BL Shonen-Ai manga recommendations – Part II

Welcome to Part II. This time I will introduce some Shonen Ai recommendations which I just love. I put Shonen Ai and not Yaoi on purpose because for all I remember these recommendations are part of the Shonen-Ai genre and less Yaoi-ish…I know that’s not a word but still.

So these recommendations now are very dear to me. I only discovered them after some time but I grew to love them. Most of them are completed works and not too long but I still recommend reading and enjoying them ^.^

19 Days


My first two recommendations for the Shonen-Ai list are teases. Seriously. But I can tell you, you will still enjoy 19 Days. Don’t be put off when at first or inbetween you see some artwork and no story. It tells the story of a high school boy and his best friend (who he is not-so-secretly in love with) and later on features a really really cute other couple ^.^

The story is very very very slow progressing but it’s just really funny and enjoyable to read so I definitely recommend it.

Note: Yes, I know it is actually not a manga but a …Chinese one?



This story is another tease mostly. It is also gender-bender (meaning cross-dressing) but I thought the story was just too nice not too include it especially since there is so much “it could happen somewhen in the future”.

Story: One day, Kunisada Haruichi who is specializing in Japanese dance in his high school dance department, meets Yuri Arbatov, a famous and young ballet dancer who comes for a short-term study abroad. However when he gets a hold of Haruichi’s weakness, Haruichi is forced to cross dress on stage… (source:

I really enjoyed reading it and thought it was a really nice and beautiful story. It starts of with some jokes but quickly turns to a more serious tone. You should check it out!

Koi Nante Shinai!


KNS! has such a nice and promising storyline, unfortunately it has a open ending, if you can even call it ending. I think it was just that somehow it’s not gonna continue, I don’t know why, but well…I’ll still recommend it.

Story: Udou Ryuuji loathes his classmate Kujou Ritsuki. He hates it that the good-looking boy is like always smiling and flirting and has everyone believing he is perfect. One day Ryuuji discovers that Ritsuki has a secret part-time job and sharing a secret brings them closer together…or something like that. It’s kinda hard putting the story line together.

Well, it is very well drawn and I really enjoyed reading the story, especially because compared to other stories, there doesn’t seem to be a definite “top” in the relationship. And I don’t mean this in the sexual sense but more in the “who has the pants on in the relationship”. Both of them are shown to fall for the other person and having a weak spot for them, so yea, I really enjoyed that.

Kohitsuji Project


Story: Kohitsuji Project is about a boy being accepted into a prestigious school not knowing he is the “sheep” that is meant to let the vampires learn that humans are not to be treated like food! (source:

What I liked about this one? It is a fantasy BL manga, well drawn and with a good storyline. It is not just about ero stuff but actually a lot about storyline. Unfortunately it is only 2 volumes long but I enjoyed it so much, I had to share it here. I also really appreciated the detailed and beautiful drawings.

Bokura ni Matsuwaru Etc.


Story: Iku and Keita are childhood buddies. Naturally, having been friends for as long as they can remember, when one started to play baseball, so did the other. During their final year in middle school, Keita’s baseball career abruptly ended as a result of the severe injuries he sustained when saving Iku from being hit by a truck. Presently, they go to the same high school. But ever since that accident, Iku has distanced himself from both the game and his friend, presumably out of guilt. What does Keita think about this? (source:

This one is just…just…just oh-so-good. I loved reading this. This one is like all the Thai BLs where you only get one kiss but you are soooo happy with just that one kiss. This manga really relies on the chemistry between the characters and the chemistry is off the tops. I really enjoyed this story. Sadly, it is only 3 chapters but those three chapters really are great. I love it!

Uragiri Wa Boku No Namae Wo Shitteiru


Finally one that is longer. Well, it took a really long time for UraBoku to end and I still haven’t read the ending. I’m afraid it is an open ending but since I haven’t read it, I wouldn’t know.

