Review: Ready Player One

I’m not rich, really I’m not. I’m not exactly poor either though. Well, going to the cinema where I’m from is kinda expensive. Let’s just say: Watching an IMAX 3D movie on a Saturday afternoon, even after getting the student discount, costs 15€ for the ticket!!! I still remember a time when we thought 9€ for a weekend ticket was expensive. Now you may ask what I want to say. Well, I’ll tell you: I love Ready Player One so much I actually watched it three times in the cinema. Once in English in IMAX 3D, then in the dubbed version in IMAX 3D and the third time with a friend in the dubbed version and 2D. And if you ask me, I’d like to watch it again. Still I’m gonna try to not to just give you a “I love it, watch it” review but some reasons for it 😀


Steven Spielberg

So there is a big name behind this movie – Steven Spielberg. I’m actually pretty much a Steven Spielberg newbie considering his directing work. Sure, I’ve seen productions where he was a producer/executive producer or had some other connection to it. But considering his directing works, I’m pretty much a newbie. I’ve not seen E.T., I’ve only seen snippets of War of the Worlds and I have only seen one Indiana Jones. I have seen Catch Me If You Can but well, it’s been some time and having seen one movie doesn’t make me a Steven Spielberg expert now, does it? After watching Ready Player One though I can at least say I understand why people praise his work so much. I liked Catch Me If You Can but this new project…I think you just have to put everything you got into it to make it good and I definitely give big compliments to Steven Spielberg. Ready Player One turned out to be great. He himself even said it was one of the hardest movies he ever did.

But with all this, even if there’s a big name behind it, it doesn’t mean the movies gonna be good. The name alone holds a lot of expectations. So let’s get to the movie review.

Non-typical plot

I went to see the movie because a friend told me it was supposed to be good. He didn’t even see it but he heard about it even though he’s not much of a movie person, so I thought I’ll check it out. I did actually watch the first trailer…while doing hundred other things. Which translates to: I had no idea what I was actually gonna watch. I’ve never been so non prepared before watching a movie in the cinema. Seriously. But I’m happy I did not prepare. It was awesome and I was even more awestruck because I had no idea it would be this good.

The plot of the story is perfect for every game or adventure fan. I’m gonna give you the roughest run-down I can manage (of course WITHOUT spoilers): We are in the future, 2045, and people mostly build their life in the virtual reality world, the OASIS. One of them is Wade Watts. And like his friends he is a Gunter, a hunter for the Easter Egg (like a hidden message/treasure) of the late creator of the OASIS, James Halliday.

That’s the roughest plot I can give you. Well, the plot may sound rough but the story gives you a new plot for a cinema movie and I really enjoyed this new premise for a story. The typical real world / video game mix up may be a typical story in some other media than blockbuster cinema but in cinema you seldomly get a movie this good, especially with this production quality. So Ready Player One offers a breath of fresh air.


Cinema-perfect effects

Similar to other movies coming out in 2019, Ready Player One in 2018 showed what mixing CGI with the real world was gonna look like without taking the step of putting it right beside each other like in Alita: Battle Angel or the upcoming Detective Pikachu movie. Still…if I ever get the chance to watch Ready Player One in cinema again I would totally pay 20€ for it. This movie’s effects are MADE for cinema, IMAX and 3D. Seriously the effects are awesome and make the movie even better than it is. So any logic faults or light mistakes it has, the effects totally make up for that. Another reason why I watched it in cinema 3 times.


The characters, at least for me, shined with everyone having like two sides to them. The player side in the OASIS and the real one in the real world. Big compliments to the character designers, the computer graphics developers and of course, the actors themselves. One thing I have to criticize here though: The real world characters did sometimes have a different feeling from their characters. At least in some specific moments. There are a few scenes where they show the absolutely same emotions and aura though, so I guess it’s not a total fault in the movie but just a little bit of a thing.


