VIXX – Zelos/Hades/Kratos Explained!


Firstly, this is just me bringing together theories from all over the internet. I finally wanted to know what the story was about and after reading for some time (seriously there are too many theories what the story is about) I finally figured out an overall picture which makes sense although of course I have no proof or definite knowledge that this is what it is about. I just wanted to know for myself and this is what I came up with after some research.

Note: I’m using the words ‘is’ and ‘are’ a lot in this post even though I should rather use ‘I think’ or ‘in my opinion’ more often, but since I already explained that this is just an unofficial explanation, I’m gonna leave it like that 😛

For everyone who doesn’t even know what I’m talking about: The KPop boy group VIXX, also known as concept idols because they have a new concept with every comeback single, released a series of albums (and at the end one compilation album) in 2016. They revealed that the three albums or better the title tracks of each album are connected and they tell a story. The albums are named ZelosHades and Kratos, in that order. The respective title tracks are DynamiteFantasy and The Closer.

Note: Kratos was an Extended Play and not an album although I have absolutely no idea what the actual difference is.

Background knowledge: Zelos, Hades and Kratos are all part of greek mythology and all greek gods. Zelos and Kratos are brothers (which doesn’t mean anything in the story so I can just skip this actually). Zelos is like the personification of envy and jealousy but if I remember right also glory. Hades (shame on you if you don’t know that –.–) is the god of the underworld and people often think is the god of evil or something like that, which is not true. He was actually often portrayed as passive and neutral although cold and serious (which I think is also interesting in the context of this theory). And Kratos…I didn’t actually know about him before VIXX and the wikipedia article didn’t tell much, so I’m just going with what I heard here. He is often portrayed as the personification of power or sovereign rule…no, seriously, I didn’t find more that’s interesting for the theory, so let’s finally start.

The roles

Some of this might not make much sense, yet, but later in the longer explanation it will.


Our protagonists are N and Leo. Two guys liking the same girl. / Our gods are Ken and Ravi (more details later on). / Our helpers and maybe also gods Hyuk and Hongbin.

The order of the story

One of the reasons why the whole story behind this concept series is so darn complicated is actually because the order of release of the albums isn’t chronological…well, not totally. It makes sense to release it like they did, if you believe my theory but if you want the realy chronological order it should be different.

So, Dynamite tells less of a story and rather the sentiment behind creating all this mess in the protagonists’ life. It tells the story of jealousy/envy and how someone wanted the love of a girl to himself and is confused that something didn’t work. In conclusion – this song is actually more like the second part of the series, instead of the first.

The second release was Fantasy which tells the story of how a man (N) who is in love with a woman who left him (with no warning or any signs I guess) for another man (Leo). To win her back he does something drastic and goes to the underworld to make a deal with Hades (Ravi) and get her back. Of course, making deals with gods and so was never the best idea, so it all ends in a mess. Looking back at Dynamite it makes sense that there they sing about having a woman for themselves but their plan not working, since the deal with Hades didn’t work in the end. This makes Fantasy the first part of the story, although it was the second single released.


And now for number three and for why this is so darn complicated. Release three was The Closer and it tells the story of someone wanting to control someone else and have them to themselves. It picks up on the general theme of wanting something for themselves which was mentioned in all three songs but this time the story is kinda different. This story part can actually be taken as a pre-quel, a flashback with new perspective or an after story. I take it as the third part in the story but also as a flashback with a new perspective. Like all those mystery movies where in the end you get a flashback and finally see who is actually behind everything. This is pretty much exactly what is going on in this story.

The story

Since I take Fantasy as the first part of the story I’ll start there.

Fantasy starts with a man (N) being desperate because the love of his life left him for someone else (or disappeared, I’m actually not too sure), she’s not with him anymore. He is lost and he’ll do anything to get her back.

“I prayed under a bloodshot sky, that it’s all a dream when I wake up, it didn’t happen. I’m tired and I have nowhere to go. Please take me anywhere. I will do anything. Someone help.”

He asks from help to get her back, to change her being not there with him. He will do anything. I actually think that the word “Fantasy” in the song can both be seen as him having this horrible time where she is not there and hoping it is just that, a fantasy, but also as the fantasy of actually finding a way to get her back. So he hears about a way to get her back with a potion and plans to fulfill his fantasy of getting her back. He also sees it as the only way and something like the last chance.

“My fantasy will swallow up everything. I will change everything. (…) My tragedy. When the only way opens up. Save me, fantasy.”

In the video you see him deciding on what to do and Hyuk and Hongbin whispering in his ears. Back here you don’t know yet who is who or whether they want him to go to the underworld and get the potion or not. Well, he makes the decision to go to the underworld and open that door (haha, quite literally here).

I think Hyuk and Hongbin are either also gods or godlike figures who don’t want the others to mess with N or they are his friends who just don’t want him to do this. Here you also have to notice that it seems more like them being also gods and knowing Ken and Ravi, while Hongbin actually doing the (dirty) work for Ken and Hyuk trying to save N. So Hyuk tries to stop N from going to the underworld (the door scene), N pushes him away and you see him at a table with Hades (Ravi), Ken and Hongbin. Hades in general is the only god from the concept titles that appears in the story.


