“Maze Runner: The Death Cure”…an epic finale

I’ve been a Dylan O’Brien fan ever since Teen Wolf, I admit that and when he appeared less on the show I was devastated…well, not really, just not as into the show as before, I guess. But okay, he appeared in the Maze Runner franchise, so I was okay.

After waiting for a year because Dylan O’Brien got injured – can I just say, great work for actually waiting for the stars to heal and get well again, we all know those situations where people don’t wait and the stars have to suffer through work, thanks for thinking about your actors! – we finally get the last installment of the Maze Runner franchise.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t shed a few tears just because of that. Okay, so here you have my personal review for the movie! You can tell me in the comments below if you have a different opinion or want to add something.



The storyline

So the storyline of the Maze Runner: The Death Cure is pretty much where we left off: Thomas saying he won’t leave Minho with WCKD and they are off to rescue him even if it means they won’t make it back.


Well, here it is good to know what even the director Wes Ball himself said: The first installment was green and there were trees and limited space. The second one was different and more like brown and sand and desert as a theme. – At least he said something similar like that in an interview.

The last one starts off in the same theme as installment two but quickly turns into a sci-fi theme I guess. While normally I have a problem with that, in the Maze Runner they adapt it pretty well, so I’m okay with it.

I won’t say any more about the storyline because pretty much everything past “they go rescue Minho” qualifies as a spoiler I guess…


The characters and perspectives

One thing you’ll notice in this movie quite early. The pace is a lot faster. One reason why it seems that way is because it features more than one narrator you could say. Before you saw most things from Thomas’ perspective. This time you see a lot of different people and what their thinking and life is like. There’s WCKD in general with Ava Paige and Janson, as well as Teresa. Then we have Thomas, Newt and the other gladiers that are left. There is also Minho. And of course our new guys from installment two: Brenda and Jorge. So, yeah, you get a lot of different perspectives, storylines and plots.

But do not worry, they actually managed to not make a total chaos out of it but actually but an order into it and make it into quite a good storyline with a very fast pace.

Oh, yeah I said two reasons right? Well, the other reason is mainly, that IT IS faster paced than before. It’s not just imagination of the mind.


One thing though: I think one of the reasons why they could do it like they did, like with all the perpectives: because the characters have been established in the movies before and everyone has a background and a storyline. They did not have to re-introduce the whole cast.

Also the cast seems a lot more comfortable in their roles than before. This is a movie where you forget you are watching a movie and the actors are really into their characters. It wasn’t that good in the previous ones but in this one, it seems like it finally clicked a 100%. They definitely gave their all for this one!


The good / the bad

The good thing about this movie is at the same time the bad thing. This movie is an awesome third installment. It ends the trilogy in a perfect ending for the whole story. Maybe I’m not a 100% on board with everything but in general it is perfect. Not just the ending but I mean the whole movie as a end to the trilogy.

How can this be a bad thing? Well, this movie is great for people who already know about the franchise but is probably not as half as good for people who are not up to date with the franchise. As a single movie it is pretty useless I guess because you won’t understand half of it and not really feel with the characters.

That’s how their biggest advantages (that they used established characters and did not need to reintroduce) is also their biggest disadvantage.


But one thing is quite sure for me: this trilogy managed to be one of the best trilogies I’ve ever watched. Definitely.


Easy. Watch the other installments. Then watch Maze Runner: The Death Cure!

Recommendation: Watch it in IMAX if possible. I watched it on monday in IMAX and it was so awesome I wanna go again!!!


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