Story: Plagued by re-occurring dreams he can’t quite recall and a strange power that allows others’ thoughts and emotions to flow into him, high school student Sakurai Yuki has always longed to know the reason for his existence. Soon after a hauntingly beautiful, nostalgic stranger named Zess saves Yuki from an oncoming car, the head of the Gioh Clan shows up at the foster group home where Yuki lives, claiming to be family. Who are the Gioh Clan? What is their connection to Zess? Most importantly, can Yuki accept his role in the destiny laid out before him? (source:

UraBoku is probably one of the most beautifully drawn mangas I ever read. It is detailed but also shows some of those comedic chibi styled images sometimes. The story is pretty detailed and heavy but really enjoyable and nice to read. I definitely recommend reading it and see for yourself if you like it!

Oh, also there is an anime!

Houkago Edge


Story: Tobari’s always loved cute and feminine things. Which sparks his eventual venture into drag. One day, while he was out in public dressed as a high school girl, he bumps into fellow classmate, Inui. It’s annoying to Tobari how amusing Inui finds it, but at least he’s promised not to tell anyone. But with no plans of letting him off for this hobby, Inui proposes something outrageous. He is twisted and unstable, but for some reason, his words are reassuring. A story of a secret love woven with something unnerving. (source:

Houkago Edge is such a jewel. Really. I read it around 5 times already and I can tell you a little story about that. I read it and then forgot its name so when I remembered it and wanted to re-read it I searched for three hours to find it again, just so I could read it again. That’s how much I love this one. The characters are kinda strange but lovingly so and the ending is really really nice. It is only one volume long but here it is definitely quality over quantity.


So these are my BL Shonen-Ai recommendations. I hope you like them and enjoyed reading the post as well as check out the mangas. I really enjoyed all of them and I hope you to too ^.^

Look out for Part III. I already put the recommendations together, I just have to finish writing it 😀



K-Pop Bands – Introduction

You may know already – if not, this must be your first post from my site – I’m a big K-Pop fan. I talk about my favourite K-Pop groups quite often, so recently I realised I haven’t really wrote about K-Pop bands before. Well, do not worry, today I will right that wrong!! ^.^

Note: These are like my favourite K-Pop bands – translates to mainstream K-Pop/K-Rock bands since I don’t know much about the band genre and don’t even wanna seem like I know a lot when I don’t. Also try searching for K-Pop bands on google…believe me you will not find what you want. There is a difference between bands and groups, everyone!!!! -___- 

Note II: This post is mainly for people who have not idea that something like K-Pop bands exist AND/OR want to appreciate them more.

Note III: The music video examples are either their latest release, my favourite or one that is like their signature video. That translates to: maybe too many ballads and less fast and strong songs, sorry.


-Best known, mainstream while not being mainstream, a classic-


So, FTIsland is definitely one of the most known K-Pop bands out there. Funny enough to say, that they are actually a K-Rock band. I guess in the last few years they have actually been following the Rock genre more than the songs before. Well, I still like them. They pretty much made it possible for other “K-Pop” bands to become as successful as mainstream K-Pop groups. A classic and definitely one of the first bands to be part of the Hallyu wave.

Note: The song starts like a ballad but turns it up around the end.




-Funky, smooth, prove that bands are great-


CNBlue proved that FNC Entertainment is the best label regarding K-Pop bands and getting them into the mainstream fandoms. With a much less rock-y and a lot more funky and smooth sound CNBlue managed to suprise me a lot. Since they are from the same label as FTIsland, I thought there were gonna be serious problems about fans deciding between them but their music and their overall “feeling” seems different enough, I think. Watch some of their videos and you’ll realise that both groups are very different indeed.



-Almost too much talent, individuality & creativity from a Big 3 major music factory-


I think Day6 was the first K-Pop band from one of the Big 3 companies in K-Pop (the first one that actually started out as a band and did not change later on – see below). There were a lot of expectations, a lot of music and a lot of member changes but overall Day6 proves time and time again, that they are amazingly creative and talented, all of them. While not the biggest band out there, they made a name for themselves and definitely proved to be one of the best.



-Disbanded but left an amazing song and a big hole for female mainstream bands-

Wonder Girls

Wonder Girls started out as a K-Pop group and after some member changes, some drama and a hiatus, they returned as a band and delivered the song Why So Lonely. While the fun did not last long and in the end they did disband, the song will definitely stay in my head for a long long long time.



