Cinema 2019: What’s on, what’s gone, what’s coming?

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Here’s your update to what is coming to your cinema in the new year 2019. I give no guarantees to the monthly schedule since things can differ from country to country and everything can happen, but here you have an overall schedule 😀 I hope everyone finds something for them:


January. The month of snow and Christmas afterglow. The month where everyone is still hopeful about their new year’s resolutions and hopes for the new year. Well let’s see what this hopeful month brings this year. 

First up this month offers The Favourite. A movie I heard a lot about and with Emma Stone in quite a new character compared to her previous roles. It’s a historical movie and I’m not good with those so I’m gonna skip it if it’s not overly praised by critics. 

Another one this month is Mary Queen of Scots. Another movie I heard a lot about and also historical. It seems we are returning to the historical genre of films this month. It seems like a very dramatic movie so maybe I’m gonna watch it. Maybe because I have someone who might like going with me but I’m not overly excited for it. 

There’s also gonna be a LEGO movie 2 after the first one got better reviews than anyone expected. Glass is also coming out this month. Didn’t watch the previous installments so no idea if it will be any good but maybe I’m gonna check those out first and then decide later whether to watch it in cinema or not. Escape Room is also coming out but I’m gonna wait for the first reviews on that one. I’m not a big Saw fan and I’m very very afraid it’s similar to those. 

  • Others: Norm of the North Keys to the Kingdom / The Kid who would be King / A Dog’s Way Home / The Upside


February or the month where everyone throws away their new year’s resolutions and starts wishing for spring just to spend Valentine’s alone and nag everyone about the snow and it not having 30 °C out. Well it’s February. It’s still supposed to snow. 

February gifts us with a lot of installments. First off the long awaited (at least by me) third installment of How to train your dragon. I am sad. It’s probably gonna be the last one but I’m still happy I get to see them again. I just hope it has a nice ending. 

And the hit of this February, or for some locations in January: Instant Family. Mark Wahlberg and Rose Byrne in their best form and together they are a really funny combination. The trailers seem awesome and funny with just enough drama and a little bit of sassiness. It’s not the most original story but I love the actors and I believe they might have managed to achieve an awesome movie start into the year. 

We also get Alita: Battle Angel, a movie that has been promoted for over a year. At least that’s what it feels like. I’m waiting on the reviews about this one though before I go and watch it in the cinema. 

  • Others: Cold Pursuit / The Rhythm Section / What Men Want / The Prodigy / Happy Death Day


March brings the long awaited Captain Marvel movie. The trailer’s been out some time and everyone is excited, also because it finally means Avengers 4 is coming soon. So Captain Marvel has quite the interesting cast especially because I did not think Brie Larsson would ever play a super hero but I think she can give this whole super hero world a new charm. I’m intrigued. 

And March also shows another long awaited favorite of mine: Dumbo. Disney is really stepping up its game this year. So many movies coming from them. Quite a line-up of live-action movies. Well the trailer seems really cool and I can’t wait to see Colin Farrell in a good character role again after playing the bad guy so well in Fantastic Beasts. 

Another movie I am excited about is Five Feet Apart. Not actually because it may be awesome but because I wanna see what the young actors can show us and how they handle the seriousness behind the story. Whether this will be a simple no one noticed it movie or a serious and touching movie, let’s wait and see. 

  • Others: Chaos Walking / The Force / Wonder Park / Us / Hotel Mumbai


Okay let’s start at the beginning. May brings us (finally) Avengers 4 or Avengers: Endgame. I think I will never understand why there was such a big drama about the name. Endgame tells me absolutely nothing. Zilch. So yeah that one is coming. Trailer seems interesting but tells us pretty much nothing. And don’t tell me otherwise. We are all just picking at little stuff so we can overcome the time to the movie release. 

Note here: this one was originally scheduled for May and only starts at the end of April so I put it here but it will probably last through May. Definitely, I’m sure. 

We also get Shazam!, a movie where I cannot decide whether it is a comedy or a super hero movie. The trailer seems fun though, so maybe I’m gonna check it out. 

