K-Pop playlist “Happy-go-lucky”

Today I wanna recommend some happy-go-lucky K-Pop songs. Sometimes I’m really down or just the opposite, feeling really great. So either I wanna cheer myself up or I want to support my good mood. This playlist consists of songs which are just nice to listen too. There is no unhappy note in them and I just love listening to them.

First I wanted to include just one song per group even if a group had more than one that matched the theme but then I decided to just go about it as I want and include all the songs I want (also seriously, some groups have soooo many and some have none, not one, nothing)

While I did only include my personal favourites and choices I put a small list at the end at what other people may put on the list (I may put reasons why I did not put them on the list…yeah I’ll do that). Oh yes, AND I will not judge by lyrics. I don’t know all the lyrics in my head so I just made this list with the songs and without knowing all the lyrics. Please keep that in mind.

Side note: This is not a list of just main stream stuff…oh wait, I think those are all pretty known groups…I think…well, that’s because I don’t listen to everything out there. Just know, I did not include songs just because I like the group or because the song was a popular choice among the listeners. Seriously this is my opinion and if I think a specific song does not match, then I won’t include it. Deal with it.

Side note 2: This is supposed to be a playlist so I tried to include more than 10 songs. This is not just a here are 5 songs you can listen on an endless replay and then throw your music player out the window because you can’t hear them anymore without going insane. (I counted. It’s 24 songs on the list. Don’t know how many will be in the ‘Not my choice’ list yet)

Block B – ‘Her’

Block is definitely a group that did NOT make it big at their debut. There fame came slowly with songs like Nalina or Narina or however you wanna write it and then the big success with Nillili Mambo. I still love that song so much. But that is not the song I will include in this list. It would not match…at all.

‘Her’ is an upbeat funky colourful song. It is definitely a good mood song and I always enjoy listening to it when I’m in a good mood…or when I have to do chores ;D

2Eyes – ‘Pippi’

This one I actually discovered while exploring K-Pop videos on Youtube. I really think this song matches the theme soooo much. Everytime I listen to this song I think of fun and sun and happiness. It also features a little bit of a funky chaotic sound, same as ‘Her’ but I’m not a professional musician so don’t ask me what I mean exactly. Just listen to it and have fun!

Akdong Musician – ‘How People Move’

When AKMU came back with this and ‘Re-Bye’ I could not stop listening to this song. I actually do remember the music video very clearly. I really enjoyed watching and listening and this song features all the positive craziness this brother-sister duo has. They are amazing and this song makes me smile whenever I hear it.

Twice – ‘Like Ooh-Ahh’

Let me say this once and for all, I. Am. Not. A. Twice. Fan. Seriously. I’m not saying they aren’t good or cute or funny or talented. No, they are cute, sometimes funny, talented sure…still I don’t like them. There is pretty much only one song by them I like…and it’s acually not the one I’m recommending right now. I really like ‘Knock’ but that one is a little bit more down than this one. ‘Like Ooh-Aah’, their debut song, is not just annoyingly catchy (and I mean annoyingly quite literally, sorry) but also matches the theme and I felt unfair to not include it since even I listen to it when I’m feeling good. So, listen and decide for yourself!

Eric Nam – ‘Can’t Help Myself’

This song is one of my favourite songs ever. Seriously I listened to it for days and not get annoyed at all. I just like it so much!!! It has this feel good vibe which is exactly what I meant when I started this list. I love listening to this song whether in a good mood or bad mood. It makes my mood better and more positive immediately.

Also Eric Nam has many upbeat and funny songs but this one definitely is the best of the happy go lucky ones, I think.

Mamamoo – ‘Décalcomanie’

‘Décalcomanie’ is…wow. Not only is the song itself amazing, the group is awesome too (and I’m not a die hard fan but mainly someone who appreciates some of their songs) and while the song seems dramatic and strong it has an undertone of happiness and ‘I can do anything’ in it, that makes me include it in this list.

