Thai BL- series. Best and recommendations.

A few days ago a friend asked me what kind of TV shows I watched and I decided to talk about where the shows I watch come from. Big mistake. I realised I actually watched or am still watching TV shows from

  • Germany, Britain, Norway, Thailand, South Korea, Japan, Australia, USA, Spain, Canada and China.

That’s eleven countries. You can guess, that didn’t really help shortening the list of shows I’m watching. Well, genres don’t help either. I watch action, superheros, romance, drama, family, betrayal, boys love, medical, crime, legal and comedy shows…yes yes, the friend also asked me “How do you find the time to watch SO MUCH?” (I have this amazing talent to convince myself I can watch a 1-hour episode in 30 minutes)


But today, I’m not here to talk about all the TV shows I watch, I’m here to write about the Thai shows I watch. Mainly boys love shows. Some people may think now: How can she like that? others may think: yes! me too! and others may think: what is she talking about?

Well, I’m talking about the one country in the world which in my opinion is the best at producing boys love shows. Seriously, not even the US are as good as Thailand in that regard. Don’t worry I’m not talking about steamy or erotic things, I’m talking about building feelings, giving you amazing actor chemistry and something fun to watch. I think Thailand is the best in this regard and even if there is just one single kiss in the whole show they manage to make the whole show amazing and touching. In this post I wanna talk about my favourite Thai BL shows and why I like and recommend them…

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Side note: If you know the Thai BL world, you may know some of them, some may be unknown to you and some recommendations may come as a surprise.

Side note 2: This will not be a list like “Best…”. This will just be a list of general recommendations. 

Side note 3: Many of these shows are shows about characters in school and so on and most of the actors are not well-established ones but new in the job, so some shows may be awkward in the beginning.



So, if you are new to the whole Thai BL genre, I recommend starting with something full of feelings and catching but with like no touchy scenes at all. Let’s go with the #1 in many lists. This show opened the door to a whole new genre of shows, not only for me personally, but in general. After this show this genre boomed and so many new things were produced and released afterwards. Also there are many shows that follow the same concept of this one show.

Love Sick. The Series.


Info: Season 1 (12 eps) / Season 2 (36 eps), first aired 2014

Love Sick is the star of shows that show feelings and not too many kiss scenes and so. While the first episode is kind of a mess and the acting is awkward at times (guys, most of the actors are between 14 and 25 y.o. what did you expect?) – at least in the beginning – the show picks up the pace on the whole falling in love thing quickly.

Story: Phun (son of a politician, good in school) asks Noh (likable normal guy, has a lot of friends) to play his boyfriend and convice his little sister (who loves BL), so she can persuade their father from not forcing him into a relationship with a girl he doesn’t like. Soon, real feelings start to make the whole “playing” more complicated.

Despite not featuring many kisses (I can only remember one real on-screen lip to lip kiss, tbh. Others were suggested but not really shown) the show has amazing writing and an amazing development of characters and relationships. For me this is still one of my top shows, even though I watched so many more. Also the chemistry between the characters is great!

Side note: Season 1 is more about their feelings growing, an introduction to their world and them figuring out that they like each other, as well as some storylines in a neighbouring girl’s school. Season 2 is more about them trying to fit their feelings and relationship into their worlds and there will be some other couples (also mainly BL) *cute ones*


Love Sick successor

Ok, so after Love Sick there were some other shows and movies and many would recommend them after Love Sick but I’m not sure how used to boy-on-boy action some people may be by now, so I’ll recommend the one show I watched in one night, because I could not stop watching. In my opinion this show is also more about feelings and not too steamy or kiss-y.

SOTUS: The Series


Info: Season 1 (15 eps) / Season 2 airs in November I think / first aired in 2016

Story: Kongpob starts his life as a freshman at college. There they have the SOTUS system, where the freshman have to do what the juniors/seniors say to learn unity, respect, order and so on. There he also meets the leader of the juniors Arthit and slowly feelings begin to grow.

Emphasis on slowly. The whole show is about first building a basis. So it is about Kongpob and Arthit’s world and their different roles and then slowly (after first not liking each other) growing closer and developing feelings. I can tell you hear and now, the show features two really sweet and innocent kisses (they are so sweet and nice, you’ll remember them) but the way the two of them look at each other when finally realising their feelings is just amazing. In Love Sick you have the feeling you are falling in love at the same time as the characters, in SOTUS it’s the same. Still, it seems a little bit more mature than Love Sick, since they are in college and not in high school. The chemistry is also really good.


Let’s step it up…

Okay, so let’s step it up a little bit. The next show on the list features very very awkward acting in the first few episodes which gets amazingly better by the end but still, the couples are sweet, you get a little bit more touchy action (not too much though), the chemistry is good and the pace is quite faster than LS and SOTUS.

Make It Right. The Series


Info: Season 1 (12 eps) / Season 2 is currently airing (14 eps) / first aired in 2016

Story: Fuse is heartbroken over his girlfriend cheating on him, so he decides to go party with his friends. There he meets another friend Tee and after getting drunk they sleep together. After that he has to worry about whole other feelings than just his broken heart.

