My favourite TV characters (male)

Hahahaha, I know I talk about TV shows too much but I spend so much time watching shows (too much probably but don’t worry, I still have a life) that it’s one of my biggest interests.

So let’s talk about my favourites! This will be a list of my 15 favourite TV show characters.

Side note: I don’t watch things like South Park, American Dad, Family Guy and so on. I tried watching Pretty Little Liars and Orange Is The New Black but tbh…not really my thing. (which doesn’t mean that there aren’t like a 100 TV shows I can choose from and some of them the typical mainstream shows…well, I’m a fangirl like everyone else, so no regrets there)

15 – Chuck Bartowski (Chuck)

He is funny, he is a little bit shy and his self-confidence may not be very high but over the seasons he changes and grows up a little bit more, and in season 5, I think, when he loses his “special skill”, you can also see that he may be wonderful but also still human and that includes being jealous. Still he keeps his sweetness and kindness. If I had a boyfriend like him I would never let go of him.


14 – Peter Bishop (Fringe)

In the beginning he seemed like a not so good person who doesn’t care much for his father or anyone else but soon we could see that he cares more than he leads on. His father is more important to him than he says even when he hears that his father may not be his real father. His romance with partner Olivia Dunham also develops slowly and he would give anything for his family and love. He may have faults and make mistakes but his heart is in the right place. Oh and he has an IQ of 190, they say, so there is that.


13 – Mon-El (Supergirl)

Some may say “What? Why?” but I totally stand by my choice. I loved his character and I think his chemistry with Supergirl Kara was great. While he was flirty and sometimes bad you could see he develops into a great guy and he learns. Him having to leave Kara was one of the storylines I wish the producers of the show had pushed back or not included at all. I know it’s one of the big parts of the comics, but still, I loved his character and the witt he brought to the show.

Side note: I loved the episode where he goes back to his parents because he wants to protect Kara and the earth. You could really see he was changing from where he was in the beginning.


12 – Bellamy Blake (The 100)

One half of the real leaders of the 100. Over the seasons he showed he may make the difficult choice and fight until he dies but he also has weak spots. He cares a lot for his sister even if she hates him with all she’s got and to be honest I cannot wait for him and Clarke to finally get together. Everyone who read the books knows they will get together (and just so you know I haven’t read them) in the end and although I can’t wait for it, I think it was a good decision by the producers to not get them together from the beginning. So they build a relationship of trust and affection first. Bellamy would give his all for his people and fights until the end even if it includes making difficult decisions some people may not appreciate. He is someone you can rely and count on.


11 – Oliver Queen (Arrow)

Somehow the last few spots have been taken by a specific kind of character. Oliver Queen is similar to that. He would give his all for the people in his heart and a city who sometimes seems to hate him. And even if he is hated and despised he protects them. He is also haunted by his past but tries his best. He tries to be the best person he can be and protect the people in the city and his family and friends. In my opinion he deserves a little bit more happiness in his own life for his efforts.


10 – Miles Matheson (Revolution)

Miles Matheson starts out as a character who could not care less about anything. Later on we learn that he has a dark past which he mostly regrets. Over time he develops into a character who cares and tries to fight for his family and his home even if that means fighting side by side with some of the bad guys sometimes. And all the while he cannot shake caring for his former best buddy, the bad guy of the show. He has his faults but his heart is definitely in the right place.


9 – Alex Karev (Grey’s Anatomy)

He is definitely my favourite male character on Grey’s Anatomy. In the beginning and maybe still now, he is a little bit rough and doesn’t like talking about his feelings. Over time though he developed in a caring and tough character. He choose his speciality to be children and seeing him taking care of the pediatric wing in the hospital you can see that he has a soft heart. In my opinion this character shows best, that the exterior may not be all in a person.


8 – Magnus Bane (Shadowhunters)

Finally someone quite different from the others…at least in some aspects. He is funky, flirty, quirly and whatever other word you can find similar to that. While his role is mainly shown in relation to his growing relationship with Alec Lightwood and him being part of one of the biggest couple fandoms I’ve ever seen, you can see him developing and becoming a softer and more caring person. He learns that he cannot just push someone to do something but sometimes people need time and patience. And it’s just cute how much he cares for Alec.


7 – Shawn Spencer (psych)

Shawn Spencer is one of the funniest characters there are on the TV shows. Also he is quite shameless for playing the psychic act even after some people know he isn’t one. He gives you funny remarks and makes the show even more funny with his partner and BFF Gus. And all the while you see him slowly growing up and becoming more serious about his life and his future. And even if he sometimes doesn’t show it he cares more about his family and his friends than he leads on.


6 – Dean Winchester (Supernatural)

Another funny remarks guy. Difference? Right from the beginning you learn that he cares about his family more than about anything else. His brother and all time partner Sam is someone he cannot lose and he would even go to hell for getting him back from the dead, literally. Also you can see his soft side when he actually has to take care of kids. He is surprisingly great with kids. And who can forget his unending love for pie?


5 – Matthew Casey (Chicago Fire)

I thought about this list a whole lot and whether I should include Matthew Casey. It would be a new addition to the list, since it hasn’t been that long since I watched the show. In the end I decided to include him, because I seriously cannot get enough of him. He is different from most of the others on this list because he has no problem showing he cares about someone. He cares and fights for his family and friends even if he himself gets hurt while doing it. And he rather give up on something himself than see someone else suffer because of it. He is reliable and I would put my trust in him every day.


4 – Patrick Jane (The Mentalist)

Jane is haunted by his past more than anyone else I know. Most of the show is about his past and him trying to find the guy responsible. And all the while he is funny and rather do what is right for him, than listen to rules and authority. He is also amazingly smart and witty. While he may not show it all the time he cares about his partners and colleauges a lot and I think the ending of the show was just right.



3 – Lucifer Morningstar (Lucifer)

He gives witty remarks and is definitely not the nicest character out there. He also doesn’t give much about anyone with a few exceptions like Chloe. Still you see him learning over time, even if he doesn’t change some of his characteristics. While developing into a better person he still stays true to his own character. Also him and Chloe’s daughter Trixie are just too funny.


2 – Stiles Stilinski (Teen Wolf)

He is funny, smart and witty. He tries his best but also shows weakness and when he is afraid of something, which doesn’t stop him from running right into the danger with his friends. He cares for his father more than his own life and it’s just heart-breaking seeing them apart or being scared for each other. Also he always has his BFF Scott’s back even if they fight. He may not be overly strong or fearless, but he is the most humanly character. He shows fear, he shows weakness and still gives his best.


1 – Niklaus Mikaelson (The Originals)

I thought long and hard whether Klaus Mikaelson is really my favourite character but to be honest he is. This characters just fascinates me so much. He has a dark and bloody past and tends to get offended easily. He is stubborn but shows kindness in the strangest and most surprising moments. And while he is sometimes not the best person out there you get to know why he acts like he acts and understand him a little better. And at the end of season three people can finally see that he really meant it when he said “Always and forever” to his family. He isn’t always nice and right but he knows he isn’t the good guy, which distinguishes him from many other bad-but-good characters on TV. He tries his best even if his best is not always the best for the situation. He tries.



As you may have noticed, I tried not to include more than one person from a show. Okay, tbh, I actively avoided using more than one person from a show. So this list may look a little bit different if I had not put in that rule. Not totally different but a little bit different. Still, I’m standing by that rule.

Who is your favourite character? Do you agree with my list? Do you disagree? Tell me your favourites? You can comment down below or in any other related social networks…did I even link any of them? I can’t remember…well…

So, that’s all for today, I’m working on the female list. Read you, bye!!



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