The Kings of Synchronization – K-POP

Yes, K-Pop again, what do you expect of someone so in love with this genre as me? I mainly listen to K-Pop and the only time I hear other songs are through the radio in shops and in the car sometimes, because where I’m from there is definitely no K-Pop radio channel.

Well, let’s get right into it. This post is about the male K-Pop groups that put synchronization on another level. I can already tell you it will probably end like expected since most fans seem to know who the kings of synchro are – currently. That currently here is very important because I will also mention the former top one kings of synchro and they only got pushed down from number one recently – which means it can happen again – not that I complain, since I love all of the groups so much.

So for people who have not thought about this – which is pretty much impossible if  you are a K-Pop fan I think – then you will see some interesting stuff. If you already know about the best synchro in the business – well, then you’ll probably get confirmation for your beliefs.

NOTE: This is just my opinion and this is just for fun and I do not own anything.


(mostly) same moves / great synchro; I don’t care about how popular or famous they are; looking cool; I did some research but I’m giving away points myself too. Just don’t take this too seriously…

I’M NOT GONNA MENTION GROUPS THAT ARE GOOD AT DOING INDIVIDUAL MOVES WHILE GIVING A SYNCHRONIZED PICTURE. Just those that really focus on synchro or those whose synchro sticks out. 

‘Just WOW’ – TRCNG

I have no idea how to pronounce their name but when I saw their dance practice I knew I just had to include them here. Just wow. I don’t know much about them, since they debuted pretty recently but they. are. good. Synchronization 100% and a candidate for the top to watch in the future!

‘So much Charisma’ – NTC127

I’m not really a fan of  NCT in in general. Not because they are bad – they’re not, they’re great. It’s mostly that their songs are just not my style and that I don’t know much about them but even I have to admit that they are great dancers always giving an interesting performance. And they have a talent for synchronization, definitely.

‘The Impact kings’ – BTS

Everyone in K-Pop knows that BTS are great at dancing and performing, doesn’t matter if you’re their fan or not. If you’re not their fan and claim they are crap at it, you are definitely kidding yourself. I would not put BTS in a list of best vocal groups – they’re good but there are just many groups better. I would put them in a list with rappers…I think. Well, doesn’t matter, this is dance and they definitely belong on dance list. They are not only awesome at synchronized dancing but also dominate the individual dancing scene in K-Pop groups.

“Suprise!!!” – Astro & UP10TION & Wanna One

These groups and the next one kinda belong together but also don’t belong together. Let’s take it one by one. Astro…well, they are cute and definitely showed good dancing from the beginning and then…well then, more videos came out and soon I realised that they were awesome at synchronized dancing. The only reason why many people don’t realise is because they don’t have as many members as a lot of other groups. A thing I’m impressed about – their dances are FAST and SYNCHRONIZED!! Double points. (starts at 0:50…their synchro is almost scary)

UP10TION is a group that is there while not there. I wish they got more attention. They are really talented but somehow the big boom to the top hasn’t happened yet. I hope they make it big in the future!! Their choreos are also great with a good mix of individuality and synchro. (starts at 0:29)

Wanna One, a survival show produced idol group – look it up if you don’t know them. There is a wikipedia article to, I think, all the groups I’m mentioning here. Wanna One has 11 members and I’m surprised by their good synchronization since they haven’t known each other that long. Other groups train together for years, in Wanna One’s case, they are from (mostly) different labels and companies but seem to get along just fine, thankfully, and despite having enjoyed different training periods, they are rocking the dancing game out there.

‘So Smooth’ – GOT7 & Monsta X & Pentagon

Smooth because while they are good at synchronized dancing they don’t stick it in your face like most of the other groups on this list (which is not a bad thing even if it sounds like it, when I say it like this).

GOT7 has showed great synchro in most of their songs and choreos and never stick it in your face or put it as their focus. Still there songs are great and they seem to match each others moves with a relaxed pace which definitely puts them high in the list. Compared to others their synchro doesn’t seem as forced or trained and much more natural.

Monsta X always surprises me with their talent. Especially their dancing. I really didn’t realize they were that good at dancing but they are. Not only are many of their choreos exhausting and hard to dance to but they are also with a great chemistry and synchronization.

Pentagon is one of the groups that shows synchronization sometimes and suddenly everything is different again. Before you even realise what happened the synchronized part is over again…so, they are really good at synchro, just their focus isn’t concentrated on it. They mainly seem to concentrate on good dancing instead of just choreo and I can just say, they deliver.

‘I See A Future’ – SF9 & KNK & Golden Child

I never really looked strong enough at KNK to realised how much synchronization is in their songs. Seriously I only realised after someone pointed it out. And wow…they are really good. Not only at fast moves but also slow synchronization and they still keep the details and don’t slack at their moves. Compliments!

SF9 and Golden Child. SF9 debuted some time before GoChi and it’s a little bit noticeable because their dancing and songs became a little bit more experienced and mature even if it hasn’t been a long time. Well, SF9 definitely always surprises and wows with their synchronization and choreos. Also they just ooze charisma, show great dancing and seem either like they are really enjoying themselves or at least give their best in every performance. I cannot wait to see where they will go in the future.

Golden Child is definitely a candidate to watch in the future. Just with their debut song they already set a stepping stone in the right direction so I’m very curious if they’ll change or keep that course and maybe one day will take the top spot.

“Forever the Top” – Infinite

Infinite has been on the top of the list of best synchronized dancing of male K-Pop groups – who am I kidding – K-Pop groups in general for …wait, I looked it up…5 years or more. Then came the number one, see later, but Infinite is still at the top and dominating the synchronized game. Their advantage: They mix synchro with experience and seem a lot more relaxed than most of the groups on this list while dancing and showing their best. For me, Infinite will always be the kings of synchronization in my heart.

“The kings” – Seventeen

You saw this coming? Well, then you know your synchronization. Seventeen surprised, wowed and astonished with their synchronization. Their number of members is an advantage and also a disadvantage. They managed to make it into a big advantage. Synchronization always seems better, when you’re a lot of people but it is really hard to match. Well, Seventeen manage and definitely deserves the number one spot.


Special mention: VIXX (they focus more on charismatic and a lot on emotional dance, with also many individual movements that mix together awesomely), SHINee (king of dances, but their synchro is more individualized than I thought, still definitely one of the top dancing groups in K-Pop) and many others, but this is my list so I can do what I want XP

I hope you liked the list. I’m open for comments, reviews, questions, just comment down below and I’ll read it as soon as possible – translation: the next time I read my emails, like 1-2 days after since I’m lazy – but I WILL DEFINITELY read it.

Bye ^.^


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