Seventeen – ‘Mansae’

Seventeen has so many happy-go-lucky songs I didn’t know which to choose from and so I decided to just include all the ones I like as a mood maker. You can thank Seventeen and Sistar for having so many songs, that I decided to just throw the ‘per group only one song’ rule. So, ‘Mansae’ is another perfect example of happy song. It just makes you wanna dance around stupidely and not care about anything. That song is also amazingly catchy XD

Sistar – ‘Shake It’

This is definitely a summer or spring song and it matches well with the concept here. ‘Shake It’ is an upbeat happy song that makes you jump around like a crazy person and not thinking about anything stressful or annoying at all. I always enjoy listening to it whenever I feel down. It helps me smile everytime.

VIXX – ‘G.R.8.U’

Musically this song may not offer anything new or special but it is definitely a song that gives you the feeling of ‘happy day, perfect weather, wonderful time to do what I love, let’s all be happy and smile’. Also, the MV is really cool.

(wow, three lines for my favourite K-Pop group…well, tried to keep it short, I think I managed, hehe)

Miss A – Only You

I am no miss A fan either. And until ‘Only You’ I didn’t even like their songs, tbh. ‘Only You’ is the first song of theirs I liked and still like. Compared to the others it starts with a little bit of drama and there are also some drama sequences in it, but in general I really like the chorus and how it gives a hopeful feeling. If you’re really looking for the 100% happy go lucky songs though, this one may not be the perfect choice for your playlist. If you can handle a little bit of drama and a rise in the song, this one is good.

GOT7 – ‘Just Right’

I wasn’t really a fan of GOT7. Though not because I didn’t like them but because I didn’t know about them. I knew they were a group by JYP Entertainment and that their were seven of them and…that’s pretty much all I knew. Then one day I saw a short clip of some of their songs…mainly this one, yes, and I fell in love with the group. GOT7 is actually one of the few groups I started liking through their music alone and not music and shows and so on. And ‘Just Right’ is probably in my top three songs I want to listen to when I’m in a bad or sad mood. It makes me think positive and smile.

ALSO can I just give compliments to whoever decided when each member should sing. The pre-chorus (or whatever it is called) as well as the chorus are just great. Youngjae makes a nice rise for the chorus and then JB and Jinyoung’s voices for the chorus. The tone of their voices make the chorus even more friendly and happy then the whole melody already is. Compliments compliments!!!

Sistar – ‘Touch my Body’

I may not have a perfect body or be much of a fitness person. I’m also not a very beach body person. I’m more the library, DVD, and creative kind of person. Still I always enjoy listening to this song. I may get some complex when watching the video and seeing the perfect Sistar members but who cares. The song is fun and happy and I just love it.

Block B – ‘Tell Them’

For a moment, let’s forget all the drama behind Block B and their change of labels because their label was not really as good as it seemed. Let’s forget all that and focus on this list. This song…I totally forgot about that one, although back when it came out, I loved it soooo much (ha, I was a Block B fan before ‘Nillili Mambo’ and ‘Nalina’ and I’m proud of that). I actually discovered this song again while listening to the other songs on this list and when I did I was like ‘oh YES this one I have to included immediately’. So I did.

This song shows a very different side of Block B but still the song is so happy and good that it’s impossible not to smile. At least for me.

Strawberry Milk – ‘Ok’

Can a song be so cute and happy that it will kill you? If yes, then I nominate this song. ‘Ok’ is…a lot. It’s cheesy-ly cute, crushingly happy and not-surprisingly catchy. Also they are twins…What else do you wanna know?

Side note: I just noticed while watching the video. Isn’t the OK-character/person/man really cute when they are in their strawberry costumes and he sits in the back and he moves his feet around…that’s so cute!

IOI – ‘Dream Girls’

This is very different from ‘Ok’. While ‘Ok’ features pure happiness and cuteness, ‘Dream Girls’ sounds more like hope and (yes yes I know) achieving dreams. It sound very very different but it matches the theme and I like it.

