BL recommendations 2020

I know it is already the beginning of January but tbh like this it’s better than when I post it in fall 2019, since a lot of shows are not set by then yet – most of the release dates are not even out now, so yeah…read on and find out what is coming in 2020 for all the BL fans out there.

Note: It’s already quite hard keeping up with all the shows coming out, so I’m only mentioning TV series here and skipping the movies. Sorry. I have a job.



One of the biggest BL shows in 2019 and definitely the front runner in discussion in 2019, was TharnType. The production value, the chemistry, the acting…a lot of this series is top notch. It had kind of a controversial edge at the beginning but turned out quite well and when this post is released we will already have the finale on our hands but still I wanted to include it here. Tharn and Type kept turning our exhausting Mondays into the favorite day of the week and I’m definitely hoping for a second season! To support this, please watch it on the official LINE links, they even released it with English subtitles and for international fans HERE.
Side note: I will definitely write a review on TT.

Until We Meet Again The Series

Another show ending in 2020 is Until We Meet Again The Series. It started of slow and I still think the series is like 20 times better if you have read the novel (which I actually did) but otherwise there are also a lot of non-novel fans out there who appreciate our cute romance series. Different from TT, UWMA does have more than one episode left for 2020 and I’m curious what the next episodes look like ^.^ This definitely is a series that keeps getting better and better. Do not be fooled by the apparently slow story-telling. In that regard it has a lot in common with Love By Chance. It seems slow while there’s actually a lot of stuff happening. It’s from the same studio, so no surprise there 😀 You can watch it on the official Youtube channel with English subtitles HERE.
Side note: Also another review coming after the show ends. Definitely.

Hotel Stars The Series

I’m not actually sure if this show is ending in January of if it already ended in December. It has 10 episodes in total and I haven’t watched it til now, so I cannot really tell you anything about it. You can find some info about it HERE.

These shows have been announced for 2020, they already shot some scenes if not the whole series, maybe there’s already a release date or trailer out. These shows are quite sure to come in 2020.

Why R U? The Series

Why R U The Series was kind of happening in the background until suddenly it wasn’t. I had heard the name and that they were doing some auditions and suddenly we got more casting news and a teaser and ever since then we have been getting more and more behind the scenes and music content. So this one is pretty much set in stone to come in 2020. The release date is January 17th and I really hope they are either releasing it on Youtube or on LINE TV so international fans can watch it. Considering the teaser had already English subtitles included, I hold high hopes.
The story includes multiple BL couples with at least one recognizable actor, Saint Suppapong Udomkaewkanjana (Pete in Love By Chance), but the other cast is really cute and likable too, so I’m curious. The story seems to revolve around a bunch of college students who don’t really know or like each other suddenly starting to get closer and develop some bond. Sounds boring but the production and chemistry seems to be good enough to liven up the story and make it interesting. Find the teaser HERE.

Love By Chance Season 2

Another big news announcement was the release of Love By Chance Season 2. The story is set at the same college and with mostly the same actors. Only exception being Saint (see above) whose character Pete is studying abroad for some time (the same as in the novel, as far as I know). In reality it was more of a scheduling conflict though, but maybe if season 2 does well we will get a third season with all the couples complete. So this time it is mainly about the Tin x Can couple everyone fell in love with. I am curious about it but I also have to admit, I loved the dynamics between Ae and Pete the most, so I’m not expecting to much. I always look forward to being pleasantly surprised though, so I’ll definitely watch it. You can find the trailer on Youtube with English subs. Find more information HERE.

