“Fifty Shades Freed”…what we’ve been waiting for

So, I don’t know why but it seems like Fifty Shades Freed started earlier in cinemas where I am from compared to the US. As far as I know, the premiere was yesterday on the 7th and I booked tickets for the 8th, so I could watch it as soon as possible. And wednesday I actually spend the evening rewatching the first and second installment just to refresh my mind and get into the right mood…why does that sound kind of sexual???

Well, doesn’t matter. After watching it today, I decided to write a review for everyone out there who has not yet watched it yet. SPOILER-FREE!!!

Note: I just love this poster…I don’t know why but I love it ^.^


General and books

Fifty Shades Freed is the last installment of the Fifty Shades film franchise. It’s based on the three books by E.L. James. And while I think it has a great storyline and premise I think the books are really mainly book porn…at least half of the first and last book. The second is actually the one with the most storyline of the book series. I should know, I read them – even before the movies came out. So well, it became a big thing and when the books were made into movies soooo many people freaked out, especially because everyone wanted to know who was gonna be Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele. I was one of them too. And while I did think “I don’t really know if this casting is the right choice” I was on board with the choice after watching the first movie.

Before you say anything now: I’m not an intense fan of the franchise. I liked the books but I’ve read better stuff and as for the movies …well, the first one is kinda strange but good, it just lacks a little bit of the catching charme of the first book. The second installment definitely lacks compared to the book. The second book was the best, it really lured you in and I read that book in just two days because you really start feeling with Ana and Christian and believe me you won’t get away from them anytime soon. The third book though…well, half of the book is book porn and it took me quite some time to finish that book because seriously, after 50 pages of sex, I wanna read different stuff and not continue with just erotic stuff. Well, after you get over the sex stuff you get to the real storyline.


Final chapter

While the second installment didn’t meet the expectations of the second book, the third installment overthrew the third book and with that it is the first ever movie I know (and I know A LOT of movies, I’m pretty much addicted) that is better than its respective book. A rarity. Now you may ask, how is that possible? I can explain that, even without major spoilers. The reason why the last installment of Fifty Shades is as good as it is, is thanks to

  • the chemistry
  • the soundtrack
  • the fact that it is a movie




In the first movie, while of course, Ana and Christian have just met, but still you could feel the actors Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson just getting to know each other. Their was a little bit of awkwardness but well…let’s see how anyone else does after meeting someone and filming sex scenes with them right after…

Well, in the third installment you can actually see them knowing each other better and not being awkward which means they feel much more like Ana and Christian than before and it actually feels very convincing. Also the movie does not just show them caring and loving each other with erotic scenes but also with little things: looking at each other, holding hands, laughing with each other, just hugging, having fun with each other…and such stuff, normal everyday things that don’t happen in the bedroom.

That makes this couple much more real and lovable.


Fifty Shades has always been great with soundtracks but Fifty Shades Freed steps it up a notch. The soundtrack supports the chemistry, helps overcome time sequences in the movie and delivers the feelings of the characters quite well. There are many different songs but all of them very good and supporting the movie as a whole. I always say a soundtrack is good when it’s right at that line where you actively notice it but aren’t bothered by it.



The biggest problem with the third book is the thing, that when you don’t read like a crazy person, it takes some times to overcome scenes or similar stuff that takes like 50 pages to overcome. Try reading 50 pages about pretty much the same thing and let’s see how far you get. The movie has the advantage that it can make a montage of things. Like a montage of landscapes or a cut and edit version of a sex scenes. Fifty Shades Freed like its predecessors has a lot of erotic scenes but in a movie you can add some action to it by changing perspectives, adding music or even just making the scene happen faster.

The third installment definitely has the advantage that it is a movie.



The movie seems like the previous installments were made just so they could show us this one. Sorry to say this, but for me this movie is better than the other two put together. I mean it’s the same actors so I guess it’s still a compliment? Well, I mean it as a compliment, because it means they got better. The storyline is full of interesting plotlines and catching characters and I love that the movie also concentrated a lot on other characters and not just Ana and Christian.

For returning fans: This is what we all waited for. Watch it and love it, because it is awesome.

For new fans: Do watch the first and second installment first…believe me, you will like the movie without watching but you won’t get the chemistry thing and miss out on a lot of plotlines because you didn’t know from the other movies

Once in a lifetime


You know all those movies/shows etc where you think “Will we ever get something like this again?” As example, Harry Potter. The books and movies opened a new world so big, magical and detailed everyone knows about it. Maybe not everyone read the books or watched the movies but everyone has at least heard the name. And tbh, I’m really curious if there’s actually ever gonna be another fictional world as big as Harry Potter again. Well, Fifty Shades is another milestone you could say. I mean the movie made erotic scenes mainstream. I’ve never seen such a sexual movie that was ever seen by so many people in the cinemas and that was so big. It also is one of the few popular blockbusters that tell the story of a rich, famous and public man falling in love for a shy, innocent but strong woman and the other way around. We all know that premise from books and so on but I don’t think there has been such a successful adaptation of that storyline ever.


In general, I’m very happy with the third installment and I might even cry a little because after this movie I actually do want more but at the same time it is just such a perfect third installment for a trilogy. Seriously, Fifty Shades – first ever movie to be better than the book and first ever movie trilogy where the movies get better and not worse…=D compliments to all the actors, actresses, producers, film-makers, directors, assistants, helpers, supporters, fans and everyone else who made this movie possible!



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