-Sweet, sweeter, the sweetest, coming from an unexpected source-


Another FNC Entertainment band. Well, I admit I don’t know much of Honeyst except they did a survival show – or something similar – with FNC’s only male K-Pop non-band group SF9. Well, I did check out their songs for this list, also because I did know their name. HONEYST is definitely like honey. Sweet and sweet and sweet. And amazingly they even manage to give you all that sweetness looking really relaxed and calm. I’m definitely curious what we can expect in the future.



-An surprise and delight for ears and eyes…who is this? WOW-

The Rose

The Rose is quite different from HONEYST. Pretty much the opposite. While the previous show a calm and relaxing state, The Rose presents you with a charismatic look whatever they sing. Whether the song is fast, rock-y, more quiet…doesn’t matter, they always present a strong and willful look that makes you look twice and hit the replay button again. About their songs in general: After all this time, I still cannot decide whether I like their songs or not.



-It should be a crime not to love them and it’s definitely a crime if you love them too much-


Watch their video and you know what I mean with the intro for this one. Seriously, the oldest one is only 18, I think…so yea. TheEastLight. offers stronger and faster songs, while also having some slower ones full of feelings and ballad-y stuff. So about their music…nothing more to say, watch the video below and melt away when you hear 0:46…I think I melted of my chair right then and there. The future for K-Pop bands is definitely looking good.



-Funky, happy and just a pleasure to enjoy the music with them-


N.Flying is like the crazy uncle everyone wants. Or the funny aunt that takes you around and makes you promise not to tell your parents or she will never take you to the amusement park again. Well…N.Flying is best described as a WHOLE LOT OF FUN. Their songs are really nice, don’t take themselves too seriously and they have really good chemistry, at least that is what it looks like. There have been some member additions over time and I think that makes the band even more complete.


So maybe you found something you like, maybe not, but at least you can’t say you haven’t heard of them before ^.^ that’s all for now. Have fun listening to music!


BL – Yaoi Manga Recommendations Part I

As requested I decided to just try and recommend some BL (meaning Shonen Ai and Yaoi mangas). I can tell you what happened, after I started thinking about it…I had too many!!! Seriously, I had so many recommendations that I had to make a list and put them in order and give away points. Well, in the end it was too exhausting so I just decided to wing it. I can always make more Parts right? XD

So here are some (mainstream) BL manga recommendations. In Part II I will reveal some hidden gems that I discovered overtime and that I love sooooo much.

Note: I will put some general notes to everythings about whether it’s Yaoi or Shonen Ai and how long and so on. Since there IS a difference and some might appreciate the difference.

Super Lovers


Details: long, and as far as I know still ongoing / there is an anime with 2 seasons / earlier on it’s Shonen Ai, later on it gets a little bit of Yaoi…but not much tbh

Super Lovers is one of the biggest mainstream BL mangas out there. If you read BL manga and haven’t at least heard about it then…where have you been? It tells the story of Haru, the oldest of three brothers (two half-brothers), who one day goes to Canada to visit his mother. Right after his arrival he meets Ren, a little boy who is closer to the wild than to humans and is taken in by Haru’s mother. With a lot of work and dedication Ren opens up to Haru. On his way back to Japan Haru has an accident and forgets everything that happened in Canada. After some time, suddenly there is a young boy on his doorstep saying that he is there to collect on their promise.

To say the least, Haru is the most amazing and strangest brother ever told about. Seriously, he gives everything for his family whether they are directly related or not. And it’s just heart-warming to see his and Ren’s feelings grow and how they become closer.

I love this manga and I regularly read the new chapters and volumes, although I admit, that the mangaka seems to repeating the story archs a little bit at the moment, but let’s see where it goes.