A Tale Of Thousand Stars

So now, let’s start with the 2020 GMMTV line up. In October, GMMTV made every BL fan’s heart beat faster when they released their 2020 line up and it included multiple BL series. Starting it off on my list here is A Tale Of Thousand Stars. It stars some unknown faces for the BL world, like Mix Sahaphap Wongratch as lead character Tian, and some faces we already know and love, namely Earth Pirapat Watthanasetsiri (Aun/Un in Theory of Love).
The story revolves around Tian, who got a heart transplant from a volunteer teacher after she died in a tragic accident. Wishing to fulfill her promise to a military officer she fell in love with, he goes the same path as her and meets the officer in a war-ridden country. While still on the edge about each other in the beginning, they slowly start growing closer.
I am definitely watching this one, even if the story line sounds like a set-up for a sad ending. I believe in GMMTV though to give us an ending fitting the series and making us happy and not cry for multiple days in a row (yes, I’m looking at you HIStory3: Make Our Days Count – it was amazing, but it destroyed me). I’m definitely curious to see Earth in another lead role!

Check out the trailer HERE.

The Shipper

The second series in the GMMTV’s 2020 line-up is The Shipper. Let me be honest now. I do not think this is gonna be a BL series at all. I do think it’s gonna include some BL scenes but mostly it’s a teaser I think and there won’t be much else. But I’m happy to be wrong about that one.

The cast includes mostly recognizable faces, starting with Ohm Pawat Chittsawangdee (Thun in He’s Coming To Me), Prigkhing Sureeyaret Yakaret who has been starring as a support or guest role in some other shows and First Kanaphan Puitrakul (Jim Bae in Blacklist) who is starring in his first kind of BL series, I think.
The story revolves around a BL fan girl who one day drives home with one of the boys from her fantasies, Kim, and they end up in a traffic accident. When she wakes up she switched souls with Kim and starts to live as him and maybe even fulfill some fantasies of her. But not everyone is oblivious to the sudden change in behavior of Kim, starting with his own brother.
If you have problems knowing who to ship, well…the series is called The Shipper and this series could either end with 1 or with I don’t know how many couples. There are so many possibilities. But it seems like an upbeat and nicely produced series, so I will check it out and decide then. Check out the trailer HERE.

2Gether The Series

A total surprise for 2020 is 2Gether. This show seems different from the usual GMMTV BL, mainly because it stars some pretty unknown BL faces as the leads and the two main leads are both portrayed as tough characters and not giving in to easily.
The main character, Tine, wants to get rid of a male fan of his and decides to get a fake boyfriend – another college student named Sarawat. After the latter declines multiple times, he finally gives in and they start to pretend date. Though soon jealousy and real feelings start to develop.
It stars multiple side couples and supporting actors with known faces from shows like Theory of Love, Dark Blue Kiss, ‘Cause You’re My Boy and Water Boyy The Series. I will definitely check it out because this could be different from the normal shows and as long as they produced it well and the chemistry is there, this could be a total gem. I’m curious! Check out the trailer HERE.

Friend Zone 2: Dangerous Area

And finally the last segment for the GMMTV line-up we know about, Friend Zone 2: Dangerous Area. It is the second season and to be honest, I’ve only skipped through the first one, so I don’t really know what it is about but it does feature A LOT of known faces. And I mean a lot – if the capital letters on the words haven’t already told you. The trailer is quite fast and action packed and does actually make me quite interested in the show, so maybe until it airs, I’ll check out the first season after all.
Check out the trailer HERE. Also not, that this series is not just BL but features multiple couples and multiple orientations.

En of Love

This one was originally announced for 2019 but has now been delayed to 2020. Some may think of this as some sign of “maybe” it will air but I still decided to include it under “pretty sure” since the whole cast has been determined and there are behind the scenes photos, so I guess even if it comes out around the end of 2020, it would surprise me if it wasn’t coming this year.
The story sound quite bland: It tells the story of multiple engineering and medical students and their romantic relationships. Well, depending on whether the characters are interesting and have good chemistry, this could turn out pretty good. Find out more HERE.

