K-Pop Bands – Introduction

You may know already – if not, this must be your first post from my site – I’m a big K-Pop fan. I talk about my favourite K-Pop groups quite often, so recently I realised I haven’t really wrote about K-Pop bands before. Well, do not worry, today I will right that wrong!! ^.^

Note: These are like my favourite K-Pop bands – translates to mainstream K-Pop/K-Rock bands since I don’t know much about the band genre and don’t even wanna seem like I know a lot when I don’t. Also try searching for K-Pop bands on google…believe me you will not find what you want. There is a difference between bands and groups, everyone!!!! -___- 

Note II: This post is mainly for people who have not idea that something like K-Pop bands exist AND/OR want to appreciate them more.

Note III: The music video examples are either their latest release, my favourite or one that is like their signature video. That translates to: maybe too many ballads and less fast and strong songs, sorry.


-Best known, mainstream while not being mainstream, a classic-


So, FTIsland is definitely one of the most known K-Pop bands out there. Funny enough to say, that they are actually a K-Rock band. I guess in the last few years they have actually been following the Rock genre more than the songs before. Well, I still like them. They pretty much made it possible for other “K-Pop” bands to become as successful as mainstream K-Pop groups. A classic and definitely one of the first bands to be part of the Hallyu wave.

Note: The song starts like a ballad but turns it up around the end.




-Funky, smooth, prove that bands are great-


CNBlue proved that FNC Entertainment is the best label regarding K-Pop bands and getting them into the mainstream fandoms. With a much less rock-y and a lot more funky and smooth sound CNBlue managed to suprise me a lot. Since they are from the same label as FTIsland, I thought there were gonna be serious problems about fans deciding between them but their music and their overall “feeling” seems different enough, I think. Watch some of their videos and you’ll realise that both groups are very different indeed.



-Almost too much talent, individuality & creativity from a Big 3 major music factory-


I think Day6 was the first K-Pop band from one of the Big 3 companies in K-Pop (the first one that actually started out as a band and did not change later on – see below). There were a lot of expectations, a lot of music and a lot of member changes but overall Day6 proves time and time again, that they are amazingly creative and talented, all of them. While not the biggest band out there, they made a name for themselves and definitely proved to be one of the best.



-Disbanded but left an amazing song and a big hole for female mainstream bands-

Wonder Girls

Wonder Girls started out as a K-Pop group and after some member changes, some drama and a hiatus, they returned as a band and delivered the song Why So Lonely. While the fun did not last long and in the end they did disband, the song will definitely stay in my head for a long long long time.



-Sweet, sweeter, the sweetest, coming from an unexpected source-


Another FNC Entertainment band. Well, I admit I don’t know much of Honeyst except they did a survival show – or something similar – with FNC’s only male K-Pop non-band group SF9. Well, I did check out their songs for this list, also because I did know their name. HONEYST is definitely like honey. Sweet and sweet and sweet. And amazingly they even manage to give you all that sweetness looking really relaxed and calm. I’m definitely curious what we can expect in the future.



-An surprise and delight for ears and eyes…who is this? WOW-

The Rose

The Rose is quite different from HONEYST. Pretty much the opposite. While the previous show a calm and relaxing state, The Rose presents you with a charismatic look whatever they sing. Whether the song is fast, rock-y, more quiet…doesn’t matter, they always present a strong and willful look that makes you look twice and hit the replay button again. About their songs in general: After all this time, I still cannot decide whether I like their songs or not.



-It should be a crime not to love them and it’s definitely a crime if you love them too much-


Watch their video and you know what I mean with the intro for this one. Seriously, the oldest one is only 18, I think…so yea. TheEastLight. offers stronger and faster songs, while also having some slower ones full of feelings and ballad-y stuff. So about their music…nothing more to say, watch the video below and melt away when you hear 0:46…I think I melted of my chair right then and there. The future for K-Pop bands is definitely looking good.



-Funky, happy and just a pleasure to enjoy the music with them-


N.Flying is like the crazy uncle everyone wants. Or the funny aunt that takes you around and makes you promise not to tell your parents or she will never take you to the amusement park again. Well…N.Flying is best described as a WHOLE LOT OF FUN. Their songs are really nice, don’t take themselves too seriously and they have really good chemistry, at least that is what it looks like. There have been some member additions over time and I think that makes the band even more complete.


So maybe you found something you like, maybe not, but at least you can’t say you haven’t heard of them before ^.^ that’s all for now. Have fun listening to music!