“The Unit”: review and finale

If you haven’t watched the finale of The Unit: The Idol Rebooting Project, well be aware there will be spoilers now.

Before you think I’m like the rest of the fans – or at least A WHOLE LOT of them – I’m not here to speak bad about them but actually to praise The Unit. Why? Because I think the show was nice and especially compared to other survival shows, the end results make sense. But let’s start at the basics:

The Unit – General


If you don’t know what The Unit is: The Unit started in 2017 as an idol rebooting project. There are so many idols whose groups did not make it big or did not have the impact to leave an impression. The Unit‘s aim was to give them another chance. Around 500 people auditioned, some well known idols, some newbies and so on and then went through multiple missions where they could show what they’ve got and try not to be eliminated throughout the show. Then in the finale there would be 9 female and 9 male members who would build a Unit G and a Unit B and debut.

So people critizised the show a lot because there were a lot of idols on the show who hadn’t even debuted before – which means it’s not like idol rebooting but more like totally new – as well as idols who had debuted in the same year, which also seemed quite unfair since others had debuted years before and were more desperate.

Well, I’m not gonna go into those critics right now, since all that doesn’t really matter – since the background of the final members are the ones that count in the end, I guess.

The show itself

A lot of people critizised the editing and the overall episodes of The Unit because it showed the idols mostly having fun and not revealing a sad story behind them…okay, I cannot even describe what people wanted without sounding like I think all those fans who hoped for sad stories and tears all the time, are …can I actually curse on a blog? well, just imagine a curse word starting with A here. In my opinion it’s great they showed the idols having fun, building friendships and showing their character – if you haven’t noticed nowadays you can either be popular in K-Pop through a great song (happens very rarely) or by being known for your character. So I love how they showed the idols’ characters as well as revealing some of the stories in the interviews.

But I have enough of shows that only show idols’ crying and being sad and desperate, I mean it’s good they are happy, right? But people weren’t on board with that it seems.

I understand when people are angry at the editing in the beginning when some of their favourites weren’t shown much, since there were just too many people, so I understand how the editing wasn’t great then but later on in the show I have to say, I think the editing kind of evened out and became a lot fairer. In the finale you could ask me for the names of all the contestants and I could have told you all of them (which was NOT the case for Produce 101 for me, just as a comparison, since everyone seems to think that show was a lot better).

The final members

I have watched a lot of idol survival shows. Some with new trainees, some just about one groups or one label, some big with over 100 idols and so on. I watched a lot. And compared with all the other shows, the results of The Unit seem to make the most sense.

Let’s go to Unit G: Euijin was always number 1, so it’s no surprise she made it. Also SONAMOO is a name we know but well, that’s about it. I know it and I think I’ve heard their songs here and there but otherwise not much impact. Yebin was also always kind of in the top spots and I think she totally deserves being there since her group DIA is actually mostly known for Chaeyeon and I think it’s great Yebin fights to make her group more known as a whole. Most of the top spots in Unit G are ranked with members who had been in the top spots before. Another example, NC.A. She definitely deserves to be there and she debuted some time ago and didn’t leave much of an impact, so she really deserves this chance. Then there is Yoonjo, she fell out of the rankings for a few weeks but managed to get back. I think it is surprising she made such a comeback but it’s in a reasonable frame, so I’m not like “how?” Also she had debuting experience before, so now critics from me. Next in line, Lee Hyunjoo, she also fell out of the top 9 for I think a week? Well, I think she has been in the top 9 ranking every week before, so after not being in there last week, her fans probably came together to vote her into the top 9 in the final. Makes sense. She also has debuting experience, so yeah. I don’t think I have to say anything about Yang Jiwon. She was in the top 9 in every ranking and she was from the group SPICA and proved she is amazing, there is nothing left to say. Woohee of Dal Shabet has also been in the top rankings for quite a lot of rankings, so it makes sense and with Dal Shabet she also has real debuting experience before The Unit. The last two, ZN of Laboum and Lee Suji of – I think – The Ark, managed to fight their way up into the high ranks, so even that makes sense. It’s a steady rise for ZN and an up and down for Lee Suji. Both have real debuting experience, so the show stayed true to its aim here.


So critics, all of the members have a good reason to be in the final 9. Then why do people still critizise the results? Mostly, because some others did not make it. Like Euna Kim and Semmi. For Euna Kim, I think she became victim of the usual “She’s gonna make it anyway, so let’s vote for others”. She finished 10th so missed it very narrowly, so I think some of her fans really did not think she wouldn’t make it and voted for someone else. It’s sad and not fair but it happens in the finale of survival shows quite often.

With Semmi, she is one of the The Unit participants who, I think, made it into the top rankings through the episodes alone and less by having a fandom before the show. Unfortunately for the finale, a lot of fans who had their fixed favourites came together, so she lost her top spot to others who had been in the top rankings before here. This one is just unfortunate and I had hoped for her to get in.

