Disaster movies, recommendations.

Welcome to another post of my favourites and my opinion. I didn’t know how many films I’d recommend so I just decided, I would write a general title. Please consider, that this is my opinion and not a statistic or something like that. I also know, that there are many disaster movies I did not watch yet.

So what movies are part of this list:

  • disaster movies with natural disasters (ex. tsunamis or drastic climate changes)
  • apocalypse movies where the world changes drastically (ex. zombie apocalypses)
  • movies with big man-made disasters (ex. ‘White House Down’)

Which does not mean I will mention a movie of every kind. I probably will but it’s not guaranteed.

Side note: Yes, I’m writing this intro before actually making my list. 

Before I start I wanna get into why I like watching disaster movies. Roughly it’s the same reason why I like watching super hero movies. Most of these movies are about hope and it’s always like a normal world turning chaotic and dramatic and bad and then the heros whether super heroes or normal people try to do their best to save their family and/or friends and so on. I really like the hopefulness and the overall feelings such movies give, so I like watching them…

Side note: And I do kinda feel guilty about liking them because it seems like I like disasters which is absolutely not true. I just like drama on TV and cinema. 

Let’s get this started now! *slight spoiler warning for the mentioned movies*

World War Z

This movie is not here because it is especially good or because I like it so much. I do not favour it especially, I admit. There is just this one thing I like about it so much, that it made this list. Compared to other movies this one actually delivers a solution to the ongoing apocalypse. There are so many stories and plots with zombies and viruses and aliens and whatever out there, that many of them do not really deliver the message: we can save this world. Most of these only give the message: We can survive this world. Nothing about saving. World War Z is different because it treats the zombies like zombies while also treating them as kinda patients who went into zombie mode because of a disease. And it is kind of resolved in the end, so the world is all good now, right?



Many may hate me for choosing this as part of the list but while the romance story is a big part of the story it is still about a big catastrophe happening based on a real story. Also Titanic is a classic movie and features amazing special effects even while comparing them to newer films. I love the movie and I always have to cry while watching it. Don’t worry, not because of the romance…at least not just because of that. I cry because I always get the feeling: Oh my god, all these people, they are never seeing each other or their families again. Sure it’s also heart-wrenching that Jack and Rose won’t see each other again (making me angry because he could have just tried getting on the wooden door a second time instead of just sacrificing himself, but maybe that is just egoistical me). Still, I think Titanic deserves being on this list. If not for the romance then for the drama of the rest of the plot.


This is the end

I really needed to include this. It’s not especially good and definitely does not deserve an Oscar or anything like that. Still, This is the end features an interesting cast and plot and it gives the whole ‘the world is gonna end’ thing a new kinda vibe, making it funny and pleasurable to watch. While normally I’m not a fan of the Seth Rogen movies I really like this one. Please note: Most of the jokes are American humor though, so if you’re not prepared or used to that, don’t watch, you won’t like it.


Olympus/London has fallen

These are two movies. The first installment ‘Olympus has fallen’ and the second installment ‘London has fallen’. While it is not a disaster in the original meaning of the term, I think, the way it’s filmed and produced makes it seem even more dramatic and touching which makes me a fan. I also wanted to recommend ‘White House Down’ but that would be too much of the same kind of movie. Or similar.


San Andreas

San Andreas does not feature a new plot. I would say it is quite clicheéd but San Andreas is definitely a movie which is amazing because of its cast. Dwayne Johnson as the main star definitely makes the movie different from your usual apocalypse movie. He and the other cast give the movie a specific vibe. While it does feature a lot of action it mainly focuses on what you can do to help others when something horrible happens to everyone. It’s not JUST ‘this is our family. we will protect each other’ but being helpful and hopeful and supporting each other in general. If you want a more recent disaster movie with a nice plot and good acting I’d recommend this one.


The day after tomorrow

I watched ‘The day after tomorrow’ long long long after it was released. I only heard about it before and then one day I decided I’d try watching it. And I really liked it. It was amazing and now I do understand why people say it was like the original disaster movie that seems like the world was going to end. It also has family and friendship as well as sacrifice and hope in it and something I love especially? You don’t only see what happens when it happens but also some time after. With many other movies you see the apocalypse, then you see one good ending scene and that’s it. The day after tomorrow shows a father even searching for his son when the cold is already here.



2012 in my opinion is the best apocalypse movie ever. Many may disagree but I don’t care. I love the movie. I may be biased because I like some of the actors but it’s not like I go crazy over them so it shouldn’t be that much of an influence.

2012 features amazing special effects and a clicheéd storyline but gives it its own special pep and vibe. Don’t know whether it’s because of the actors or because of the plot but it does seem different. Also, for people complaining about the romance, there is not as much in it, as it seems, so I think it should be considered okay on that front. I just love the family theme and 2012 definitely is a movie about hope.


Deepwater Horizon

I admit this is the main reason why I am even writing this post. I admit I originally watched it because I like Mark Wahlberg and Dylan O’Brien and the trailer looked …well, it seems horrible to say great, so I’ll stick with… impressive. The trailer seemed impressive. When I watched Deepwater Horizon I was amazed at how well the producers made this movie.

Deepwater Horizon is about the oil plattform disaster so it’s about a true story and such things are always hard to realize on film. Especially with such a new background like an oil plattform. There are not that many people who even know how an oil plattform works but the producers managed to make it just understandable enough to understand the plot and the overall system and at the same time enjoy the movie without too many specific explanations. The producing team managed to make Deepwater Horizon such an imposing and heart-wrenching movie that you even hope the bad guys survive. Also the acting by everyone is just amazing. Compliments to Mark Wahlberg, he was amazing.

I may not know the order of the other movies but I do know the number 1 spot. It goes to Deepwater Horizon, a tragic but mesmerizing movie.



Other movies I should have probably watched before writing this list and which I may include in a continuing post of I ever watch the other movies:

Pacific Rim, Independance Day, 10.5, War of the Worlds, The Impossible, Contagion etc etc.


I hope I could give you some recommendations, if yes, great, if no, maybe you know some interesting stuff or want to recommend something. Just comment down below and I will check it out.


Bye bye!