Unnecessary story points

So, here’s the one thing I did not like: There were some characters/some scenes that got a lot of back-story or background which was totally unnecessary or should have been explored more. Watching it the first time, you may not really notice these faults but watching it multiple times you realize that there are some scenes that are totally unnecessary. The movie does not seem disturbed by the scenes though, since the story telling pace it quite balanced, never too fast or too slow – that’s also the reason you don’t notice the unnecessary stuff until watching it multiple times.

Astounding music!

Okay, all faults with unnecessary stuff and a few character mistakes aside, the movie fits together really well, with everything complementing all the different sides of the story, effects, cast and of course, music! The music is amazing and it fits sooooo well 🙂 There’s seldomly a movie that has music that fits so well, as this one. The only other movie I remember that fits its music so well? Iron Man, the first one. This movie also fits the music well, especially with all the easter eggs and pop culture references in the movie. I may not know too many things but even I recognized enough to have fun picking out all the little hints.


Ready Player One, in general, offers an interesting and unusual story line combined with great effects and a lot of grinning when you recognize references to other stories, media, games, novels etc. So if you haven’t watched it, I totally recommend getting you popcorn ready and sit on the sofa and enjoy a wonderful movie date at home (since it’s not airing in the cinema anymore). The movie will give you a great new look story and in my opinion an improved version of the original novel behind it -not because the book was bad but because the book is very childish compared to the movie except for a few scenes and changing that for the movie was a great idea!

Oh and just for the end: Ready Player One is imo one of the top movies of 2018 and my favourite movie together with How To Train Your Dragon (the first one) and Now You See Me (also the first one). I won’t say it is a must-watch but it is definitely something you should try out. You definitely won’t get your usual main stream.


Sorry if this review is kinda messy, I started writing it months ago and just finished it in the middle of the night. I’m tired. I’m gonna sleep now.


Review: Battle Angel Alita

So I just watched the movie Alita: Battle Angel. First and foremost I wanted to watch it in cinema since it was a good mix of CGI and real actors and I really wanted to know how that could work out. If it’s just CGI then a movie can get away with a lot of crappy CGI but with a mix like this… No can do. It has to be great.


Well in this review I wanna talk more about the movie and tell you what I thought of it.

James Cameron and Jon Landau

So the producers of this movie is non other than directing big hit James Cameron and star producer Jon Landau, the two people where you know at least two movies they did before. Titanic and Avatar. Both of them broke records and so the expectations were high with Alita: Battle Angel, even if they did NOT actually direct the movie. At least my expectations were high*. And even if James Cameron just produced the movie the name of James Cameron still gives you specific expectations -the same when you hear something was produced by Steven Spielberg or Jerry Bruckheimer, all of them carry a specific “image” with them, I guess- James Cameron may not be awesome or great with stories but what he is good at is giving you a movie where you forget time and just get sucked into the story’s world and not think of anything else until the movie is over. It may not become your favorite movie but you will still watch with focus and forget your surroundings. James Cameron and Jon Landau give you those good old cinema movies where you eat and drink the popcorn and coke during advertisements and trailers before the movie and not touch it again while watching. I love those movies.

So as you can read, I have great respects for both of them and high expectations for the movie.

*the movie was actually directed by Robert Rodriguez…you may him from all the Spy Kids movies and Machete…yes, I did not expect that either. 

CGI wonders and a design fantasy. 

First to a part in the movie I totally loved and have no dislike. The CGI. The effects in this movie are wonderfully done and fit well with the real actors and actresses. You won’t have to cringe when seeing the cyborg girl beside the human characters. So all the best and highest compliments for the special effects department.


Also the design of the world, the outfits, surroundings etc deserve high praise since things like that are an essential part in making you believe in a world that you know is fictional. They managed to mix futuristic tech stuff and inventions with a look that still reminds of today like medical scrubs that look like the ones you see in the hospital right now. This also helped making the movie a little bit more sentimental as we can have a feeling of familiarity with it and it seems more believable as a future state of the world and not just a total fictional futuristic world they live in.

Character development VS story pace…eh?

Well with this ends my totally positive review. Don’t worry I’m not gonna totally smash it now but from here on there are a few points I had to think twice about.