Junjou Romantica


Details: long…still ongoing as far as I know / there is an anime with 3 seasons! / definitely Yaoi, no doubt, no doubt at all

The classic of the classics. This is like Love Sick of Thai BL series. It’s the classic of the BL stories and the one that paved the way for so many others. It tells the story of Misaki who is struggling with his college exam, so his dear older brother Takahiro introduces him to his best friend, the popular novelist Akihiko Usami. It doesn’t take long for Misaki to notice that Usami is secretly in love with Misaki’s brother. While in the beginning seemingly at odds Usami and Misaki become closer and when Takahiro introduces them to his lovely fiancée, some things happen and their relationship changes into something more…

So first off, JR includes three storylines and couples, all of them a little bit intertwined with each other but not so much that you would actually see a lot of the characters cross over. It’s just mentioning some names and so on. The other stories are definitely wonderful too and also manage to mesmerize but the main story is and will always be Misaki and Usami. Misaki is such a lovely and hardworking character, you just cannot hate him and Usami is such a strange person. Yep, that’s all I’m gonna say about Usami. Let’s just say, his whole character (and his family) make up pretty much 80% of the manga’s comic relief. JR is definitely one of my favourite long running BL mangas and mangas in general. Do not get turned away by the drawing style though, you will fall in love with it over time ^.^


Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi: Onodera Ritsu no Baai


Details: from the same mangaka as Junjou Romantica / still ongoing as far as I know / Yaoi but maybe not as hard and often as in JR, still YAOI / there are 2 anime seasons and I think a few OVAs

Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi proved to me that Shungiku Nakamura (the mangaka) is good at what she is doing. Definitely. Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi tells the story of Onodera Ritsu, a very jaded and cynical person. He just transferred from his father’s publishing company to Marukawa Shoten (also publishing company) and while he wanted to go to the literature departement he lands in the Shoujo Manga division. There he meets the departement chief Takano. They rub each other the wrong way right from the beginning but soon they discover that they have actually met before…before, when they were in a relationship and (in short) broke each other’s hearts and it ended badly.

Maybe it’s old to compare it to JR but I just have to. SH is (and not just the manga but also the anime) a lot more romantic than JR, at least the beginning. I think that is because the mangaka had more experience but also because the characters are already grown-ups, have a backstory and because it is not as comical as JR. For me, I will always JR, since it was one of my first BL addictions but SH comes close after because the story is just so sweet and all those feelings!!!

Seven Days


Details: two volumes / completed / there is a life-action movie / Shonen-Ai, no Yaoi at all – a good start for beginners

I already recommended the Seven Days life-action movie in my BL recommendations but now I am talking about the manga. This manga made me consider buying the special manga version in the shop. I had the normal one but the other one had some extras, bigger pictures and some more colours and so on. Normally I don’t do stuff like that because as long as I can read it in the other manga I’m happy but I am totally in love with this manga, seriously.

The story: Senior high school student Shino Yuzuru has a beautiful face and an undesirable personality: he is laid back, impolite, and blunt. A lot of people dumped him because of difference in expectation and reality before. His junior Seryou Touji is a well-known ladies’ man. There is a rumor, stating that Seryou will agree to go out with the first person to ask him out on Monday and date that person for a week. When he doesn’t fall in love he dumps the other person on Sunday. Hearing the rumor, Shino becomes curious. One day he jokingly asks Seryou out. Seryou takes him seriously, and so begins Shino’s seven days with him.

The movie is nice and all but I think the manga is really really nice. Nothing more to say than that though ^.^

Ten Count


Details: 6 volumes, completed / DEFINITELY YAOI / there is gonna be an anime!!!

Story: When the President got into an accident, Shirotani Tadaomi met Kurose. On their very first meeting, Kurose could tell right away that Shirotani is mysophobic and said that it’s pretty bad while suggesting it would be better to consult a doctor about it. Shirotani was left perturbed by the encounter. Who is Kurose? And how was he able to tell Shirotani’s condition? (source:

I was too lazy to write about the story so yea…Ten Count has really nice drawings and is really nice to read. For me the story was kinda heavy even if there were no real reasons for it to be…it just had this heavy feeling – and I don’t mean this in a bad way, not at all. I really enjoyed reading it and I will definitely re-read it. I warn you though: If you are only into Shonen-Ai and have not read a Yaoi manga yet, DO NOT START with Ten Count!!!

