Busy? I know that feeling…#update

So this is gonna be a short post.

For all the BL recommendations fans out there, I’m so so so soooo sorry for not actually managing to post that promised recommendations post part V yet….

First, it’s because I had to watch some of the stuff I wanna recommend.

Second, I don’t wanna recommend bad stuff.

Third, I am actually running out of good recommendations but it’s okay, I’ll manage atm…somehow BL shows are going on a break for some time, it seems. There’s gonna be some new ones soon but I don’t think with a BL couple as a main protagonist. But let’s see and hope for the best.

Fourth and this is also about my other posts and news: I’ve been sick for more than two weeks now and I have a big exam (which I totally cannot fail *again*) coming up, so I had/have absolutely no time to post anything, not even write a lot.


So when do you get your update? Well, easy: My exam is on the 11th of April, some time after that, I can post the new recommendations post, depending on how crazy busy my other school work is by then (since pretty much everything except for the urgent stuff has been put on hold in my life for now).

So again: Sorry for not giving you that promised part V yet, I’m doing my best T.T