One of them being the character development and the story pace. This movie manages to do something I’ve never seen before and that’s giving you the feeling the story pace is very slow when it’s actually really fast and never changes the tempo. While watching I thought the story telling was starting out very slowly and then suddenly speeding up just to get almost impossibly slow in the middle and ending it with a high. Reflecting on it though and seeing the ending you realize that all the scenes are there for a reason and there are no real filler scenes and the story telling has the same tempo from beginning to end. Normally I’d hate that in a movie but strangely with this one it fits quite well. I think that’s also because there’s a lot of story to tell and it would be hard to do if the did it differently. It does make you feel like you watched a movie marathon though. I feel like I just spend 4 hours in the cinema… Which for me is not a bad thing but others may not like that feeling.


As for character development…did it even exist? Hm let me think. Ah yes for some characters they did change and had some internal development going on… As for the main character Alita? I think for her the character development was more one sided. Like she matured a little bit but not because she actually changed much but because she started remembering stuff and adapted to her surroundings. In her core I don’t think she changed much of her morals, way of thinking and priorities. Which is highly strange for a main character and makes her strangely fascinating. I don’t wanna think too hard about it though because I think I could find a hundred things I did not like about her. If I just adapt to the movie and see it all as a big picture it works quite well. At least her thinking was quite good from the beginning otherwise it would’ve been a disaster.

The other characters show more character development though. With some it seemed reasonable, with others it seemed really out of the blue though.

One thing that surprises me is how much I started liking and hating the characters. Mostly liking though but see more on that below.

What really develops in the movie though are the relationships between every character. From a total hate relationship getting even worse to a romantic liking changing to love and so on. This movie may not really live of its character development but it sucks you in by getting to know the characters at the same time as they are learning more about each other.

Oh, but still let me get this out: The acting and cast is great and fits well though. No one really misses the mark or stands out because it doesn’t fit. So compliments to whoever cast these actors and actresses and compliments for the cast for making this movie an even better experience.


Why why why?

So the first part was what I loved, the second one about things I have some bad and good things to say and this last part will be about two things in this movie I don’t appreciated or wasn’t too enthusiastic about.

One: The “villain”…while movies like Venom had the problem that the villain -or one of them- wasn’t really bad enough, this movie has the problem that it’s either there are so many villains you don’t really get to put your dislike to one or there’s no “real” villain. Sure, there are bad guys, some appear, some are only mentioned, but in general a villain is supposed to be a definite villain and maybe do bad stuff in the movie? In Alita everyone seems to have a hidden figure behind them and the hidden figure is only mentioned so vague, that you cannot really take him as the main villain. So this movie has interesting characters, relationships, an awesome design and effects and also really good music but it’s missing the factor of a villain, which kind of leaves you with the feeling that you don’t know what the real goal of the movie was…and that can be fatal for a movie. I hope it won’t be a big issue since I really did enjoy the movie overall but well…


Two: James Cameron and Jon Landau are not known for making any movies where you can see a second installment…not until now. Without telling you anything about the ending of the movie, I can tell you, this movie definitely allows a second part. I mean we all know that there’s a second Avatar in the works but whenever that will come out, I don’t know. And if you believe wikipedia you can see that a third one is planned too…we’ll probably get that one 2030 if they take as much time between 2nd and 3rd as with 1st and 2nd, I guess? But in general their movies seem like closed movies that work well as a single movie. Alita: Battle Angel is one of those movies where you just kind of expect a second one to come. Don’t ask me why, because I’m not gonna give spoilers but there’s a lot of story still left for a part 2. And yes I know James Cameron did not direct the movie, but he still wrote it, so he is responsible for the movie going like it is.

Overall I did enjoy the movie a lot especially because you just land in this new world and forget everything else for two hours but there are some things that could’ve gone better. Still, Alita: Battle Angel is definitely a movie to look out for, even if it’s just about the effects.

Introduction to BL 104 – Couples

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Every fan has his/her own favorites. It’s always been like that and will always be like that but there are always those things you know about even if they are not your favorites. So in this post I’m gonna talk about the couples that you should know about/should check out when diving into the BL world.

