Most Loved BL Couples (worldwide)

In the last few years we have gotten a lot of different BL couples. From movies, TV shows and so on. Today I want to give you a short overview over the most loved and popular BL couples. I’m trying to be on a worldwide scale here but I know more Thai shows than others, so of course, more of them will be here.

This will not be a post with like “who is IN right now?” but more like “What couples kind of defied the BL couples game in shows out there and were highly liked and beloved”. Of course there a lot of really popular shows that have LGBTQ+ characters and gay relationships in it but not all of those couples have a really big fandom. I’m mostly talking about couples where fans where really happy with every scene they got from the couple and it didn’t matter how small, fans loved the scenes (unless it was a break-up…).

So there might be a lot of couples missing if you only expect me to talk about the big shows and their characters because a lot of those shows are highly loved overall and not just or mainly for the gay couple.

Note: I am talking about character couples not real life actors!
Also, this is MY OPINION. This is not scientific research. This is what I experienced from interacting with other fans, asking in forums and chats and reading other people’s favorite couples lists.

11 – Frame x Book

Series: Make It Right (2016), Make It Right 2 (2017), Make It Live: On The Beach (2019)
Characters: Frame (Ohm Pawat), Book (Toey Sittiwat)


What to know: The characters first made an appearance in the Thai series Make It Right and later on appeared in the second season as well as in one episode of the series special. Book is the top student of his high school class, if not even the whole year. He is shy and mostly alone. Frame is the total opposite. He is a total playboy and has lots of friends. He is very easygoing and open. One day an accidental meeting leads to some steamy action and despite Frame’s playboy image and Book’s shyness, they grow closer and their feelings change.

There are a lot of shows where the second couple and not just the main couple bring in a lot of fans. It’s been happening quite often actually. You could call it a trend. Talking about second couples taking the spotlight, here is the original one. Frame and Book started out as the more popular couple after Make It Right, even though they were the second and not the main couple. Their popularity lost a little bit of touch in the second season (the “second season curse”, let’s call it that) but overall they were the top “second” couple out there and people loved the playboy-top student cliche in BL form. One of the actors left the genre after but it definitely kick started Ohm Pawat‘s career. He is one of the names to remember in the BL genre but also a very good up-and-coming actor in general.

10 – Sun x Mork

Series: Kiss Me Again (2018), Dark Blue Kiss (2019)
Characters: Sun (Podd Suphakorn), Mork (Fluke Gawin)


What to know: Sun and Mork first appeared in the second installment of the Thai Kiss Series, Kiss Me Again. There was a lot of tension between the characters but fans got curious. Afterwards they appear as the second couple in the third installment Dark Blue Kiss (DBK) and almost immediately swept fans away. Sun lives with his younger brother right above his own café. Almost everyday he clashes with his brother’s best friend and college mate Mork who has quite the temper on him. But their dislike is not as deep as they think.

DBK got a lot of concerns and negative reviews. But that was mostly about the main couple and the overall story pacing. A lot of fans only stayed with the series because of the secondary couple, Sun and Mork. They got everything, from passionate scenes full of tension, as well as sweet and fluffy scenes you just want to giggle to. They might not be as popular as some other couples on this list but I think it is quite amazing how this couple made a series so much better than it was and how it kept all the fans stay with the series, no matter how annoyed they were by all the other characters. That’s a very praise-worthy achievement. A lot of fans have asked for another season with them, while some fans (me included) voiced their concern over the possibility of ruining a perfectly good couple through another season (you remember…the “second season curse”)

9 – Gallavich

Series: Shameless (US Version, 2011 – present)
Characters: Ian Gallagher (Cameron Monaghan), Mickey Milkovich (Noel Fisher)

1012 - Gallavich!

What to know: The Gallavich characters appeared starting from season one of the US TV series Shameless. Ian was a main character right from the beginning, Mickey was upgraded to series regular starting season 2. Ian is part of the dysfunctional Gallagher family and butts heads with the kinda gangsta/street style Mickey, the older brother of one of Ian’s friends. Their continuous tensions end up getting them closer than ever.

Let me be honest, Gallavich is a very passionate couple full of tension and they had a lot of bad scenes as well as good scenes. Some people might not count them as one of the most beloved BL couples out there but tbh they are one of the most passionate couple in this “genre”. And I’m not just saying that because they had some steamy scenes, no. I’m counting the scenes where whatever happened, in the end they supported each other when they had a bad time and they just could not stay away from each other. If you talk about passionate and also popular gay/BL couple, Gallavich is definitely one of them.