B1A4 – ‘Solo Day’

‘Solo Day’ is probably different than anything on this list. While all the others are mainly about being happy, hopeful and so on, ‘Solo Day’ features happiness mixed with a little bit of a melancholic feeling. Still I think it’s perfect for this list, since the whole song gives the feeling of being in a not satisfying life and then one day just packing your things and deciding to explore and experience life how you want it.

Sistar – ‘Loving U’

Summer. Love. Fun. This song is a total summer song. No doubt. It starts slow and let’s you get into the song but you already know you will get a whole lot of sweetness and happiness. It’s coming your way and I just noticed I kind of make this sound like something bad…I didn’t mean to. No, this song is great for a day with weather (according to your liking) and doing whatever you want to. This song is a happy song about doing things you want to do.

Girl’s Day – ‘Darling’

‘Darling’ is pretty much ‘Loving U’ with a little bit different vibe. While ‘Loving U’ seems like traveling somewhere and enjoying your time there, ‘Darling’ seems like spending some time with your loved ones at home and being cheesy and loving. So stop cringing and enjoy the song!

Astro – ‘Breathless’

This song just HAD to go on this list. ‘Breathless’ is another perfect example for matching the theme of this list. Not only the song is fun and pure happiness but the MV is funny and enjoyable too. I can’t stop listening to this song whenever I start feeling down. ‘Breathless’ is fresh and summer-ly when it’s hot outside and you just wanna have a great time.

Brave Girls – ‘High Heels’

The topic of this song may be very different from some of the others but the overall melody is really really upbeat and happy. I don’t know why but everytime I hear this song I just wanna jump up and dance crazily with a big smile on my face.

Red Velvet – ‘Russian Roulette’

I feel like a broken record but I also have to say here: I’m not a Red Velvet fan. Their music is too strange for me. There is one song I like though, and different from before, it is actually the song I am recommending. ‘Russian Roulette’ is catchy, fun and happy. It is definitely worth listening to it.

Astro – ‘Hide & Seek’

Astro again. Well, they are just too bubbly. ‘Hide & Seek’, their debut song, definitely started the bubbly image and I really hope they stick to it…at least for the time being. I love this song and it matches the list. Listen and have fun. I listened twice and started singing the chorus XD

Hyuna – ‘Bubble Pop’

‘Bubble Pop’ may not be the newest song but it definitely has a happy melody and makes me wanna dance with them. I haven’t listened to the song very often but I will definitely start after writing this list. It’s a summer song bringing happiness.

Seventeen – Pretty U

Someone said ‘Pretty U’ has this typical melody for songs that are just ‘happy’. I totally agree. ‘Pretty U’ is pretty much ‘Happy U’ while not being too ‘into your face’, like some others on this list. It is more of some happy music accompanying you then you being right in the middle of happiness. Nice and enjoyable.


Other songs recommended, but which I do not listen to or didn’t wanna include in the list: Infinite – ‘Man in Love’ (my other favourite group but I did not include them…’Man in Love’ just sound a little bit one-dimensional and flat…sorry), Twice – ‘Cheer Up’ (others may say it matches, I say the chorus ending note of each line is just to high…it sounds too much like shrieking at the end, so I don’t enjoy listening to it), Seventeen – ‘Very Nice’ (too strong and less happy more like upbeat), Big Bang – ‘Sober’ (too much like happy to party, than happy, just happy), I.O.I. – ‘Very Very Very’ (too annoyingly catchy), Crayon Pop – ‘Bar Bar Bar’ (not as happy as I thought. Upbeat and funky yes but otherwise…), SNSD – ‘Gee’ (too typical), Kara – ‘Mamma Mia’ (not happy enough, too much drama), GFriend – ‘Me Gustas Tu’ (a few dramatic desperate undertones), B.A.P – Feel So Good (just not my style)

So this was my list, I hope you liked it. It was nice going through my memories again.

See you next time, bye bye