The Originals. Family…always and forever?

We finally have the finale of the fourth season of The Originals and I now finally know what it means when you hate to love something. Those are my feelings about this finale…I hate that I love it.


Warning! Spoilers about the Season 4 finale will be marked by a red (*)

I’m a sucker for The Originals. I was a mediocre fan of The Vampire Diaries, watching it just enough to know about the world, the original vampires and well, the main plot of each TVD season but I’m definitely not a hard-core fan (I read the series finale on wikipedia and watched some scenes on youtube instead of actually watching it). But when The Originals came out, I was soooo interested and now it is definitely in my top 3, if not even my number 1, TV series.

The show in general


For everyone who does not know what The Originals is about. (all season’s spoiler-free!!!) The Originals are a family of original vampires (which roughly means you cannot kill them at all – except for with a white oak stake which is like – super rare).

The Originals are the Mikaelson family:

Freya (who died as a child), Finn (who…was killed either in TVD or at some other time I think), Elijah (a ‘suit wearing and always helicopter-parenting his crazy little brother’ vampire), Niklaus or Klaus (the main protagonist of the show and a brutal and psychotic killer vampire-werewolf-hybrid who tends to dagger his siblings into unconsciousness…yes, literally), Kol (who was also killed in TVD as far as I remember and who is the witty little brother who tends to betray or annoy the sh*t outta his siblings…well, mostly Klaus), Rebekah (vampire who loves romance, wants to be a human and tends to hate-love her family a lot) and Henrik (who also died as a child). Three of them (Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah, ’cause the rest …’wasn’t available at the time’) took an oath with each other “We will be there for each other always and forever” like thousand years ago. The show is about some unexpected surprise waiting for the original family in New Orleans which throws their whole world around and changes everything and also tests their oath.


Others who may or may not be part of that New Orleans life-changing surprise: Hailey (a fierce werewolf in unending search for her real family and who tends to fall for the bad (and psychotic) ‘boys’), Marcel (a vampire made by Klaus who has a bad father-son relationship going on, is the leader of the New Orleans vampires and who has a serious loyalty and morale problem), Camille (a human that seems to ignore all her survival instincts and doesn’t know it may not be advisable to insult a thousand-years-old-and-unkillable-vampire) and Davina (teenage witch with a tendency for drama and hysteric teenie episodes and a whole lot of witch power)

That’s the most spoiler-free plot version I can give you. The show is mainly about family and what makes you hate them even though you love them and how you can love someone even if that someone does something horrible. It is all about family, sacrifice, betrayal, forgiveness, bloodshed, fighting for something and sticking together. Let’s just say: The Mikaelson family is crazy and totally …well, crazy, and there is a reason why the have a scary and bad reputation…everywhere.

Season 4 itself


What I really liked about this season was the new dynamics. Like seeing Klaus as a father. Before, even after Hope was born, he could just go out and kill his enemies in cold blood and so on, but now Hope is old enough to understand what her daddy is doing and can build an opinion of her own. So, he wants to be better and I think that creates a very new and interesting side to the show. Also this season finally started with the Originals actually sticking together and not one of them being like totally against each other – total difference from the season …was it season 2? …finale, where they all hated each other in the end. I loved to see them acting equal or even weak with Marcel and I also liked seeing Marcel trying to be different. It would be boring and so typical if he just acted like the Mikaelsons would have. Also Vincent got a much more interesting role in this season. Before he was the guy who always seemed to have a deal going on with someone. This season he was the guy you could rely on and who tried to do his best until the end. There were many new dynamics and relationships in this season and I loved it.


The finale

(*for the rest of the post) So, what about the season finale…The emotions went on a roller coaster in the last episode. There were good times, bad times and soooo many epic times. The one thing that will stick with me though, won’t be Klaus smile at seeing his brother finally happy and peaceful, also not Rebekah and Marcel reuniting and also not Hailey and Alaric looking happily at Hope and her new friends. No, the moment that WILL stick with me is: Hope calling out to her father. She started out with a normal question and Summer Fontana (the actress who played Hope) did an amazing performance showing Hope slowly understanding that something is wrong and that her daddy is not acting normally. And the last cry for him…that was just heartbreaking and seemed so real. Compliments to the young actress!


This cry also symbolises everything in this finale. Soooo touching but at the same time sad. In the final episode you got a deeper look into what this oath of ‘always and forever’ really means to the siblings and what family really means to them. I think after watching I could finally understand a little bit better how they are still together even though they didn’t just do horrible things to others but to each other too. You see them portraying their love for each other, how deep it goes and whatever may happen and whatever may separate them, they are a family. It’s like those story moments where someone let’s someone go, just because the person knows the other one will definitely be back…maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but one day. One day the Originals will always come back to each other. (Sure, THEY don’t know it, but WE do – It’s the Originals after all)


Also, I think they did a great job with Klaus and Elijah’s relationship of Elijah wanting to save and support his brother. He knew he would not be able to leave his brother alone and Klaus knew that too. So he wanted Elijah to promise to leave him alone and Elijah knowing he would not be able to do that, made Marcel compell him to forget his vow of always and forever. It is an amazing set of scenes, ending with Klaus finally taking the role of the brother who checks up on the other.

When Hailey got the truth about what would happen after the spell I thought for sure, she would not tell the others and if she hadn’t, I would sooo have hated her. But she saw Klaus and Hope and understood that he would be a great father and she finally trusts him to do the right thing. That means a lot since they had so many problems as to who should take care of Hope or who could take care of Hope before. Last finale, Klaus trusted her with his daughter and left and this time Hailey trusts him to do the best for Hope and tells him the truth. And Klaus did the right thing and decided to still go through with the ritual, another sacrifice for his family and Hope.


As for the happy (?) ending scenes after: Kol and Davina are together and Kol is getting ready to propose. If they appear in the next season or any other season afterwards I would be soooo happy for them, especially if they are married, this would give the whole show another new set of dynamics, since…well, is there any married person in the Originals? For Rebekah and Marcel…aw, I’m so happy for them, but I really want Marcel to have given up his reign of New Orleans to be with her (which he apparently did in a deleted scene), so I love that storyline. Of course it means that when you want to have Marcel back, Rebekah will come back to the show too and the other way around. What else was there? Oh yes, Hailey, Alaric and Hope. I love that this opens sooo many new doors for the show. TVD ended and I think this would be the perfect chance to transition some of the characters to TO (yes, I’m talking about Caroline…leave me alone, I loved her and Klaus and if Klaus cannot be together with Cami, I want him to be together with Caroline). For Hope, I’m happy she will get some kind of normal life and Hailey, well, she’s a strong and protecting mother and I also think she won’t let Hope forget how great her family is but also try and give her a chance at a carefree life. The scene between Elijah and Klaus…already talked about that one.



So, this finale featured a lot of different feels. It closed some doors…not that many actually, but opened up sooo many others. I’m really excited to see what season 5 will be about.


And let me give The Originals another compliment. While TVD and other shows are about the same thing again and again, TO tries new dynamics, new perspectives, new relationships and new possibilities. It doesn’t stay the same show all the time while still keeping its main message of “The Mikaelson family…always and forever”. Of course, that is also quite risky since many people may dislike it, but as for my opinion – I love it.