My Engineer The Series

This show has been announced since when? I think it started around SOTUS times and has been teased ever since then. Well, 2019 we finally got more news and some updates about it. Considering the trailer released in November, I guess it is pretty much set in stone it is coming to us. I really hope there will be no problems and we will get it in 2020. There is no specific release date yet but I’m keeping my eyes peeled for it.
As for the actors, I only recognized Cooper Patpasit Na Songkhla (Golf in My Bromance The Series) but everyone else seem interesting and the acting seems stable and somewhat experienced as far as I can judge from the trailer.
The story features multiple couples, or future couples to be exact. It is set in college and the character design seems pretty interesting…also, why so many animals???? Watch the trailer HERE to find out what I mean XD

2 Moons 3: The Series

So while there haven’t been many photos or videos or anything else for this third or second, depending on how you count them, season but it has been announced by the production team and the actors multiple times and they did say it’s gonna air in 2020, so I’m gonna include it in this part of the list, after all. I am one of those fans who watched the original 2 Moons but wasn’t really against the new cast I guess and when it finally aired I fell in love with them, so I cannot wait for the new season, especially because the team behind it was so nice to release all the episodes with English subtitles. 100 points for them!

These may have been announced for 2019 but because of some changes it didn’t come out. There are set photos or some other kind of proof something is happening though. So maybe we’ll get them in 2020.

Gen Y The Series

So this series totally flew by me, like totally. I only noticed it when I did some research for this post. Yes, I have to do research and I don’t know every BL show coming in 2020 by heart…well, maybe after this post I do XD
So, they already released somewhat of a trailer so I guess it is not totally open whether it’s coming or not but compared to other shows it’s been on the down low.
Apparently it stars some known faces, especially from 2 Moons The Series (first season. No I didn’t forgot the second “2”). Though considering I cannot see them in the trailer, I guess they are keeping them hidden for now. Or maybe I just didn’t really look close enough. I don’t really know. I only watched the trailer while writing this, so I only glanced at it.
I do think it features a lot of new faces, so I don’t expect much from the acting though. The production looks legit and good though, so let’s see what and especially when we will get the series 😉 HERE is the teaser.

My Ride, I Love You / My Ride The Series

So, first off, I have not idea what this series is called EXACTLY. Either the first one or the second one. But other than the title it seems at least the cast is pretty set on this one.
This series features a lot of actors who have been acting in other works before, some of them have even been nominated at some awards, namely Fame Chawinroj Likitchareonsakul (Guide in My Dream: The Series), so yes, I expect a lot from the acting in this one. We have not behind the scenes yet, I think because they haven’t actually started shooting the series yet but maybe we will get the series around fall or the end of the year? It looks pretty promising though and I haven’t heard any trouble yet, so as long as everything goes smoothly we get another BL series later on.
Also Mild Suttinut Uengtrakul (Techno in TharnType) is acting as a support role. I just think he is so adorable.

My Bromance 2: The Series / 5 Years Later

Haaaa…another series that has been teased for years now. I mean I actually think it has been teased since 2018 but we haven’t heard much.
So to clear some stuff up…no, actually it might confuse you more: There has been a movie called My Bromance (2014) and a standalone/remake TV series My Bromance The Series (2016) featuring new cast and actually telling a story set after the movie plot. Then they originally named the new thing My Bromance 2: 5 Years Later and it was announced it would feature Fluke Natouch Siripongthon (Pharm in Until We Meet Again The Series). Since he only acted in the movie and not the TV series it was clear we would get a continuation of the movie. Since they are renaming it and there have been multiple news articles, it’s not really clear any more if it will be a continuation of the movie or whether we get some things from the TV series too. So yes, everyone is confused. Also we don’t really know whether this will be a series or like a mini-series/special.
There have been some more recent news especially because it has been pretty much confirmed Fluke was gonna reprise his role as Bank. Since he is currently starring in UWMA, the shooting for My Bromance 2 has been delayed. Considering this, I guess we can expect My Bromance 2 either at the end of the year or maybe next year, I guess.

No idea if they are coming in 2020 or not. Some have been announced for 2019 and now 2020, so who knows when they will come out. Not much known about these shows.