The following couples are sometimes “character” couples (as in it’s a couple made of two characters in a series) and there are a few “actor” couples (as in actors that are paired up very often)

Note: this time not just from Thailand.

Arthit x Kongpob (SOTUS)


Everyone who ever watched is totally wowed by this couple. If you don’t know this couple you definitely have to get to know them to really get into the BL world. I also think this is a good couple to start. No story line is too harsh and there are a lot of sweet scenes without them being sexual as with some other couples on this list. Arthit and Kongpob, as far as I know, finished their storyline after two seasons of the series and a part in the 5 epsiode special Our Skyy. But even after completing their story people still wish for more and the two characters (as wella s their actors) are well known household names in the scene already. SOTUS is also one of those shows where there’s not much action in the first season but the actors chemistry carries the story well and you won’t be able to stop rooting for them 🙂

Off x Gun (actors)


I already named this couple when I was talking about the actors. Of course, they are not really a couple but they are paired up really often. Their chemistry is off the charts, especially because they seem really comfortable with each other, which can not always be the case in BL shows (although it’s normally better than normal shows since the casting people actually try to find people who go really well with each other). Off and Gun’s chemistry and fandom is so awesome they even got their own show in the 2019 line up of GMMTV, as well as a second season of their variety show OffGun Fun Night. And to think it all started with the show Senior Secret Love: Puppy Honey. They seemed like such a typical couple but it turned into something really awesome. They are definitely a couple you should recognize.

Earth x New x Tay (actors / Waterboyy The Series & Kiss franchise)


This one is quite fun. New, one of the actors I introduced before, appeared in a few shows before starring as Kao in Kiss: The Series. His couple with Tay, or the character Pete, was only a side story but still people noticed. His big break out in the BL fandoms came with the show Water Boyy The Series, though. The show originally comes from a movie that was highly praised and loved in the BL community and the series got a lot of negative feedback, also because it wasn’t mainly BL like the movie, anymore but had BL couples and straight couples. Well, still no one could say Earth as Waii and New as Apo didn’t have chemistry. One other reason why the show blew up kinda big though, was the kiss between Earth and New. No one had seen such a deep kiss in a BL series, or at least not that many of these kisses. And the kiss was really wow 😉 Well, after that the couple was always named together and then came a second part of Kiss: The Series. The second season was set up as a pre-story and people absolutely loved Tay as Pete and New as Kao in it. They got so popular there’s gonna be a third part of the series called Dark Blue Kiss but with mainly Pete and Kao as main characters, as far as I know. With this New became a general household name in the genre and fans still cannot decide whether they like Earth x New or Tay x New more. After Dark Blue Kiss though, I bet it will be number two, keke.

Video: Water Boyy kiss – see 3:21.

Bai Luo Yin x Gu Hai (Addicted Heroin)


The one couple that carried a whole series and is still making BL fans around the world pray to heaven for there two be a second season one day. While the premise of the story did not sound like something new, the story, when watching, is pretty different. Fans loved the passion between the two characters, Bai Luo Yin’s embarassed face when Gu Hai continued confessing his love and how he slowly gives in to his own feelings and starts showing it to Gu Hai. The chemistry of the show is especially good because in the beginning, when you still don’t know the characters very well, the chemistry is also only building. But over time the chemistry just sky rockets and you won’t get away from this couple anymore. It’s really unfortunate that there’s no second season.

Haruta x Maki (x Kurosawa) (Ossan’s Love)


This one, I know many don’t know this one. The reason why I still named them? Because it’s (finally) a series and not a movie for Japan BL media. And I think that why it is important to know them. Japan is great at releasing BL movies adapted from Shonen Ai and Yaoi manga but they are not that good when it is about BL TV shows. That’s why I’m naming this couple (or trio) here. Check them out and start giggling ^.^

Korn x Knock (Together With Me)


If you don’t know this couple…well, then you are definitely new. Korn and Knock, played by Max and Tul, are the one couple fans name when it’s about chemistry. They are always in the top 3. I have not seen any list where they are not in the top 3. I think the reason why they are always on the top is because the couple is a lot more physical than others and also seems physically compatible. The story actually starts in the multiple couple TV show Bad Romance. Max and Tul got so much love for their characters, they got a sequel (that chronologically regarding the story line in the show, is a prequel) called Together With Me that, well, it blew up BIG TIME. It was different than other shows. There was a lot of intimate scenes and it really starts right in episode one. There is no time to prepare you for the series but it just throws you right in there. After Together With Me it did not take long for a trailer for a new season coming out and I still remember, the whole fandom kinda freaked out. And while the third installment did get a lot of criticism, they writers did kinda save it around the end, so yeah…I’m ready for another installment 🙂 if there’s gonna be one.