First off, there are like two big couples in this show. I love both of them. Fuse and Tee have amazing chemistry which is one of the reasons why their always-awkward-staring works for the series just well. They have a lot of sweet scenes together and I only have one word *cute*. The second couple which is really well-liked by many of the fans, is Book and Frame. The straight A student and the playboy fall in love. Their love is sweet too but I would say…a little bit more passionate (which is to be expected because one of them is quite the playboy and has probably the most active role in the whole series).

Make It Right is often handled as the new flagship for BL series from Thailand (sometimes as the new flagship, sometimes it comes right after Love Sick). For me it gets second place since MIR could not have happened without LS. The second season is currently airing and I have to say, the acting got better but I’m still waiting for the story to pick up the pace. With MIR you get a little bit more advanced LS. It’s like they didn’t know how far they could go with LS before viewers had too much and after LS was such a success they finally stepped up the game in MIR.


Different and definitely more.

So from this I go to something that is definitely a step-up from everything before. This show comes originally from a movie (which *spoiler alert* ended….badly – storywise I mean). Someone decided they didn’t like the ending of them movie, so they just pushed reset, made a series out of it and changed the ending to a…well, not exactly good one but a less deadly one.

My Bromance. The series.


Info: Season 1 (12 eps) / Season 2 is supposed to start in March 2017 but I don’t know if it did…/ first aired 2016-2017

Story: Step-brothers (so not blood related in any way) Golf and Bank have more than just brotherly feelings for each other. After finding out about their relationship, their father/step-father sends Bank to study in the US. 8 years later both return to their home and meet again. So many things changed…but did their feelings?

I did not watch the movie. I try to avoid BL movies with bad endings- no, scratch that- I try to avoid romance movies that have a bad ending in general. So, MB plays it like the deadly ending from the movie didn’t happen but their father just sends Bank to study overseas while Golf stays in Thailand devastated. I really like how they managed to make the series independently from the movie (yes, you can watch the series without knowing the movie). They tell the story from two perspectives. First you see them NOW – 8 years later, Bank engaged to another guy in the US, Golf angry with the world and trying to win Bank back – and in the PAST – their first meeting, hating each other and then slowly falling in love for the first time. I really like the series, and while watching you may think “why is this a step-up from the others? there is like no action at all”. I think it is a step-up because…while the others emphasize on the school and college part, this series is more mature and shows them in their 20s and having jobs and everything. Also there’s episode 12…it may be out of the blue (at least a little bit) but it’s still touching).

MB is made very well and sweet with mature undertones and with less innocence than the others.


Mainstream plus BL…is that possible?

When I first heard about the premise of this show and also about the backstory to the whole show, I was mesmerized. There is not better word for it. If the show really goes the BL way than Thailand definitely is one of my new favourite countries in the world, especially regarding TV. This series is the continuation of a popular mainstream show in Thailand. The original show, a Thai sitcom, has over 450 episodes and ran from 2003 to 2012.

Bang Rak Soi 9/1


Info: Season 1 (29+ episodes) still running / airs since 2016

Story: The main couple from Bang Rak Soi 9, Pang and Chadjen, have their own kids now, their son Jatjang and daughter Padhom (if the names are wrong, sorry sorry). One day Earth and his sister Ice rent the adjourning house. Soon, Jatjang starts to grow feelings…but not only for Ice but also for Earth?

If the producers really go the BL route in this sitcom, I will be so happy. In my opinion they don’t have to do it now but I’d love it if the just decided to do it. I think this would probably the first main BL couple in a mainstream show and it would mean so much! So I recommend Bang Rak Soi 9/1 for anyone who wants to really laugh and have some fun, while getting some really cute and funny scenes between all the characters (and also Jatjang and Earth). This show made me laugh so hysterically, that everyone thought I had finally gone crazy.

Side note: …finally…? Why’s there a finally in there?


Good chances for the future

The next show and the last one for now is something like a hidden card and something I cannot really judge yet. The series just started airing and is still running. I’d normally not recommend it then but I just think it’s sooooo cute. Really. I didn’t have high hopes in the beginning but my hopes are getting higher and higher for each episode. Pressure pressure.

2 Moons. The series.


Info: Currently running (should have 11 eps) / first aired in 2017

Story: After being heartbroken Wayo decides to change himself. Changed and motivated he manages to get into college, just to meet his crush Phana (yes, also a guy) again. This time though they cross paths quite often and Phana seems to notice him, instead of ignoring him like before…or did he really not notice Wayo before?

So, I needed to rewatch the first episode to really get the story, I think some aspects of the story I only got, because of the comments of the translator (who commented beside the subtitles – I don’t speak Thai). 2 Moons comes originally from a well-loved BL novel. I love the characters, the chemistry is really nice and I like that the main focus is on the main couple for now. I think this is especially interesting because right from the beginning the main characters know each other (and have some history) instead of only getting to know each other in the first episode. It is quite fast-paced without rushing into things. Also, and I just have to say that, the actor playing Wayo is just so cute, reminds me of a teddy bear ^.^



This is my list for now. There are many more and I did watch a lot more. Please note that I only recommended Thai ones. Maybe one day I’ll make a proper list, or a list for others, like Chinese ones (the country which is currently banning anything LGBT on TV *disappointed*). Well, let’s see.

I hope I could give you some recommendations for the future or maybe just some new perspective on shows. You can comment down below if you want to add something or have some questions.

Bye Bye ^.^