HIStory2: Boundary Crossing 2


The HIStory franchise, if I can call it that, has been going quite strong for some time now. Most recently HIStory3: Make Our Days Count where we all cried our eyes out. They gave everyone a big and joyful surprise when they announced there would actually for the first time ever be a continuation for one of their story arcs. Boundary Crossing has been one of their most loved arcs and at first they announced a series, apparently now it turned into a movie? I don’t know and that is why it is still featured on this list.
The reason why it is still unclear when it is coming, mainly because there haven’t been many updates on this one. We know it’s coming somewhen in the future but apparently the producers are still discussing the script so we might only get it in 2021 or later. Check out the first season if you want to know what it is about and how great the series is!


There is only one reason I’m even mentioning this here: New Siwaj Sawatmaneekul. The beloved-by-BL-fans director behind master works like Make It Right, Love By Chance and most recently Until We Meet Again. He is also the director for this one.
Other than that, there is pretty much no information released on this one.

Heart by Heart

There’s been some casting news and some rough updates on the story but there’s no real news yet. Usually that means there won’t be any releases until 2021 at least but let’s keep hoping.


Another series where I’m quite sure, I’ve been featuring it in the previous recommendations 2019 post? Well, in October we got a teaser and it seems they have actually been shooting some scenes, so I guess we might finally see a release of the series in 2020.
The story is quite simple but sweet about two boys who meet and meet and meet and soon cannot imagine separating. The trailer though, seems more dramatic, so I don’t know what to believe now. I do hope it’s coming in 2020! Check out the trailer HERE.

Your Voice, My Heart

Since we are on the subject of shows I have mentioned on recommendations 2019, this is another one. I don’t know why it takes so long to release it but apparently there has been some kind of issue and no idea whether it will be released or not.
The story seems quite unusual for a BL but that’s what makes it so interesting for everyone I guess. Oh and this one is not Thai, keke. I really hope they can resolve all the issues and release it in 2020.


Motor-Cycle The Series, That’s My Umbrella, In My Mind, Your Star, Puppy Love

So that’s it for BL recommendations 2020. Maybe you will notice that most of these are from Thailand. This time that isn’t actually on purpose. We all know the ban going on in China and tbh I doubt we will get another master piece like The Untamed. Or let me say it like this: I wouldn’t even know where to get the info for that. Taiwan normally has the HIStory series going on but even they have only announced the second installment for Boundary Crossing so other than that we don’t have any news there. And as for Japan, we will get some movies but otherwise it looks quite blank. So we end up having mostly Thai shows on this list, sorry. If you know of any others, please comment down below so I can add it to the list, so we can all keep up to date ^.^ …wow, is this post long…so much scrolling…


Review: TharnType

Soooo, one of the highest praised and most discussed shows of 2019 just aired its finale on January 6th and left all us fans hoping for a continuation and more of this amazing acting and lovely chemistry.

Don’t worry I’m not here today to just praise the series. I do have some things to complain about, although I can already tell, there aren’t many.


TharnType – General Information

TharnType is a 12 episodes Thai series that started airing in October 2019 and took a two week break over the Christmas holidays just to make everyone wait for its finale on January 6th.

The story is set in the same universe as the highly popular series Love By Chance. It is produced by a different team though and stars totally different actors except for a few guest appearances.

TT is about Type, a college student, who starts sharing a room with the music student Tharn and they hit it off really well. Because of a trauma from childhood Type has sworn to hate everything gay for lifetime. So what happens when he finds out that his seemingly perfect roommate is gay?


The story and character development

The story in general is nothing new. It’s about someone’s hate turning into love and them having to face some obstacles. TT does not shine because of its extraordinary story, it doesn’t. It does shine quite a little bit because of its story development though.

The guys didn’t just meet and dislike each other in the first second but had a good time until Type found out about Tharn liking other guys. That’s when the complications started. The characters make a lot of mistakes in the beginning. Like really big ones. That was one of the reasons the series was kind of disliked in the beginning but soon they turned it around because TT is not just a story to enjoy some eye candy but the mistakes are there for a reason. You see the characters learn and start doing better. You see them  start understanding each other and try to learn more about their roommate. You can see the story shape the protagonists and make them into better people.


