monster / VIXX – Voodoo Doll / GOT7 – If You Do / SPEED – What U / EXO – Growl

I hope you liked the list. If you want to add something or have questions leave a comment down below. I’m thinking of making a list of the best K-Pop dance groups, should I? Well, I don’t know much about the dancing in girl groups so it would only be a male version but I think it sound interesting.

Also I’ll be releasing some posts to K-Pop every monday…at least that is the plan. Let’s see how long it works ^.^

So that’s it for today, bye bye!!


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