Why I seldomly recommend movies older than me…

I often post lists of things like movies, TV shows and music videos or songs here. Recommendations I liked and hope others will like too. One thing some people may have noticed though, is the fact that I usually do not recommend things older than myself. I was born in 1994 and I actually think I have literally never recommended anything older than that.


Why is that you ask? Well in K-Pop there is not much to recommend there and everything that was before 1994 is pretty much not available on youtube so how should I know about something like this.

With movies and TV shows it’s mainly because I don’t actually watch many movies or shows prior to my birth. Maybe Disney movies or a few other exceptions but I’m a big movie fan, so I really dislike it when the special effects look like something I could have made at home…with Microsoft Paint. In my whole life I watched only one black and white film (‘Young Frankenstein’) because my friend recommended it highly and guaranteed that I would have fun. She’s my best friend so she knew what she was talking about and what I liked and I did enjoy myself.


But in general I’m against everything black and white. When I had to watch the movie ‘Citizen Kane’ for an essay I started watching and was so bored after 15 minutes, I switched it off and watched scenes on youtube, as well as the ‘Everything wrong with Citizen Kane’ video on youtube, where you will get most of the plot and you have good commentary without watching the whole movie.

In my opinion ‘Citizen Kane’ is an interesting movie for its time, like some of the camera angles and effects. They played with natural effects like the scene on front of the unending mirror, or filming something from floor perspective. All those things were uncommon for its time and I accept it when people say it’s a good movie, even if I think the plot really is not that interesting and compelling. What I do not get is when people suggest it as best movie ever made, because seriously? I’ve seen sooo many better movies. I think ‘Citizen Kane’ became the victim of the usual: One person thinks the movie is great, another person agrees and so on and then after a few people agree, the rest of us just accepted it. This happens so often.


It’s similar to the usual search for any ‘Best … movies ever’ and what you get is a list of a bunch of movies, where most of them were made prior to 2000 or 1990. To make a good movie recommendation list it seems like people think you have to recommend old movies no one born after 1990 has watched. I think that’s just stupid. I don’t like movies older than 1990, sure some are good but like 90% of them are definitely not my kind of movie. Special effects were bad or average, the acting was cheesy and superficial, camera work was one-dimensional, colours were nonexistent or bland, music was either over the top or pretty much not there.

Side note: Nothing against actors or actresses who appeared in movies like that. This is just how it was back then. Many actors who acted back then and now are some of the best atm and I really praise them for going with the time and still being some of the best.


Some may say I sound superficial or I don’t appreciate the development of movies but I say: I do appreciate it very much, that is why I love movies after 1990 so much, because I know how much it changed. I think it’s just insulting to the movies and the movie industry to always recommend older films. That’s as if you are saying: Nothing better has been produced since, which with many movies is just not true.

I think movie ‘experts’ and ‘fans’ who write recommendation lists and reviews should try to go with the time a little bit. The movie industry changed and so did the whole movie production. You can’t always recommend stuff from the old times, it’s the same as if I only recommended movies after 2010, can’t be true either. So, please, update your lists and try to stay on track. If something was good back in the days and kind of a revolutionary movie making then make a list for ‘movies which changed the industry’ or something like that but don’t include them on lists like ‘top romance movies’ or ‘top disaster movies’ or ‘top western movies’ or something like that. And even if something has an interesting plot or is special (ex. Pulp Fiction) you have to know your audience. If this movie came out now, would it still be so popular (and I purposely say popular and not successful. Successful movies today may not be good but popular movies can be something not on the top money makers list)


Well, I really wanted to say this. For you to understand why I don’t recommend stuff made prior to 1990 (except Disney, classic Disney is always recommendable) and for me to rant about being annoyed by reading old lists of movies I never watched and never will watch.

I hope you understand me a little bit, if you want to comment, comment down below and I will see you next time! Bye.