7 Top K-Pop debut songs

The following list features my list of the 7 top debut songs from K-Pop groups. I tried to base it on:

  • catchy rhythm or melody (it stays in your head)
  • music video
  • lasting image / charisma
  • experience: does it seem like a debut song

I also included a little bit of my own opinion.

I did exclude their current success or disbandment. Even if the songs after were successful or unsuccessful, I will only judge the debut song.

Side note: I wil not number the top spots since that really depends on each and everyone’s own opinion. – tbh, I just can’t decide XP

Kiss & Cry – Domino Game

In general and compared to other songs this may not be so good, but compared to debut songs, I think this one is quite strong. Mainly because they don’t seem like rookies and their debut but more like an established group and their comeback. It’s really sad they disbanded.

KNK – Knock

When this came out I sat in front of my computer and asked myself if they were really new in the K-Pop game. This song is amazingly catchy and sounds awesome. I really hope they stay true to their style otherwise it could end in them sinking in the industry.

miss A – Bad Girl, Good Girl

I’m not really a miss A fan, I admit, but even I have to admit that the song and the video are amazingly catchy and make you want to see more. Also I would never guess it as a debut video. I didn’t actually know this was their debut song for some time, even after watching it, that’s how experienced this song and video feel.

EXO – Mama

This one…it is kinda catchy but mostly it’s different from what you usually get with a debut song. Also it’s the debut song of the Korean One Direction ‘EXO’. But I decided to exclude their popularity now and try to judge fairly. Which may not be as hard as you think, since I don’t actually like the song, so I really only judged on the feeling the song gives and not on how popular they are. But it is definitely a good one, even I have to say this. (real music video starts at 1:25)

Mamamoo – Mr Ambiguous

I have not heard this song before. Ever. Only after some research online did I find this video and song. And I love it, especially because it doesn’t seem like your usual K-Pop debut and more like an experienced group having fun.

Nu’est – Face

Many say that Nu’est failed as a group, and maybe some of that is right. Although I think that the main reason for not being successful enough is them changing too much of their image. ‘Face’ was one of the best debut songs and videos in its year and I remember so many people loved the song. The problem? Changing concepts too much ends in not building a solid fan base. I really hope they can get back to their former glory, this time with a steady concept.

Black Pink – Boombayah / Whistle

Yes, I admit, Black Pink mostly has such a high popularity on their videos because of their company but still their videos are good and the songs are so catchy I cannot get them out of my head. And while you may notice that it’s a debut song, it’s still great work.


So, I’m writing this at 2am and I’m nearly falling asleep and since I don’t proofread, please ignore any mistakes or tell me per comments, so I can correct things.

This is just my opinion, short and to the point (I’m just too lazy to write more)


Read you next time, bye, bye


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