We don’t know Ken’s role yet but don’t worry it will be revealed later on *muahahaha* Okay, so Ken is the one showing him to Ravi and making him get into a deal with the god.


This is followed by a few scenes chained to a chair and the gods around him. Ravi is making the potion and in general it seems not very fun for N *no kiddin’, facepalm*

Please note: I’m ignoring A LOT of scenes because all of them make much more sense, when I explain them with The Closer

So, the potion is finished and a cursed sign appears on N’s hand. He is standing in the rain which, for me, means it, as expected, didn’t go well but ended in tragedy. There is also the scene where Ravi, Ken, Hongbin and Hyuk are standing together and later on put on black masks which imo shows that they are all gods but (maybe) not on the same side and all with their own opinion and agenda.


Let’s go to number two Dynamite

…although there isn’t much to say here. It shows N with the cursed sign on his hand which translates to this is after Fantasy and him hanging his head that means…it didn’t work.

“The time is too late. I try turning back the clock.”

Sorry, to tell you this, mate, but turning back time never really works in reality T.T

“Even if I have to flip over the whole world girl, please don’t leave me today. Abracadabra, make this come true, all mine. Abracadabra, make her mind go back. I won’t believe it, something must’ve gone wrong. You don’t know anything. She was supposed to be mine”

And these lyrics definitely tell me that this is after Fantasy. He would do anything for the girl, even something supernatural like Abracadabra or going to the underworld and Hades and getting a love potion. And yea…’supposed to be mine’…it really didn’t work then (as we all expected would this be a real movie).

“This is a dream that’s like a nightmare. Someone is messing around with me.”

Here it is!!! Finally a sign that someone is actually messing around with him! This gets us so much closer to The Closer, it’s scary.

“She went from Snow White to a witch overnight. Something is clearly wrong.”

So, I guess, she wasn’t the same after taking the potion which comes as no surprise as such potions never work…ever.

“I was supposed to be the hero, Dynamite, but I’ve become the villain.”

He wanted to get her back and be the hero, but it didn’t work and messed everything up completely.

So that’s it for Dynamite. It’s like N thinking and trying to guess what went wrong, but also a song about the whole sentiment in the story before and the story to come. Now, let’s got to The Closer.

First off, The Closer doesn’t have N as the protagonist but someone new…Ken! I think some people even mentioned that he was Zeus in this MV, which means he was Zeus all along, but overall it doesn’t make much of a difference who he is and more what he has done. Most of the MV is from his perspective which means you don’t see much of Ken but in some scenes he appears (and I think that is just, so you recognize that it’s from his POV).


We also make a time jump. The Closer shows us more about how this whole mess started but imo it stills belongs as number three in the story because that would be so movie like to have this twist at the end.

It starts with Leo running out of a red room, N and the girl being together and the others inbetween. For the sake of explaining it, I’m just gonna jump around in the MV now. As later revealed, the red room is Ravi’s room or Hades territory if you wanna say it like that. Leo running out of that room and Ravi playing with the potion…anyone? anyone? Yes, N and the girl were together but Leo wanted her for himself so he made the potion-deal with Hades. Unfortunately that didn’t go as expected and she kind of changed (her dull expression and her being in the hands of Hades, like he has her now and she won’t go back to who she was).


You see Ken walking around, looking at everything, watching. Also Hyuk and Hongbin trying to stop N, which imo means that both of them may be gods (like in Fantasy revealed) but they are there to protect N and not to hurt and trick him. Some people say Ken managed to make a deal with them like “You want to save him? Work with me and you will” and maybe Hongbin falls for it, since he is later seen in the table scene with Ken.


Now a lot of the skipped scenes in Fantasy make sense too. N and Leo seemingly being connected or the scene where they are standing in front of this mirror thing and seeing each other. It’s like N taking the same path and making the same mistake as Leo by falling for Ken’s plan and making a deal with Hades.

“Let me control you, ohohoh. I open your senses. Let me control you, ohohoh. Trust only my eyes.” 

This imo has two meanings. First, Leo wanting to have control over the girls heart with the potion but also Ken wanting to control everyone and creating this horrible fate for N and the girl.

This also makes sense with Kratos, who is like the god of power and rule. It meaning that Ken controlled everything from the beginning. He saw what was happening and decided to bring N to Hades, let him make the deal and curse him that way. No idea why, but as greek mythology books have shown us…the greek gods weren’t exactly reasonable when playing with mortals or making a lot of sense.

Of course, the whole last video could also just be interpreted as Ken watching everything going on but that would be boring, senseless to make a music video about it and not explain why he was leading N to Hades in Fantasy, so I’m going with my long theory.


For me, this will be what the MVs and the songs are about. And after realising the whole story I can only say one thing…

Please, make this into a movie!!!

Seriously, this would be awesome as a movie or a show. The whole aura around the MVs and the perfect acting…I can totally see them in their roles and Ken would make a great villain with all the charisma…haaa, I can continue dreaming right?


I hope this helped explain the story in the MVs. Like I said this is just my opinion and not a confirmed theory.

If there are any open questions (maybe I left something out…this is such a long post, I’m sure I left something), feel free to comment below 😀


Ha, this was fun ^.^






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