‘A Quiet Place’ Movie Review

I’ve never spend a cinema movie, holding my hand over my mouth for the whole movie. Now I finally know what John Krasinski (I really hope I spelled that right) meant when he talked about people putting away their popcorn in the movie because your head thinks “this makes sounds. It’s gonna get us killed”…

Well, so you already know I spend the – was it 90 minutes? – whole duration of the movie with my eyes glued to the screen and my hand glued to my mouth. I’ve never watched such a quiet movie in cinema before…so nice.


So, yea, in general:

The movie is about our world where some kind of alien race came onto the planet and they are attracted to sound and pretty much kill anything that makes any sounds. We follow a family of parents and kids through their life and some drama and A LOT of jumpscares and well, AN ending. I suffered through 90 minutes of the movie trying to guess what the ending is gonna be, so yea, I’m gonna be the horrible person, that does that to you too – enjoy! (and I mean suffer as in suffering to guess the ending and hoping it ends how I want it too, I don’t mean suffer in regard to watching the movie – I really enjoyed watching ^.^)

I’m not gonna spoil anything – NO SPOILERS – and I think with this movie it is actually easy to write about the movie without revealing too much.

Okay, so you know what the movie is about. Now about the feeling and the story telling. First off, when you thought A Quiet Place is gonna ease you in on the story, the things happening and the family…well, you’re wrong. That’s a general thing this movie does…just when you think the pace is gonna go slow, it turns to full speed, doesn’t let you breathe until you’re at the edge of your seat, just to…suddenly slow down again. I know that sounds really strange and not really good but that actually gives the movie a very fresh feeling. You never get bored and it makes you interested in how everything will turn out.


About the characters and the family:

The characters may sometimes make you think WHY? but every character acts really age appropriate and I really really really loved the fact that there were no stupid characters. And I mean it just in that sense – stupid – as in not-that-smart. There was no “I think I’m gonna do this right now” even when the whole audience thought “Why are you so stupid to do this?” At least no one was unreasonably stupid. The actions made sense and I really love that the family did think about the worst situation happening. The weren’t totally caught off guard by drama and problems. Finally some smart “horror” movie characters!

The acting:

I really have to compliment everyone’s acting. From the parents to the kids, everyone. I wasn’t a big fan of Emily Blunt I admit, but I have to say, great acting and I’m definitely gonna check out more movies of her. Overall, all of them were really good at portraying the realness as well as the feelings of all the situations. There was no unnecessary too-real-situation, as some movies tend to overdo it sometimes, but just enough to make you realise how dire or emotional some of the scenes are. And you really felt with them.


The “horror”:

I’d categorise this movie as a Sci-Fi Horror Drama. It’s not really a Sci-Fi, as there is an alien race, but it is not mainly about them, but also a lot about the family. I’d not put it as total horror though, since it is full of jumpscares, but – and that may sound very strange – most of them can be kind of expected BUT you still get surprised. There is a lot of “ahhh, I know this is gonna be important later on” or “I bet something like this is gonna happen” so yea, you can guess a lot of stuff, while some situations are totally unexpected – you expect something and it turns out totally different. So yea, the horror was a lot of good and quality jumpscares while not being so much, that you won’t be able to sleep later on.


A Quiet Place triumphs with “the unexpected expected”. Just when you think you figured out the pace it changes, just when you think you figured out the jumpscares, the scene changes. Just when you think you figured out the storyline, something totally different happens. I loved that, since it keeps you excited for the whole duration of the movie.



Also can I just say: When I was in the cinema, there was a group of friends behind me – then came a jumpscare and one got so surprised he accidentally pushed his mate’s popcorn and spilled half the popcorn on the other person. There was A LOT of cursing but at the same time it was kinda funny for everyone. I’ve never seen a college student get that surprised. ^.^

I definitely recommend watching the movie, even if normally you are totally not into horror – I normally cannot sleep for nights after watching, but I still watched it – and I’m still recommending it ^.^ It’s more adrenaline jumpscares than “I will see this in my dreams” jumpscares, I guess, still strong ones though XD




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