Wayo x Phana (2moons)


I already talked about how a lot of the couples on this list have amazing chemistry or are very compatible. Well, Wayo and Phana is a liiiittle bit different. 2moons comes from a novel series originally and fortunately I can claim I have read most of it. So people knew the shy and love struck Wayo and the perfect doctor Phana before watching the show. Well, I’ve never seen people get so excited about finally seeing it on screen, than with this show. People got soooo excited…and disappointed when they recast all the roles after one season. I admit I was not in the best mood after those news but at least I did not rant to anyone since I wanna give the new actors a chance. Well, Wayo and Phana, whether series or novel, definitely do have chemistry but I think another reason why this got so popular was because the characters are really well-written. Well, all the actors from 2moons, especially the one’s playing this couple, definitely got their name out there with this show.

Takuya x JunJae (The Lover)


This couple you should know not because they are that big or had that much of a story but because they were part of a normal Korean drama. And if you know anything about South Korea they are not big with LGBTQ shows. It doesn’t happen often in dramas. Mostly they mention bromance and so on but this one was actually promoted as a couple or at least two people secretly in love with each other and spoiler alert kind of ending up together. That’s the main reason I wanted to mention them here. Another reason why this “couple” was special in my opinion was because it wasn’t turned into bromance even when one of the actors is a K-Pop idol. That’s why I assumed for a long time it was just a tease but no there is no doubt in this one it is a love story. So yes, check them out if you want to watch a Korean one. 

Phun x Noh (Love Sick)


Phun and Noh are the two main characters of the one show I have rewatched like 50 times now and they proved to everyone that you don’t really need that much physical action to portray falling in love and loving someone from the bottom of your heart. The actors did an awesome job, especially for a show where the BL topic was not that big with fans yet. But Phun and Noh’s story and their awesome chemistry, from caring, helping and supporting each other to being jealous of people getting to near to their loved one; all this made the show a big hit and started making the BL fandom into what it is now. I won’t say you have to like all of them but I do say, you have to know them. Also 3rd season YAY!

Ming x Kit (2moons)


While I totally rooted for Wayo and Phana in 2moons there was another couple that made so many fans crave for KitKats (yes, I mean the candy) and also cheer for the cute quarreling couple Ming and Kit. I’ve never seen fans go this much for a second couple except for Frame and Book (see below). Normally the most cheered for couple is the main one but I think Ming and Kit almost had the equal number of fans as Wayo and Phana. The characters were awesome as they did start out quarreling and nagging each other but in the end you could see that something was gonna happen and that they did get closer and closer. I wish we had the actors for another season and could see them develop the relationship but well, I’m gonna have to put my hope into the new cast 🙂

Hsia Yu Hao x Qiu Zi Xuan (HIStory2: Boundary Crossing)


The HIStory couple have always wowed audiences and made people fall in love with the short stories. Well, this couples topped it, without a doubt. People went crazy over their sweetness. Both of the characters have a tough and strong side but also show cute characteristics and a weak side. Yu Hao may be the tough guy in school but when in fron of Zi Xuan he is like pudding…or you know…like those anime characters with hearts in their eyes…he’s like that 😀 and Zi Yuan is definitely a leader and very strict but when faced with Yu Hao he learns to let go and let someone take care of him instead of pushing them away or staying objective. I mean, they got so popular that the producers of the show are giving us ANOTHER season. Yes, we are getting a season 2, which has never happened in the HIStory series before. I’m excited to see this couple again.