Overall, I think the results for Unit G are, well, within reason? I know people are not happy with all of the results, even I’m not, but it makes sense and we can complain but I really don’t think the voting was unfair or something like this. It seems reasonable.

So, let’s go to Unit B: Fans definitely voted for who they liked in the finale and less for who they thought did well. Sorry to say it like this, but while Unit G is very explainable with previous results, Unit B seems like fans were like coming together and voting like crazy for their favourites. But let’s go member by member. Jun, no need to say anything here, He’s been in the top spots every ranking, he’s talented and with U-Kiss he has real debuting experience as well as a reason to be here, since the group lost some members and while it is known, it never left a HUGE impact. Second place, Euijin, also in the top spots since Ep…7 I think? so that makes sense and with BIGFLO he has debuting experience. Tbh, I had only known there was a group like BIGFLO but that was about it, so this time rebooting really seemed to be achieved. Number 3 Go Hojung, also in the top spots for the last few ranking and from the group HOTSHOT, meaning rebooting is succeesful here too. Next is FeelDog. He has also been in the top spots ever since the beginning, he is talented and he already debuted under BigStar before, so yeah. So, the next one is critizised a lot and I understand why, although I don’t support it. Marco has a always been a charming boy of The Unit and tbh I’ve asked myself, why he didn’t make it into the top spots before. It is surprising he made it now but not totally unreasonable. He always had fans and managed to even charm fans who had other favourites, so I guess people came together and really pushed the voting for him. Also ever since the screen time got evened out a little bit and in the last few episode he showed more of himself and people noticed him more. So, I understand how he landed where he is. As for debuting experience. He debuted in a group in 2017, the same year when the show started but tbh I have never heard of their group before. I get why people critizise him being even in the show. Still, he managed to get in the top spots by his charm and his talents, so I forgive the show for that. Next one is an even worse case of why is he even in the show: Ji Hansol, no previous debuting experience and I cannot really fight for him in this argument. I mean if he was pushed out of his previous debuting chance I get it, since this would be like another chance, but I don’t he was pushed out, but I don’t know exactly. As for the voting, well, he has been in the top spots enough times before so that makes sense. Finally someone again, where I do not have to look for a reason for them to be in the show, Daewon of MADTOWN. Well, MADTOWN lived through some tough times but did debut and left not enough impact to make it big. So Daewon has debuting experience and he’s always been a top contender in the show, so this result makes sense too. Next one is Kijoong and while I don’t have to explain how he made it there, since he’s also always been in the top spots, he debuted the same month as the show started I think so about debuting…it’s debatable I guess. I mean I saw the debut of IM and well…wasn’t really impressed and forget them the moment I clicked on something else, so I guess there was no impact but it’s debateable whether he really counts as rebooting. Last but not least we have Chan of A.C.E. I think he is like the Semmi of Unit B. He managed to get to this spot not by having a lot of fans beforehand but by getting the fans through The Unit. He climbed his way up to the top and I think the reason why he managed to get so high up in the ranking – he also shined more when the editing evened out, as well as leaving an impression through performances. At least for me he left a real impression in the performances. As for debuting experience, he did debut with A.C.E and this time I think it is just mean when people think he is in the show unfairly. A.C.E got small recognition in the beginning but they did not make it big even though their song was really good and you could see them disappearing in the shadows, so at least I give it to him, for being in The Unit for a reason.


So what about the members who did not make it? Well, Seyong has been on an up and down path over the whole show so I’m not surprised he did not make it into the final 9. It’s unfortunate but within reason. Jeup is the same, he has also been on an up and down and it’s reasonable he’s not in the top 9. Unfortunate but reasonable. The two people where fans are furious: Kim Timoteo and Donghyun. Well, Timoteo lost a lot of his initial voting where he was still number 1, but he was still number 5 last week. I think he also fell victim to the “he’s gonna get in anyway” so people used their voted for others. He’s been in the top rankings even after not being number 1 anymore, so even I thought he would make it anyway – well, the unfortunate and mean side of survival shows. Donghyun…one reason why he’s not in the top spots is the same as Timoteo’s. People just assumed. Here, though, is another reason. A lot of his support for the finals came from international fans. Translates to “People who couldn’t vote”. Marco and Kijoong got a lot more popularity from locals than Donghyun, who is amazingly loved by international fans, but unfortunately we couln’t vote the same way locals did, and so it ended this way.


Overall I think the results make sense and for at least 70%-80% The Unit managed to achieve their goal of rebooting idols. I think the biggest reason why fans are critizising the show so much, is because the editing was crap in the beginning and they wanted to see sad sobbing stories…well, sorry, that the boys and girls are happy to get another chance, and also because their favourites didn’t make it into the top spots. I’m also not a 100% happy with the results but for me it makes sense so I don’t complain.

I also think the show seemed a lot more fun than other survival shows, even though I was a big critic in the beginning, but in the end, the show could win me over.

I hope Unit G and Unit B make it big and get the recognition they deserve!!!


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