The character development in this show is definitely noticeable and a big plot point and I really appreciated the change from other shows where it’s sometimes shown that love conquers all. In TT both parties had to learn to change as well as accept each other’s faults to stay together. In that regards it’s a lot more like real life than just the unconditional and never ending love we see and love from other shows.

The chemistry of Mew & Gulf

The main leads are played by Mew Suppasit Jongcheveevat (What The Duck) as Tharn and Gulf Kanawut Traipipattanapong as Type. Mew already has some experience acting in a BL role while Gulf is quite new to the whole genre.


The chemistry between the leads but also the rest of the cast is absolutely superb. I mean the leads fit oh-so-well together and maybe it is because they are close friends (at least that’s what it seems like) in real life you see that they mean a lot to each other in every single one of their glances and stares.

One thing I appreciated in this couple: while Tharn was originally the stronger and more grown-up part of the couple, around the end you could see how much he trusted and loved Type. He let go and showed his weak and more child-like side to him too. Also you see Type realize when he has to be the strong one and protect his man and its not just the other way around. I mean I don’t have anything against the usual Ae-Pete situation going on but I just appreciated a tough couple like this one too ^.^

The acting and production

One thing you just have to comment on when watching this show, the quality. The production quality (props, set, background music, lighting, etc.) is amazing. I don’t remember anything being out of place or being anywhere near lazy production. The lighting and colors are beautiful. Light and beautiful scenes are held in bright and warm colors while harsh and heart wrenching scenes are done in dark and cold colors. It sets an atmosphere. I mean just see how they decided to slow down the intro song for the last episode since the story line wasn’t as happy as the original song at the moment. It fit the atmosphere of the things happening.

The chemistry and the production quality are definitely great and no, I do not have any bad points to comment on here. I tried to find some bad points but I just couldn’t.

So, now about the acting. Together with Mew with have not many known faces returning. Mostly Mild Suttinut Uengtrakul (Love’s Coming) and a few other faces who have appeared in like one other show or are set to appear in another series. Still the acting was quite exceptional. Everyone convinced in their role and showed their character really well. There were some scenes where I was kind of thrown off sometimes but those scenes came from side characters rather than the leads or their main circle of friends. Big compliments on the casting and the acting. You could see everyone was doing their best.


Is there anything bad about this series?

Okay, now let’s go to the more negative part. What about this series wasn’t done so well. First off, I just wanna complain about the two week break during Christmas…why did you leave us hanging for two weeks. And no, I won’t count the special they released inbetween. That was just a try to get us to feel bad for the bad guy which did not work at all for me.

But no, let’s get real. There is a reason the discussion got heated after the first few episodes. There are a few edgy scenes (and I don’t mean edgy in a good way). If I see it how they explained it, as faulty characters who have to learn how to become better people, sure, then I can take it. But on the other hand, it was kind of controversial considering Type had a trauma from childhood and while Tharn did not know about it, he just did something without the other guy knowing. It’s not perfect but it kinda fits the story and their explanation does actually make sense. They did not included a forced skinship scene for the heck of it but to make a point that some things are okay but sometimes you should know the whole story before making a judgement.

Another issue I wanted to point out: Sometimes there were really slow scenes. Those scenes would’ve sometimes been better if they had been cut in half so someone wasn’t staring at the ground and thinking about an answer for such. a . long. time. It did get exhausting sometimes.

Overall Review

Overall, TharnType proved the winner of 2019’s BL shows and there have been quite a few contenders. But even if there was a lot of doubt in the beginning, they series came back strong and showed everyone how a series and a fitting (season!!) ending are made. Yes, I’m hoping for another season. No, I’m not being subtle about it.


Also, as a side note, I really appreciated the short guest appearance by Saint, Mark and Mean in the middle and the end of the series. Okay, I admit, I mostly grinned at Saint because I missed his character Pete so much.

After doing some research I also realized that I should’ve never doubted the story behind TT. I mean the screenwriter is the same as the one for Love Sick and the author of the novel is just a wonderful creative mind, so there you have it.

What did you think about the series? Did you enjoy watching? Will you check it out?