Frame x Book (Make It Right)


Frame and Book are the biggest example how chemistry and a great story line can do wonders. While the main couple of Make It Right were Tee and Fuse, people went crazy over the secondary couple of Frame and Book. The active playboy and the good student falling in love may be a clichéd story line in normal shows already but such a typical premise in a BL show, we haven’t had that one before and the actors portrayed it really well. I’m still kind of surprised about their age difference, especially in regard to their roles but they did an awesome job and the couple wowed so many with how well they fit together. IN the second season their story got a lot more serious and fans were a little bit disappointed that there wasn’t as much sweetness between them as in season one but they still managed to stay true to their couple colors and gave us an awesome second season. I did hear their was some trouble after the show regarding one of the actors girlfriends but I don’t know more about that, so I’m just gonna appreciate the great couple we got.


So this is the Couples post in my BL Introduction series. I hope you liked it. I have to admit I had the most fun with the actors part (the previous part), since with the couples I tend to repeat a lot of phrases and reasons why you should know them but well…can’t do anything now. So, next week you’ll get the last part BL Introduction 105 – Important Knowledge.
Originally I wanted to do a post for Series’ and Movies but I changed my mind, since you can just read my recommendation posts to find some shows 😉


Introduction to BL 103 – Actors

EDIT: This post was recently (Oct 2019) updated. You can go here instead: BL Thailand – Who To Know?


Sorry I’m a few days late but I got sick all of a sudden so I could not finish the post on time T.T But without further ado, let’s get into it:
If you have not read them already, here are part 1 and 2 of the “Introduction to BL” series:

Introduction to BL 101 – General
Introduction to BL 102 – History/Origins

This time it is all about the actors. Of course, there are always new actors but there are a few that have appeared in more than one series or are pretty known for their BL shows. I AM going to talk mostly about Thai actors here, since those are the ones I know the most about, but don’t worry, in the next post (“couples”) there’ll be more info about other countries as well.


First off, let’s start with GMMTV and the “GMMTV boys”. I heard someone using that nickname some time ago and since then I just decided to use it too 🙂
GMMTV is one of the main channels in Thailand, we BL fans get our BL shows from. I mean they recently announced their line-up for 2019 and there will be two really big BL shows coming from them. The “boys” from GMMTV now means the actors that seem to have a fixed contract with the channel. At least they appear regularly in their shows and sometimes even get their own shows which are like talk shows, eating shows, traveling diary or gaming shows. And you will see the actors as supporting roles, main leads or guest characters in different GMMTV shows. So yes, some from these shows will be mentioned here since they are pretty well known and popular in the BL genre and have a lot of fans. They regularly fill their fan meetings.


— Newbies —

There are always new faces in this genre. New actors or actors that have only appeared as supporting characters in other shows. I cannot really name that many newbies since there are always new ones. Do note that some of them have done modeling or short shows before but most of them have not appeared in big shows before.

In 2018 we had a few of those actors in shows like Love By Chance. It was a show that impressed many with its innocence mixed with a bunch of feelings and an unusual openness about sexuality.

Because there are a lot of new actors a lot of shows seem awkward in the beginning but compared to shows from other cultures these actors often get together for workshops before they shoot the show. I give it to these workshops that the chemistry in a lot of these shows is off the charts.

— The actors —

There are a lot of actors that are seen more often than others or that you should recognize when getting into Thai BL. In this section I want to talk about them.


Prachaya Ruangroj (Singto) – 24

— Why to know him: He showed perfectly what a perfect boyfriend looks like and while even the viewers may have cringed at some of his lines, he managed to lure everyone in and can make you feel with his character whoever that may be —


He’s gotten himself out there, at least in the BL world, with the series SOTUS. Every since then he’s been in a few supporting roles and quite a few main roles. Compared to some other actors he did play more BL roles even after his initial character in SOTUS had pretty much wrapped up it’s main story (although we all hoped we’d get more). While I wasn’t a big fan of his acting right in the beginning he was getting better every minute and is getting even better and more experienced with each role. I’m curious what to expect of him in the future, especially since he will not be teamed up with Krist (see below) as often anymore. Oh and there will be a new show coming out in 2019 with him and Ohm (see below).