Elektel Delusion


Details: 4 volumes, completed / definitely Yaoi

Story: Skipping class on the rooftop one day, Shunpei’s best friend Fumi tells him he thinks he might be gay. All set to freak out (“Then up ’til now he’s been thinking that way about me?!”) Shunpei’s a bit nonplussed when Fumi’s confession turns out…to have nothing to do with him at all! In fact, Fumi’s already going out with someone else. Cue adolescent meltdown. (source:

I love this manga. I love it. I love the characters, the drawings, the story, the little jokes inbetween, the character development. I love it. The ending could be a bit more satisfying, I admit, but otherwise I love it ^.^ You will fall in love with the characters and the relationship between the main leads is really funny and heart-warming.

Escape Journey


Details: ongoing / the mangaka has sooo many good works, check them out / Yaoi

Story: In college, Naoto has an unexpected reunion with ex-boyfriend Taichi who he broke up with for denouncing him as “sexual gratification.” Naoto had been firmly influenced by his hatred of this past incident but, little by little his heart is starting to forgive Taichi who has really grown when compared to their time in high school… While that’s happening, their friend Fumi-chan seems to be in love with Taichi…? When they are friends, they have extraordinary compatibility, but turning it into love isn’t going too well. A love story filled with emotional scars. (source:

EJ is drawn really really really well. Maybe it is just me liking this kind of drawing style, maybe but still, I love it. The story line is full of emotions and reading the feelings behind someone’s actions and less about what they say to each other. There seem to be serious communication problems between the leads but otherwise this manga is definite recommend from my site.

Note: it is currently stuck on a very big cliffhanger though, so I hope it continues soon…

Hidoku Shinaide


Details: ongoing, as far as I know / Yaoi / from the same people as Elektel Delusion but sometimes seems like it’s from someone else

Hidoku Shinaide tells more than one story. I think there is the good student – bad boy relationship (Maya and Nemugasa) …no wait…the other couples were in another manga…I think. Well, the main couple is a good student with good grades and a playboy / bad boy. It starts off pretty superficial and more on Yaoi than on actual storyline but soon the focus shifts more into the story departement and the sexy scenes are just a bonus. HS is a story you read for the overall development and I think it’s really nice seeing the main characters fall more and more for each other.

Ameiro Paradox


Details: ongoing / starts out strongly as Shonen Ai and includes a little bit of Yaoi but not much – good for beginners / there is supposed to be an anime somewhen in the future

Story: A change in the stakeout team throws Onoe, reporter for a weekly magazine, together with his contemporary, Kaburagi, a photographer. Onoe secretly considers Kaburagi his rival, and Kaburagi’s haphazard way of doing things goes against Onoe’s strong sense of ethics—there’s nothing but conflict between them.
But, in joint pursuit of a scandal, the two of them begin to care about each other…? (source:

I like this manga as an inbetweener. It is not my favourite, no, but it is nice to read. The reason why it’s not my favourite? Because it seem like they never really figured out if this is a comedic romance story, a romance or a comedy story with some romantic inclinations…

Honto Yajuu


Details: ongoing / Yaoi, but I think in the beginning it starts with Shonen Ai? I’m not too sure though

Story: Ueda Tomoharu is a cop manning a local koban station, and he’s quite happy with his job and relatively quiet life until he happens to run into yakuza member Gotouda Aki while chasing down an underwear thief… and is suddenly confessed to! Aki doesn’t seem bothered in the least about their “star-crossed lovers” status and eagerly dives into a super lovey-dovey relationship with his policeman, but Ueda’s about to find out just how dangerous it can be dating a mobster… in more ways than one. (source:

The dynamic between the characters is definitely one of the strong points of this one. It is really nice to see the character development and how they try to figure out how to handle their relationship. What I like with this one is how they present a problem in their relationship, have some drama but then solve it pretty quickly. It’s not just drama but two characters trying their best to make their relationship work.


So these were my (mainstream) BL manga recommendations. In my next post about BL manga I will recommend some not so known mangas, which also means that a lot of them will not have too many chapters but who cares if the story and the feelings are awesome XD

I hope you liked it, tell me in the comments below if you want some specific recommendations or if you have any questions and I will answer as soon as possible.