Cinema 2020. What’s On, What’s Gone, What’s Coming?

It’s kind of tradition that I release a “coming up in cinema next year” preview. The same this time for 2020. Actually I’m quite curious myself since I hold the opinion that this year it might be hard to get my 30 cinema tickets to get the special bonus card for my local cinema. As far as I know there aren’t that many good ones coming up…but let’s see.

Note: Yes, I’m writing this intro BEFORE doing my research for 2020 😉
Note 2: Some start dates may differ from the ones below depending on the country. Also some of these movies change their premiere dates sometimes.


Please note that in some countries these movies are premiering in January 2020 and for some, they are already out by 2019.

January starts off with a highly anticipated remake, Charlie’s Angels. While in the beginning I was pretty on the edge about it, I’m currently quite excited for it. It looks like they put their own spin on it and I’m curious how it works out. We also get a strange movie, Knives Out. It has quite the star-studded cast and as long as the characters are not written one-dimensional, it could be a great movie entertainment.
One movie I dread is the new The Grudge. I’m not even linking the trailer since I have been traumatized with the other The Grudge movies – don’t make a 10 year old watch stuff like that, seriously! I don’t even know whether it’s a remake or something totally different. I don’t wanna know.
Let’s get back to the nice stuff: We get Dolittle with Robert Downey Jr. I don’t really know what to expect of that. It looks like one of these movies that have great imagery but the story itself is bland. But since RDJ has proven to be good at creating interesting and fascinating characters, I’m giving it a chance.
We also get more serious movies like Little Women about women searching for their own path.
As for comedies we got Like A Boss with Rose Byrne, Tiffany Haddish and Salma Hayek and My Spy with a little bit more action and having a CIA spy work with an awkward kid. We also get Bad Boys For Life with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence that is even more action based. As for horror stories we get Gretel & Hansel, as well as The Turning, if you want to start your year with some scary stuff.


The month of Valentine’s Day brings surprisingly few love movies into the cinema. I guess maybe there will be a few late notice announcements next year. Coming February 2020 is the highly anticipated Birds of Prey, a Harley Quinn movie, and I’m honestly not at all interested in it. It’s just not my kind of atmosphere and I’ve never been an overly big fan of Harley Quinn. Also this February the highly criticized Sonic: The Hedgehog. The studio had to re-do the whole animation since so many criticized it. Funny enough, it looks even more unnatural now, so I don’t know why people had so many problems with the previous one. I guess it could be fun but overall it is just people losing creative ideas and making a video game into a movie. For kids and families we get Peter Rabbit 2.
2020 has a lot of scary movies to offer. February brings The Invisible Man, as well as Brahms: The Boy II (no trailer yet, but check out the trailer for the first installment). Feel free to have a scary time watching it, I won’t. I’m gonna chicken out on them.


March is offering some diverse entertainment with the interesting looking Pixar’s Onward, which I’m gonna check out, probably. Also Disney’s Mulan, another highly anticipated life-action remake of the Disney classics. All my favorite Disney classics aired 2019, but I am gonna give this life-action a chance to prove me wrong 🙂
As for action we got Godzilla vs. Kong (no trailer yet). Don’t know what to expect, don’t know whether I care.
We got a dramatic romance movie with I Still Believe based on Jeremy Camp’s real life, and a sports drama movie The Way Back starring Ben Affleck.
Like I said 2020 has a lot of scary movies, March is bringing its own movie to the plate, A Quiet Place 2 (no trailer yet but check out the trailer for the first film). I loved the first one, so yeah, congratulations for probably being the only scary movie I’m gonna watch in 2020.


The fourth month of the year, April, takes us on quite the strange ride. First and probably the biggest of the April movies is the James Bond movie No Time To Die with Daniel Craig reprising his role as the famous character. We also (finally) get the movie The New Mutants which was actually supposed to come out in 2019 but they didn’t manage that date for whatever reason. It is supposed to be the last and 13th installment of the X-Men film series – let’s see if they can actually keep that promise. We get some comedy with the movie Bad Trip, although I don’t know if the pranks in the movie are good or too much. Well, we’ll find out in April. And if all of the above movies are too much for you, you can enjoy yourself with the next Trolls installment Trolls World Tour.