Sangpotirat Perawat (Krist) – 23

— Why to know him: He showed the perfect embodiment of toughness and cuteness in one character. And he perfectly portrayed the character development his role went through during the series. Even if we won’t see him in BL shows anymore, he also amazes in other Thai shows —


He also got famous in the BL world with Singto, playing the couple Kongpob and Arthit in SOTUS. Fans especially loved the fact how he could look tough and cool and at the same time be so cute. We loved how Kongpob (played by Singto above) could make him embarassed any shy (yes, I am still talking about the character). Krist has, since then, acted in multiple shows, mostly in non-BL shows though. He’s played as the second lead, as well as the main lead and is continuing to impress with his acting here and there.


Pawat Chittsawangdee (Ohm) – 18

— Why to know him: He is only 18 and already shows an amazing acting repertoire and showed us what he’s got not only in BL shows but others too —


Ohm was a break out star in the popular series Make It Right and its second season. Especially because he was only around 16 years old back then. Still he managed to make everyone swoon over the sweet playboy character he played in the series. Afterwards he’s done a lot of modeling and some other shows, mainly shows were there are multiple main characters and without romance. Soon though we’ll get another “romantic” series with him and Singto (see above), so I’m excited to see how his acting has improved. But seriously, who is this good when they are 18?


Nawat Phumphothingam (White) – 23

— Why to know him: in the beginning they could only convey feelings with their eyes and he wowed and conveyed all the right feelings for the show to garner all those fans. And since then he has continued building his acting experiences even more —


He starred in the original classic I named before: Love Sick the Series. He was one part of the main couple and made so many people swoon over the sweetness in the show. While still awkward in the beginning you could see how he got better with every episode and with every project ever since then. He’s been doing some movies and a lot of side characters, but also acting in not BL couples but mastering all kinds of roles, so I just cannot wait to see him again in Love Sick Season 3.


Theerachai Wimolchaireuk (Toni) – 37

— Why to know him: he may have only tapped into the BL world with a short 4 episode show but wowed so many fans with just that performance. He’s also played other diverse roles before (also as LGBT characters sometimes) and continually shows his amazing acting capabilities  —


Toni wowed so many people with his role as confused Meng opposite Tao Sattaphong Phiangphor. They were a couple that swooned so many fans and the series only has 4(!) episodes. He is older than all of the people on this list but you can see it in his acting. Right after his role in the afore mentioned Club Friday Season 8: True Love…or Confusion he starred in the project series Project S: Skate Our Souls which tackled the serious topic of depression. And you would be surprised how many people where wondering who he was and why he seemed familiar. I was one of them. I wondered and wondered, only to realise who he was after looking it up. That just shows that he can pull of diverse roles. But he is a very versatile actor and can seemingly adapt to very different characters. This is what you can call an experienced actor.


Techaapaikhun Thitipoom (New) – 26

— Why to know him: Whatever role he is playing you can see he is giving his best and can portray so many different character traits. Also his journey as Kao in the Kiss Series is not over yet… —


The new cutie on the BL sky. He’s not only appeared as a side character in shows like SOTUS but also been part of the main couples with shows like Water Boyy the Series and the longtime series Kiss Me. He showed a little bit of himself in the first part of the series Kiss: the Series and then got even more famous with his set partner Tay (see below) after the sequel Kiss Me Again came out. And this year we can expect Dark Blue Kiss, where the trailer pushed a lot of fans of their seats and glued to the screen. He’s also acting in other movies and shows and I’m excited for the future for this cutie.


Tawan Vihokratana (Tay) – 27

— Why to know him: He’s showed us multiple times how good he is at portraying different feelings and how many layers one character can have. We cannot wait to get him back as the jealous but loving boyfriend Pete —


BL fans also mostly know this one from the Kiss series but he’s acted in a lot more shows and movies than one would think. That’s probably one of the reasons where you can see he has experience in acting and can show a lot of different sides to himself. I also love that he seems to have a great character, or at least that what it seems like in the various shows he’s appeared in. I’m curious in what direction he’s gonna go in the future.