‘A Quiet Place’ Movie Review

I’ve never spend a cinema movie, holding my hand over my mouth for the whole movie. Now I finally know what John Krasinski (I really hope I spelled that right) meant when he talked about people putting away their popcorn in the movie because your head thinks “this makes sounds. It’s gonna get us killed”…

Well, so you already know I spend the – was it 90 minutes? – whole duration of the movie with my eyes glued to the screen and my hand glued to my mouth. I’ve never watched such a quiet movie in cinema before…so nice.


So, yea, in general:

The movie is about our world where some kind of alien race came onto the planet and they are attracted to sound and pretty much kill anything that makes any sounds. We follow a family of parents and kids through their life and some drama and A LOT of jumpscares and well, AN ending. I suffered through 90 minutes of the movie trying to guess what the ending is gonna be, so yea, I’m gonna be the horrible person, that does that to you too – enjoy! (and I mean suffer as in suffering to guess the ending and hoping it ends how I want it too, I don’t mean suffer in regard to watching the movie – I really enjoyed watching ^.^)

I’m not gonna spoil anything – NO SPOILERS – and I think with this movie it is actually easy to write about the movie without revealing too much.

Okay, so you know what the movie is about. Now about the feeling and the story telling. First off, when you thought A Quiet Place is gonna ease you in on the story, the things happening and the family…well, you’re wrong. That’s a general thing this movie does…just when you think the pace is gonna go slow, it turns to full speed, doesn’t let you breathe until you’re at the edge of your seat, just to…suddenly slow down again. I know that sounds really strange and not really good but that actually gives the movie a very fresh feeling. You never get bored and it makes you interested in how everything will turn out.


About the characters and the family:

The characters may sometimes make you think WHY? but every character acts really age appropriate and I really really really loved the fact that there were no stupid characters. And I mean it just in that sense – stupid – as in not-that-smart. There was no “I think I’m gonna do this right now” even when the whole audience thought “Why are you so stupid to do this?” At least no one was unreasonably stupid. The actions made sense and I really love that the family did think about the worst situation happening. The weren’t totally caught off guard by drama and problems. Finally some smart “horror” movie characters!

The acting:

I really have to compliment everyone’s acting. From the parents to the kids, everyone. I wasn’t a big fan of Emily Blunt I admit, but I have to say, great acting and I’m definitely gonna check out more movies of her. Overall, all of them were really good at portraying the realness as well as the feelings of all the situations. There was no unnecessary too-real-situation, as some movies tend to overdo it sometimes, but just enough to make you realise how dire or emotional some of the scenes are. And you really felt with them.


The “horror”:

I’d categorise this movie as a Sci-Fi Horror Drama. It’s not really a Sci-Fi, as there is an alien race, but it is not mainly about them, but also a lot about the family. I’d not put it as total horror though, since it is full of jumpscares, but – and that may sound very strange – most of them can be kind of expected BUT you still get surprised. There is a lot of “ahhh, I know this is gonna be important later on” or “I bet something like this is gonna happen” so yea, you can guess a lot of stuff, while some situations are totally unexpected – you expect something and it turns out totally different. So yea, the horror was a lot of good and quality jumpscares while not being so much, that you won’t be able to sleep later on.


A Quiet Place triumphs with “the unexpected expected”. Just when you think you figured out the pace it changes, just when you think you figured out the jumpscares, the scene changes. Just when you think you figured out the storyline, something totally different happens. I loved that, since it keeps you excited for the whole duration of the movie.



Also can I just say: When I was in the cinema, there was a group of friends behind me – then came a jumpscare and one got so surprised he accidentally pushed his mate’s popcorn and spilled half the popcorn on the other person. There was A LOT of cursing but at the same time it was kinda funny for everyone. I’ve never seen a college student get that surprised. ^.^

I definitely recommend watching the movie, even if normally you are totally not into horror – I normally cannot sleep for nights after watching, but I still watched it – and I’m still recommending it ^.^ It’s more adrenaline jumpscares than “I will see this in my dreams” jumpscares, I guess, still strong ones though XD




BL recommendations 2018 V.2

So here finally BL recommendations V or if you wanna have it 2018 Version 2. After a lot of thinking I decided to just recommend stuff that I know is coming out this year, so please don’t hate me if I recommend bad stuff…I also wouldn’t know since I haven’t watched all of it.

