Introduction to BL 101 – General

Welcome to the world of BL. You only heard some general stuff about it but don’t really know where to begin? Don’t worry, that’s what this post is about. Here you’ll get a little introduction to the whole scene as well as some definitions you may not know yet.

If you don’t like BL (=boys love) please leave this post. Thanks.

Ok first some DEFINITIONS:

BL – Boys Love: meaning love between two boys or two men

Seme: the top partner of the relationship, mostly in regards to the sexual aspects of their relationship. Who tops the other? Originally comes from Mangas.

Uke: the bottom partner of the relationship, also mostly in regards to the sexual aspects of their relationship. Who gets it from the other? Also originally comes from Mangas.

Mangas: Japanese comics generally but really different from the American superhero etc comics.

Bias: Favorite cast member of something

Shonen-Ai: essentially BL, just in regards to mangas. More in regards to feelings and less sexual than Yaoi.

Yaoi: essentially BL, just in regards to mangas. More erotic and sexual scenes than Shonen-Ai.

Fujoshi: Women who like Yaoi.

Tease: A movie or series that is not BL but more like bromance but really teases the BL without giving the fans anything.

What to know about BL?

BL fans exist all around the world, of course. In some cultures such things are more accepted compared to others. The BL shows I’m talking about are mostly Asian BL shows. Of course the US and others have a lot of shows too but Asia takes it to a different level. Here’s a few facts about the country variety of BL:

  • USA: more open to BL characters but usually just featured as side or supporting characters. Also appear in shows where there are a lot of main characters (ex. Glee, Shadowhunters). Usually produced with quality pictures and a more developed show production
  • South Korea: not as open about BL as other countries. Therefore not that many big BL shows or movies and mostly just indie productions. Seldomly some BL in mainstream but mostly teasing the fans with bromance.
  • China: put out a ban where every homosexual content was prohibited from airing. One of the reasons why when watching Chinese BL do not expect too many touchy scenes. They do have good “couple” chemistry though.
  • Japan: BL got more popular in Mangas and Anime and went on to live-action movies. Normally kinda cheesy and not really high production quality but the stories can be amazingly touching.
  • Thailand: the one country that produces a lot of BL shows with good quality of pictures and story. Sometimes with total newbie actors but they have a lot of fans and don’t just tease fans.

So this was some info about general stuff to know what I’m talking about. 

Where can you get more information about shows, also like reviews and stuff?
Well, I do have recommendation posts, but if you want a general “wikipedia” for BL, then I recommend
It offers everything you want regarding Asian movies, series, shows, actors and actresses.

Okay, I admit that’s it for part one of the BL Introduction 101. I think I’m gonna cut it into multiple parts:

  1. General
  2. History
  3. Actors
  4. Couples
  5. Series
  6. Movies

Or something like that 😀
I know this was like veeeery general but cut me some slack, I’m only starting out with this post series 😉 Next part comes on the 28th of January.

7 thoughts on “Introduction to BL 101 – General

  1. Hi! great work! I’m already a BL fan but I think that this “guide” will be helpful for a lot of people. keep going, please 🙂

    • Thanks so much, it’s hard to write really general but I want people to really see it as an introduction. But it’s hard not being too specific otherwise it will get too complicated XD

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