8 – Pete x Kao

Series: Kiss The Series (2016), Kiss Me Again (2018), Our Skyy (2018), Dark Blue Kiss (2019)
Characters: Pete (Tay Tawan), Kao (New Thitipoom)


What to know: Pete and Kao first appeared in the Thai series Kiss The Series as supporting roles, then in the second installment Kiss Me Again as one of the main couples and then got their own installment Dark Blue Kiss. They started out as acquaintances, then went on to dislike each other because of misunderstandings and differences between them. In the end they became friends and lovers.

Note: Kiss Me Again (2nd installment) tells the pre-story of Kiss The Series (1st installment) but because of production value I recommend watching Kiss The Series first anyway because otherwise you are going to be disappointed by Kiss The Series since after all, they had a better production quality in Kiss Me Again.

Originally I wanted to do a one couple per series but I kinda worked on this concept again. Pete and Kao come from the same world as Sun and Mork and they are the only Thai character couple besides Korn and Knock who managed to hold on into a third season. Their relationship really took off when we saw them in Kiss Me Again and the actors are often paired together too. When DBK was announced, it was like Christmas for fans. Sure, there were a lot of negative reviews but overall we love the couple and they might not be the most beloved BL couple out there but strangely enough there also aren’t that many people who dislike them. Compared with the top spots on this list (except for number 1) who also have a lot of viewers who disliked them, Pete and Kao are mostly loved or “okay-ed” by viewers, earning them a spot on this list here.

7 – Klaine

Series: Glee (2009-2015)
Characters: Kurt Hummel (Chris Colfer), Blaine Anderson (Darren Criss)


What to know: Kurt and Blaine are characters in the US TV series Glee. Kurt was a series regular from the beginning to the end of the series, while Blaine starred from season two until the end of the series. Kurt has always been the “strange” kid in his school. One day he meets Blaine while spying on another school’s show choir. After becoming friends, their feelings soon turn into something more.

Different from a lot of the Thai shows, this show features a lot of grown-up problems too. Marriage and planning your future together is a big topic in Glee in general but for this couple too. Even though the Glee hype kind of lessened over the years, Klaine was a big hit and should be considered a milestone in TV. It was a mainstream show, especially also for younger people, and they were one of the main couples, especially in its later seasons. They weren’t just pushed to the side as a support couple like so many other LGBTQ+ couples in other shows. Spoiler! When they faced some problems in the later seasons and broke up, fans went kinda crazy and I still remember how many people complained about the producers for doing this. In the end we do get our happy end for them but fans really followed their story with full focus.

6 – Gu Hai x Bai Luo Yin

Series: Addicted Heroin (2016)
Characters: Bai Luo Yin (Timmy Xu), Gu Hai (Johnny Huang)


What to know: Bai Luo Yin and Gu Hai are the protagonists of the Chinese series Addicted Heroin (nothing to do with the drug). It tells the story of Bai Luo Yin who lives in poor surroundings with his father while his mother remarried. One day he meets the rich and spoiled Gu Hai who takes an interest in Bai Luo Yin. From then on it’s a tug and turn war between them.

Still named as one of the best BL shows out there, Addicted stands strong against a lot of shows. Some may ask, why? Well, easy. The chemistry between the leads is the main reason why this show got so much love and why people still love it. It was one of the first shows, especially Chinese shows, that featured such an amazing chemistry between the lead couple and it carried through the whole series. Unfortunately we did not get a second season as planned, because China had to ban LGBTQ+ content (yes, China, I will be angry about that indefinitely!) but at least we got one season of great chemistry between this couple.

5 – Korn x Knock

Series: Bad Romance (2016), Together With Me (2017), Together With Me – The Next Chapter (2018)
Characters: Korn (Max Nattapol), Knock (Tul Pakorn)


What to know: Korn and Knock first appear in the Thai series Bad Romance as a side couple, then again in Together With Me and its sequel The Next Chapter as the main couple/one of the main couples. Korn and Knock were school mates and later became friends in early college days. One drunk night changes all of it though.

Korn and Knock….what to say here? Korn and Knock were one of the first Thai couples who did not look like small boys, yes, they are actually quite well trained. They were also one of the first Thai couples who started having actual steamy scenes. It wasn’t just a kiss here and a kiss there, they actually featured more than one full on make out scene, throwing a lot of BL fans into a frenzy. Similar to the Kiss Series, The Next Chapter got a lot of negative feedback (for a reason though…ugh), still the couple had one of the best couple chemistry out there. They just fit together so well and fans noticed and loved them for it.

4 – Kongpob x Arthit

Series: SOTUS (2016-17), SOTUS S (2017-18), Our Skyy (2018)
Characters: Kongpob (Singto Prachaya), Arthit (Krist Sangpotirat)


What to know: The characters are the main protagonists of the Thai series SOTUS (available on Youtube HERE). The series is set at college in the engineering faculty. Kongpob is a freshman and has to deal with the usual hazing the freshman of the faculty get from the seniors. The leader of the hazers is Arthit and both guys immediately clash with each other. But slowly there feelings start to change and they grow closer.