Also, I will correct something I published in the last BL recommendations for 2018 post.

Correction – Love Bipolar

As it turns out, this show does have a BL character and really nice acting but overall it’s about a straight couple. Still I recommend watching it, it’s nice for inbetween.

So, now, let’s get right into it.

Our Last Day The Series

First off, I don’t really know what this is about. Seriously, I have no idea. But it seems this is one of the few shows coming, that has a BL couple as main protagonists, so let’s hope it’s gonna be released soon. It was supposed to come out in March, I think, but apparently there were some problems with the cast, because some of the cast is currently being recast. Also the name seems perfect for a sad ending, so I’m suspicious of this series, but hope dies last, right?

Sapai Ka Fak

So this came out some time ago I think, still 2018 though. Well, it has 29 episodes, I did not watch it, but I know that the main couple is straight and right of a soap opera according to what I heard about the plot. Still the drama got good recommendations, so I guess, check it out. Also it features Tul, who played Knock in Bad Romance and Together With Me and I think Max, or Korn, also has a character in the show – just be open to Tul falling in love with someone else in this one ^.^

Mr Yan Dong! Don’t Come Over

I don’t know much about this one, either, but I’m gonna watch it. It’s available with subs and the photos I have seen make me curious. It’s not Thai though, if you just want Thai ones. The plot and story got a lot of good reviews although a lot seem to be unsatisfied with the presentation and picture, so well I’m gonna stay open. Also there are supposed to be 10 episodes but a lot of people think there are supposed to be more…in general there seem to be a lot of different rumours surrounding this series. Still, I’m gonna check it out 😀


My Brother’s Husband

3 episodes and quite different from what you might think. This actually tells the story of twin brothers who kind of separated through time and one day, one of them dies and his non-Asian husband comes to his brother and lives with him then. Both struck with the loss of someone dear to them I guess, it tells the story of building a new family and dealing with loss. At least that is what I think it is gonna be about. I’m curious and excited.

Tonari no Kazoku wa Aoku Mieru

Remember in my last post I talked about BL shows going on a break? Well, in general there are less shows with BL couples as main couples it seems and just as side couples or as second leads. Well, this one is another example. It is actually about a straight couple trying to get pregnant I think, and I think the BL couple are just their neighbours??? Honestly I have no idea…yet…But the BL couple got a lot of compliments and the story seems to be really cute, also the picture and presentation seems to be nice.

Love By Chance The Series

Yes!!! Please come out soon! This is pretty definitely a show with BL couples as the main protagonists. And not just one. Also the (comedic) reactions in the trailer are just so so so good ^.^ I wouldn’t be a serious BL fan if I didn’t check this one out, when it’s out.

My Engineer The Series

No news, no idea, what this is about. It’s about engineering college students I guess…let’s see.

Soulmates The Series

See the link on top for the last recommendations post. It’s still not clear when this one will be out.

Together With Me The Next Chapter

It’s not exactly clear whether this will come out in 2018 or 2019 but after being with KornxKnock for Bad Romance and Together With Me there is no chance I’m not watching The Next Chapter. Until it’s out we’re just gonna have to wait T.T

Kiss Me Again

This series has…I think…4 or 5 couples I think? Well, one of them is BL. Also it stars New, who played Apo in Waterboyy The Series or M in Sotus The Series. I love this actor and I am currently watching the series so I can tell you, the storytelling is slightly confusing but overall it seems to be going in a very sweet direction. Accidental kissing, trying not to like each other and hidden looks included!!!

PS: In general it stars a lot of Waterboyy The Series actors, just jumbled up in different couples ^.^


So here you have it. Some recommendations for the coming year. Sorry it is sooooo late…well, I hope you enjoy and check out some of the shows. If you have other shows that you know are coming out, please comment down below and I will check them out and include them in the next recommendations post ^.^

Should I make a recommendations post for BL manga and anime? What do you think?