My favourite music videos

So recently I rewatched a lot of music videos and discovered a lot of new ones…mainly because I discovered the advantages of Spotify and discovered quite a lot of new music πŸ™‚

Well, after rewatching some music videos I had this idea I could share some of my favourite music videos. The selection was not easy AT ALL but I tried my best to stick with some general criteria:

  • quality that fits the concept
  • concept
  • of course, the music πŸ˜‰

I did not put things like choreo in, since there are a few cool music videos where there is no dancing and they are still cool. Some of the music videos have a better quality than others, but they are also from different years, so of course. Oh and it’s NOT just K-Pop!


Nico Santos – Rooftop / Oh Hello

I didn’t know the music videos to these song for a long time and only discovered them recently. Sure, they may not be as “special” as others on this list, but I still think the videos for Rooftop and Oh Hello fit the songs quite well and stay true to the concept it’s showing throughout the video. The quality of the music is also amazing and changes between showing a story and the singer himself. The videos are quite dark, but I think that’s another reason why they fit so well.

Find Oh Hello HERE

BTS – Not Today

Not Today is one of the music videos that are just really visually stunning. BTS in general produces a lot of good music videos but Not Today really plays with your eyes and not just your ears. The surroundings in the music videos and the colors are just wow. The camera work also supports the whole choreography and music and gives it the special look that makes this music video so addicting.

Meghan Trainor – All About That Bass

This music video may not be that special either, but I just love it because it is fun, without being funny, it fits the music well and I love the colors. I’m not really a pink fan but it fits so well together in this video I just cannot stop falling in love with All About That Bass all over again.

VIXX – Voodoo Doll

Voodoo Doll is and will always be one of my favourite music videos. It may be quite strong, considering there is the normal version and a clean (choreography) version without all the blood. The camera work, the choreo etc. all support the music video and the song. It’s a all round perfect combination and everything fits so well together. It may be quite strong with some of its images but still, I love it.

Note: please only watch if you can handle blood etc. If not here is the clean performance version: HERE

Britney Spears – Oops I Did It Again

A classic for once. Oops I Did It Again is mainly here, not because it is perfect but because I think it’s just iconic. While the video is mainly dancing it still fits the song so well and I think it also shows one of the best pop songs out there, even if it is already an older one πŸ™‚

VAV – Senorita

Senorita is actually a cover from a German song, but that doesn’t matter here, since I’m gonna talk about the music video. I think the music video fits the song awesomely well and everything compliments each other in this video. Also the color scheme of the music video is just beautiful and I think I watched it around a 100 times already.

Enrique Iglesias ft. Descember Bueno, Zion & Lennox – Subeme La Radio

Subeme La Radio is a catchy song to begin with but I also love the music video behind it. The quality is really good and it’s a good mix of showing you the singers as well as a few amazing images of the city they’re shooting in. The color scheme is slightly (!) similar to Senorita above, but the similarity is only light. The song is very upbeat and the camera work goes well with that too.

Block B – Nillili Mambo

Nillili Mambo made me fall in love with Block B. They had interesting songs before and after but this music video just topped everything. They tell a story but at the same time show the singers and it’s a good balance between both. You can just enjoy watching the music video which seems like a short film with a little bit of singing and a lot of (pirate) swag. This one I really enjoyed watching and still do.

Vanessa Mai ft. Olexesh – Wir 2 Immer 1

I’m not used to liking German songs…no, not at all. Normally I watch it for like 3 seconds and then switch to any other language and try that one, but Wir 2 Immer 1 (translates to: We 2 forever 1) really kept popping up and got stuck in my head. So one day I looked up the music video and I kinda really like it. It’s a little bit on the darker side but also features a hopeful light shimmer and some good images and quality, so I definitely like that.

Astro – Breathless

Breathless tells quite a funny and interesting story that fits the funky and upbeat song oh so well. It tells you the story of…bottles πŸ˜€ Yes, the boys in the music video resemble juice bottles being carried around by a girl at the beach. You’re curious now aren’t you? Well, I watched it and was like “wait, did I understand that correctly right now?” I did and I think the song and music video are perfect for summer.

Bruno Mars – Grenade

Grenade has a similar feeling as Nico Santos’ songs above. It’s quite dark but the darkness fits the song really well and it stays true to its concept from beginning to end. The music video supports the song really well and makes it even catchier and more intriguing. Even if it’s older it’s still one of my favourite Bruno Mars music videos.

Infinite – Destiny

The group Infinite actually had two video versions for Destiny, but one of them featured images of plane parts, seemingly from a plane crash and it got cut down. Still I think the second version is awesome nonetheless. Seriously, it fits the song really really well. It features a similar color scheme as Senorita and Subeme La Radio while at the same time being quite different. Senorita went more into the red colors and Destiny uses its colors in a smoother way than Subeme La Radio. I just like watching this really well executed music video!

VIXX – Dynamite / Fantasy / The Closer

Originally, I did not want to feature more than one music video per artists but I just couldn’t stop myself. Mainly though I’m mentioning these three because they belong together while at the same time seeming like totally different songs and videos. Actually it tells a story related to gods and humans and they did really well telling a complicated story while also sticking to each song’s individual charm. If you want to know more about the story: HERE.

Find Fantasy HEREΒ and The Closer HERE.



So these are my favourite music videos. What are yours? Did you discover some new songs through this post or do you want me to check out some of your favourites?

Comment down below and I’ll check it out πŸ™‚

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