We get a few horror movies this month too, but since I’m not much of a horror movie viewer I’m the wrong person to ask here. 

Hellboy is another movie coming out this month. I think it’s a reboot but I’m not a hundred percent sure, maybe another installment? Ah, I just looked it up – it’s a reboot. Well, the last one was praised a lot so it has some fandom to live up to but whether I’ll watch it, probably not, unless the effects have gotten better. 

  • Breakthrough / Pet Sematary / Little / Curse of La Llorona / Missing Link


May. The one month each year everyone goes to the cinema at least once and discovers what has changed since they have gone – either because of a Marvel movie or because they are the unlucky person to know someone who wants to go watch the new Marvel movie. The one month where DC will probably never release a movie in. But well, Disney is. 

This time Marvel is releasing its biggest blockbuster 2019 end of April so everyone releasing a movie in May has to be very sure of themselves. 

Rivaling Marvel this May is Aladdin by Disney. One of the really high pressured live-action adaptations of Disney. This could be either a total success or a total flop. I’m definitely watching this. I think it’s not a bad idea by Disney to release it in May, since it is totally different from Avengers.

Also a movie I made fun of before watching the trailer and actually laughing my ass off when I watched the trailer: Detective Pikachu. The trailer is hilarious and I’m definitely gonna check it out. Even if it is horrible I would not like missing it if it is as funny as it seems. 

Also we will get to see Godzilla 2 or Godzilla King of Monsters. Whatever you want to call it. The trailer does not tell much expect for its gonna be an action packed movie and there’s gonna be a multi-headed dragon (so cool). I’m not sure whether to watch it but if someone says they want to go I’m definitely not going to say no. 

  • Others: John Wick: Chapter 3 / Brightburn / Ugly Dolls / The Intruder


June brings us the long awaited return of the X-men main characters with X-Men: Dark Phoenix. I’m curious how Sophie Turner is gonna play her role especially because I don’t think it’s gonna be that good but I’m always happy when I get positively surprised.

Top Gun: Maverick, second installment for Top Gun, the hit from I-don’t-know when is also getting another chance and coming back with a second installment. Haven’t watched the first one, don’t know whether to watch the second one but considering how much time has passed I’m kind of curious how they incorporate modern things into it. 

We also get a lot of installments in June: Toy Story 4 which I no nothing about and I’ve kind of grown out of the Toy Story franchise I admit.

There’s The Secret Life of Pets 2. The first one was funny but not so funny to make me wanna go to the cinema and watch it I have to say. I’m also gonna wait on the reviews on that one.

The one movie a lot of people are looking forward to this June is probably Men In Black: International. A new installment of MIB and yes, Will Smith will reappear in it, so I’m excited and all for it, especially because I liked the humor in the previous installments and I like Chris Hemsworth, who is also starring in the movie.

  • Others: 47 Meters Down / Child’s Play


Whether two months is enough time between the release of two live-action Disney movies, I don’t know but it’s happening. July gives us the already teased The Lion King live-action adaption. If Aladdin is already a risk, The Lion King adaptation is a jump off the cliff and hoping for the best. Let’s see if Disney lands in a nice lake or is crushed against the hard rocks. 

We also get Spiderman: Far From Home, the second installment with Tom Holland as Spiderman. The one movie that already told us Peter Parker is not really dead. I’m excited especially after finding out who MJ is and I’m curious who the new villain will be. 

There’s also supposed to be a new installment or spin-off of Fast & Furious but even I think they’ve had A LOT already so I might just let that pass me by. 

An another movie where I don’t know whether to be kind of excited or hide under my sheets immediately is Annabelle 3. This is getting another installment…oh man and I’m still trying to work through my nightmares from The Nun and Annabelle 2. I’m not gonna say I’m not watching it because I said the same thing about The Nun but I’m not too happy about it either. 