Jumpol Adulkittiporn (Off) – 28

— Why to know him: He is part of the popular OffGun couple and shows continually what great chemistry means. And just when you think he is always playing the same character you discover that there is another side to the character only he has known about until that moment. There’s always something to discover —


Off is one part of one of the most popular couples in the BL world out there. Without being an actual couple…at least not an official one 😉
No seriously, Off started getting into the BL world with the the show Senior Secret Love: Puppy Honey and its second season, as well as having a supporting role in Sotus. Puppy Honey, though, was the one show that started it. He was coupled with Gun (see below) and everyone loved the bad boy and shy junior routine they had going on. The chemistry was really good and it got even better when they seemed to become really good friends in real life. Gun even calls him Papi and they regularly kiss on the cheek and on the neck. I mean they are getting their own show in 2019, as well as getting a second season for their variety show OffGun Fun Night.


Atthaphan Phunsawat (Gun) – 25

— Why to know him: He is part of the popular OffGun couple. He’s probably acted in more BL related shows and movies than any other actor on this list and it shows in his acting. He has experience, couple chemistry, a good character and the looks to pull of A LOT of diverse characters —


Someone once told me that Gun is definitely like the king of BL actors. He looks amazing, does modelling, appeared in movies (most of them with a BL theme) and different shows. If you want to know how popular his coupling with Off is: When he appeared in a special (like 5 minutes long) clip in SOTUS where he appeared in Off’s bar and offered working there, fans went crazy over his short cameo in the show. One thing I have to say, while he definitely is one of the big stars connected to BL he seems really professional about acting, which I think is even more important considering he always jokes around with Off. I think they do deserve to be one of the biggest couples out there, definitely. Besides BL topics he’s also showed great acting in a lot of dark and serious shows so there goes another compliment!


Pakorn Thanasrivanitchai (Tul) – 26

— Why to know him: He’s part of the popular MaxTul couple and has continually surprised us with his deep portrayal of the character Knock. He continues to amaze us with all the feelings one can show —


About OffGun (see above) I said they were one of the most popular couples out there. Well, this is the other one. MaxTul, in this paragraph, Tul, build one of the biggest BL couples out there. Compared to others on this list though, it is mainly because they have over -the-top chemistry. They showed acting and chemistry that has not been seen before in other BL shows and fans went crazy. Tul acted in a few other shows etc too but fans recognized him even more after appearing in the series Bad Romance. It was the first part of a (until now) three-part series. After Bad Romance came Together With Me and it was over. People went crazy over this couple. Even if the third part wasn’t the best, people still name them as one of the couples you just cannot forget because the chemistry is just unbeatable.
Can’t even say much about Tul himself, since this greatness behind the character chemistry just proves how great of an actor he is.


Nattapol Diloknawarit (Max) – 24

— Why to know him: He’s part of the popular MaxTul couple and showed us what the embodiment of a perfect boyfriend is, just to surprise us that even someone perfect has flaws. He’s continued to show us sides to his character no one ever expected and portrays his character in a believable and loving way —


At first you do not notice that Max is the younger one of the two but after some time, I think, you can see it a little bit in the way they communicate with each other. Well, does not change that the chemistry is amazing. He’s also been acting in some other shows as well and I think he also did modelling on the side but I’m not a hundred percent sure. Well, with his body I’d understand how he is great as a model.
And even if Together With Me: The Next Chapter was not as highly praised as the previous parts of their story together I really hope we get to see Max and Tul in more story lines of Korn and Knock.


So these are actors whose name I recommend knowing in the BL world. Of course with every show and movie things can change and maybe this post would look very different if I’d write it at the end of 2019. Still I hope I could give you some knowledge about the actors behind some of the biggest shows or those actors BL fans expect a lot from because let’s be honest, the more famous the more fans expect from you, right? ^.^well they have not let me down yet so’ll let’s see where this goes…

If I don’t get sick again, the next part “Couples” gets released on the 11th of February. I may be late, so around the 13th probably?