If we talk about changing the BL game, SOTUS is definitely one of the big names out there. Before you come to me and say “but there were so many others before or after”, listen. SOTUS was one of the first shows where the actors themselves got really famous in the genre even if only one of them decided to act in more BL shows after SOTUS ended. Kongpob and Arthit were one of the first character couples that was highly beloved and cherished by fans and people could not believe it when they announced the second season SOTUS S. Even now, if the friends (the real actors) do something together, a lot of BL fans go crazy over them.

3 – Malec

Series: The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones (2013), Shadowhunters (2016-2019)
Characters: Magnus Bane (Godfrey Gao, Harry Shum Jr.), Alec Lightwood (Kevin Zegers, Matthew Daddario)


What to know: The characters first appeared in the US American movie The Mortal Instruments together. After the movie ended up being a flop, the book series was adapted to TV. That’s why there are four actors listed and not two. The TV series got more popularity and fame and they ended up producing three seasons. Their story is about the stoic Alec Lightwood, who was raised as a fighter and to protect the family reputation, and the playful Magnus Bane, an immortal warlock. One day they meet and immediately feel an attraction to each other but there are many obstacles in their way.

Malec is probably one of US TV’s most beloved gay couples out there. Shadowhunters was a nice show but if those two characters had not gotten as many fans as they did, it most definitely would not have made it as far as it did. Fans followed all the scenes with eagle eyes and after the famous kissing scene, fans were on Cloud 9. The actors themselves even said, that the couple was very loved and that brought a lot of pressure but they were happy to be able to make so many fans happy. I really enjoyed that the couple had high quality scenes and ended up being one of the main couples of the whole show and not just side characters, like with many other US TV shows.

2 – The LBC couples (Ae x Pete, Tin x Can)

Series: Love By Chance (2018), TharnType (2019-2020)
Characters: Ae (Perth Tanapon), Pete (Saint Suppapong), Tin (Mean Phiravich), Can (Plan Rathavit)


What to know: The Thai BL series Love By Chance was the breakout hit of 2018. It features four couples. The main couple is outgoing and tough Ae and shy and quiet Pete who meet by accident and soon become the most important person to each other. The second couple is the cold Tin from a rich family and the energetic and easy going Can. They meet through Ae and Pete and immediately start fighting until Tin decides to pursue Can romantically. The other two couples are not really featured much in the series so I’m not actually including them here.

Even after two years LBC is one of the biggest hits out there. And it immediately confronted the cast with a lot of fame. The characters and couples are some of the most beloved couples out there. Seriously, if the upcoming second season would feature all the original actors and couples, no BL fan would skip on it. The characters enchanted all the fans and while over the years some criticized the series, the couples are still part of some of the most popular couples out there. And the big fandom definitely kick started a few careers here.


1 – Wangxian

Series: The Untamed (2019), The Untamed Special Edition (2019-2020)
Characters: Wei Wu Xian (Sean Xiao), Lan Wang Ji (Wang Yi Bo)


What to know: The Untamed is a 2019 Chinese series. Outgoing and feisty Wei Wu Xian from the Yunmeng Jiang clan visits another clan with his “brother” and “sister” and meets Lan Wang Ji, the stoic and quiet second son of the Gusu Lan sect leader. While at odds in the beginning, the two soon start becoming trusted friends and companions to each other.

2018 had LBC, 2019 had The Untamed and it left all BL fans stunned. Seriously, if you haven’t watched it for whatever reason, do it. Now. The Untamed finished after one season of 50 episodes but fans still love them and for a reason. Like I said before, China still has its ridiculous ban of LGBTQ+ content going on, so The Untamed is quite platonic BUT that does not defer from the fact that the chemistry between the leads is off the charts. The chemistry, the sweet and sometimes dramatic story and the detailed world surrounding the leads pulls you in if you want it or not and WangXian are definitely the one most beloved couple out there. I did hear some people have issues about the series but seriously for everyone who watched until the end, I have yet to hear a person seriously criticizing this couple. And I would not recommend complaining. Fans do tend to go crazy over WangXian and their chemistry. That’s why so many people watched The Special Edition, even though it was pretty much the same series just in short and with some little additional content.



So, this is my list of most beloved BL couples out there. If you have couples I might have left out, comment down below, maybe I really just forgot and I will add them; maybe I had a reason to skip them. Comment down below and tell me what you think.

I left out Tharn and Type because while the show is amazing and so, it’s mostly the actors themselves being shipped together and like I said I’m going to do character couples.

Do you agree? Do you disagree? Do you want to know more about a couple? Tell me your opinion in the comments below. And with this…I’m out!



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