May has always been a Disney or Marvel month. Bringing the Marvel side of it: Black Widow with Scarlett Johansson starring as the titular character is set to be released then. As for Disney, it’s finally gonna release Artemis Fowl, a movie I definitely wanna check out but have no idea what to expect. We also get Legally Blonde 3 with Reese Witherspoon reprising her role as Elle Woods (no trailer yet either). As for mystery we have The Woman in the Window. Another movie with no trailer yet. If you are on the funny side and don’t want anything too heavy you can also enjoy yourself with The Spongebob Movie: Sponge on the Run. I’m not going but you can tell me after…no, you know what? I don’t need to know what it’s about. Never been a fan of the sponge, I admit. May also brings another Fast & Furious installment, creatively named Fast & Furious 9. But tbh since they are releasing a 9th one, we all know the creativity died a long time ago.


DC Comics is coming back in June with Wonder Woman 1984. I heard the first one wasn’t bad, although I didn’t watch it, but for those who liked it, maybe check out the second installment. We get another horror movie with Candyman. And also the second installment of Top Gun, Top Gun: Maverick. This second installment is coming out 33 years (!) after the first one. Interesting. June also takes us on a musical film ride with In The Heights. Personally I am excited for it since the director is Jon M. Chu, who is bad with sequels but does great with musical and dance movies, so let’s see…
For everyone who liked Inside Out, we also get Pixar’s Soul…don’t ask me what to think about that one. It’s atmosphere seems really similar to Inside Out and I didn’t really like that one, so yeah…I’m gonna wait on reviews for that one…


July starts of the summer months for the cinemas. If you don’t know what that means: summer months in the cinema rarely have any highly anticipated movies coming out and the movies that are coming out are very rarely announced a year beforehand. Most of the movies coming out in summer are announced like 2 months prior and belong to the comedy genre. So what have we got for 2020: Tenet, a Christopher Nolan movie with action and thriller elements – no idea what to expect of that one. We also get Free Guy starring Ryan Reynolds, about a guy realizing he is an NPC in a video game. This movie could go really good or really disappointing. We also have another minions installments, Minions: The Rise of Gru. They are cute but I didn’t even watch the first one in the cinema, so probably gonna skip the next one too. We also get another Ghostbusters movie, Ghostbusters 2020, that serves as a continuation of the original movies, not the one released a few years ago. The cast features a lot of young actors as well as a lot of actors reprising their roles from the original two movies. You may realize there aren’t that many trailers linked now. Mainly because most of these movies don’t have any yet. Jungle Cruise is one of the big exceptions. Starring Emily Blunt and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, we have quite the unexpected and interesting lead pair but tbh I don’t know whether the story is any good. There will also be another The Purge installment (5th one) and a Bob’s Burgers movie…what the…?!


Don’t really ask me about August. I have absolutely no clue what all these movies are. So we got a lot of horror movies with Empty Man, Escape Room 2 (the first installment did surprisingly well, as far as I know) and Malignant. Then we get some probably action-heavy movie with Infinite, starring Mark Wahlberg, and a movie I cannot really judge at the moment, The One and Only Ivan – this one could go childish, comedy, touching…I really don’t know. And last but not least we get Bill & Ted Face the Music, just to add another installment to our list of movie franchises that get another installment in 2020. Seriously, Hollywood, running out of ideas?
Oh, and August is also quite far away so I’m running out of trailers…


September, school starts and we get a bunch of prequels coming our way. Starting with The King’s Man. If you haven’t already guessed it from the name, it’s a prequel to the The Kingsmen film franchise. It’s set in war times and has quite the big cast. Otherwise I don’t know much about it…did I actually watch the last installment of the franchise? I can’t remember. Also we get The Many Saints of Newark, a movie acting as a prequel for the famous TV series The Sopranos – which I’m too young and not American enough to have watched, ever. Still it’s definitely something to check out for all the Sopranos fans out there. Also we get some action stuff with Monster Hunter (pictures looked nothing like I expected them, so no idea what this movie is about) and Without Remorse, a movie based on a Tom Clancy novel, so I guess I expect some kind of good movie from this one, but I’m also quite skeptical. And just because we hadn’t had enough horror movies already, we also get Last Night in Soho. It said horror movie on the description, that’s when I stopped reading, sorry.