  • Others: Once Upon A Time in Hollywood


In August, we are supposed to get X-Men The New Mutants. I don’t really know what it is about but a colleague of mine who works at the cinema told me they got the posters for it months ago so I guess it’s been long coming. Normally I like X-men movies so I’m gonna check it out. 

Also there’ll  be a movie called Artemis Fowl this August. It has a cool poster but I don’t think there’s much news about it yet. 

This August is also supposed to give us PLAYMOBIL: The movie. I wasn’t really into the LEGO movie announcement so I’m also not into this one. 

Also set for August is another long-awaited return of the Has Fallen franchise with Gerard Butler: Angel Has Fallen. I’m quite sure I’m not gonna watch it though, except when I really have too much time on my hands, since they did announce some of the storyline and I hate it when someone gets used as the scapegoat and has to prove their innocence after the previous action packed installments nonetheless. 

And last but not least we will get Angry Birds Movie 2. A lot of people have told me the first one was funny but nothing special so I’m probably gonna watch the first installment until August and then decide the rest. 

  • Others: Dora The Explorer / Boss Level / Good Boys


For horror fans we have IT: Chapter Two. The adaptation of a book that not only is deeply disturbing but could also be used as a murder weapon with its 1500 pages. 

September also brings us a Downtown Abbey movie but since I have not watched the series and I haven’t really done any research on that I cannot tell you what it will be about. If you are a fan of the TV show, maybe it will be interesting for you. 

Also we will get Spies in Disguise. An animated movie. I don’t know more. 

But be aware that August, September and so on are normally the months where things are promoted like 2 months prior and they may become summer hits. So maybe we will get some surprises this time too.

  • Others: Abominable / The Kitchen / The Hunt / The Art of Racing in the Rain


October is gonna bring a lot of horror movies I’m sure but since not that many things have been announced yet we’re gonna have to stick with what all the movies we do know. Which is: there’s gonna be a The Addams Family movie. I loved the TV show and it was really enjoyable so I’m excited for the movie. Although I don’t know what it’s gonna be like since it’s an animated movie.  

There’s gonna be a movie called Gemini Man that stars Will Smith and is kind of sci-fi but I don’t know what to think about it. 

October also sees another second installment: Zombieland Too. I absolutely loved the first one. It’s not really confirmed if and in what capacity the original actors would return but I’m hopeful. Let’s see what the first trailer looks like. 

  • Others: The Crow Reborn / Joker / Are You Afraid Of the Dark?


November. Winter is starting. Kind of. November brings us the return of the one and only movie where no one can hear the title song again. Frozen 2 is coming out and I’m on edge with this one. I don’t know what it’s gonna be like so maybe I’ll check it out, maybe not. 

There’s also gonna be Charlie’s Angels, a reboot of the original series and I’ve heard there’s gonna be a lot of changes to the original storyline and surroundings in the story, so I’m interested, not hooked, but interested.

We are also supposed to get another Kingsman movie, a franchise that was kind of nice in the last few years so I’m keeping an eye out for that one.

  • Others: Death on the Nile / Margie Claus / Terminator 6 / Sonic The Hedgehog / Arctic Justice Thunder Squad


December 2019 is supposed to bring us Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle 2. I’m very curious about how they worked the Comedy plot line into a second installment. Could be interesting or a total fail. Let’s see.

Also we are supposed to get Wicked. Don’t know whether this is supposed to be like Wicked the musical or a horror movie. Could both be true.

We also get another Star Wars installment: Star Wars Episode IX. I admit I’m a total star wars newbie and have yet to watch one of the movies (yeah yeah I know. How can I not have watched at least one? Well easy. I wasn’t interested in action movies in the galaxy. Before Guardians of the Galaxy I’ve not seen myself as much of a galaxy movie or series fan so yeah…). 

  • Others: Masters of the Universe / The Call of The Wild


So that was it. I hope I could give you some kind of overview of what movies are coming in 2019 and when to save some money for a cinema trip. I’m keeping my mind open especially because I watched a lot of stuff I did not recommend or skipped last year so let’s see how on the spot I am this year about my movie trips 🙂