Welcome to my new Website

Welcome, welcome! I just recently returned to my page, after being away for…some months. I haven’t written anything in that time, honestly I was just lazy and had writer’s block I guess. I was busy.

But now I revamped the website and put everything in a new order and re-designed a lot. I kind of like it like this even though I did not in the beginning. Well, I hope you like it too.

What is new?

  • There is a featured area! The newest posts and some updated versions of old posts will be posted there

  • I removed the overall “All posts” section. I will now update the posts per menu items and with the featured area. You can also find posts by clicking onto the Corner sections in general

  • I put everything in order. There is a corner for everything: a general “My favourites” section, a BL corner, an area about Manga and Anime, a K-Pop corner, a corner for movie and film stuff and a section for everything regarding TV shows.
  • I also created a menu for personal stuff which is on top of the page below the header image


In general it’s just a little bit more in order and not just an unending series of posts. If you want something specific but cannot find it, please tell me, so I can help – just post it under any post ๐Ÿ˜€


I hope you enjoy the new look. Of course, you can still find all the posts with the search button of the site ^.^