October comes to us with surprisingly few horror movies but a lot of different genres. We get some sci-fi/futuristic movie starring Tom Hanks with Bios. The premise sounds promising but the movie could go comedic or quite deep, so I’m on the edge about watching it. I’m gonna decide in October. We get some thriller time with Fatale…whatever that movie is about, I don’t know. Not really sticking to the horror concept of October but keeping it dark is the upcoming movie The Witches. Apparently it is a fantasy movie and the protagonist seems to be a little boy. We all know that could mean it could be really scary or go the way of a slightly scary fantasy path (see The House With A Clock In Its Walls). We get another installment with G.I. Joe: Snake Eyes. Apparently it does act as a side story though but since I haven’t watched much of the other movies, I’ll definitely skip this one. Apparently we are keeping it scarce on horror in October and I only found the release of Halloween Kills, a slasher film coming out then. Quite the unexpected movie release is coming with Everybody’s Talking About Jamie. This one is based on a musical of the same name and it actually sounds interesting but this could go either way, depending on how the production and story pace goes. Last but not least (I’m using this phrase way too much) we have Death on the Nile, ANOTHER installment. It’s the sequel to the 2017 movie Murder on the Orient Express. I think those movies are quite interesting but the pace is kinda slow. Let’s see how Death on the Nile does.


The 11th month, November, will bring some bigger movies. Let’s start with the Marvel release of The Eternals. I did follow the Avengers’ adventures and most of the super hero stories but my favorite was Iron Man, so yeah…I’m gonna skip out on this one, probably. The cast is quite amazing though so I recommend to watch it if you are a comic or Marvel fan. I’m only gonna watch it, if I’m bored and don’t have my 30 tickets on my bonus card yet. Originally Fantastic Beasts 3 was set to be released in 2020 too but apparently they changed it to 2021, so sad about that one I admit. We also get a LGBT romance movie with Happiest Season starring Kristen Stewart. I’m intrigued, but I’m waiting for the trailer on that one. We get a movie called King Richard. I think it’s about King Richard, but I guess I could be wrong…
Also Disney is releasing another non-life-action movie in November, Raya and the Last Dragon. Considering they have released quite a few movies also suited for grown ups, it sounds good but the name is also quite childish so maybe this time it is actually for children.


December 2020. I can already tell you that most of the things written here normally tend to be wrong. Either the movies actually come out in November before or January after. Or they don’t come out at all. It is still so far away so it’s actually quite open what’s coming out in December. The release date on the movie Dune seems to be set in stone though, at least the news have confirmed it multiple times – let’s see….It’s a sci-fi movie and judging from the premise a heavy sci-fi movie at that. So don’t watch if you don’t actually like science fiction. We got some romantic comedy genre with Coming 2 America starring Eddie Murphy. I’m curious about it but I’m also gonna wait for the trailer. December is also supposed to bring Uncharted. I guess it’s a movie based on the game?
We get West Side Story. Another musical turned movie. Depending on how they produced it, this could either get interesting or totally cheesy. We get another installment with The Croods 2 and the surprise of the year, a Tom and Jerry movie. I have to admit, it’s probably in my top five of 2020 movies I’m curious about…if that doesn’t tell you a lot about the upcoming movies, I don’t know what will.


So this is my overview of the movies for 2020. There are quite a few interesting ones, a lot of 2nd to I-don’t-know-how-many-th installments and quite too many horror movies for my taste. I haven’t found that many movies I’m really interested in but let’s see where 2020 takes us! This was a lot of work but I also didn’t post for a long time…hm…I’m going to bed now.