Let’s Play! BL Riddle Game

I thought I’m gonna try something different now and write a game for you guys. So recently I re-watched and watched some past and some currently airing shows and movies and I had these crazy thoughts of “I could describe this very differently but still accurate” and so, I’m here writing these riddles.


Instructions: Read the riddle. Think about the answer. Write down what series you think it is. Check the solutions at the end.

Featuring: Asian shows that feature at least one BL couple. No movies (yet). No non-Asian shows. Already completed and currently airing. No upcoming shows.

Rules: Multiple season are multiple possibilities (meaning a season 2 counts as its own series and not as one with season 1)

Some of the riddles are easy and some may be pretty hard I think. I tried my best, don’t hate me! Also, the pics to not correlate to the riddles at all!

Let’s Go!

1 – The starting point for one of our GMMTV boys, starring a yellow rain coat (no, it’s not the movie It) and a sticky juice shower, ew. Featuring the beginning of our beloved GMMTV three-way…


2 – The story of wrecking rooms and the secret meaning of Sprite. Secretly a hair advertisement.


3 – The first story of THE girl every gay (or not gay) person on earth wants to have as their best friend. Featuring way too many pink clothes and a sweet proposal.


4 – A fluffy tragedy and food porn combined. Sponsored by snacks.


5 – A very uncommon family: a kid, a grown-up kid, a skeleton (or mostly it’s head) and our main protagonist. Maybe he should just write his will now?


6 – A short series we all wish was longer and which made every BL oldie fan cry their eyes out. The names are confusing though.


7 – A guide on how to NOT get the right timing for confessing your feelings. Including characters both loved and hated, depending on which episode you are talking about. Featuring an actor who does not seem to age…like ever…


8 – A surprise story of how a son should not introduce their husband to their family. Featuring weasels.


9 – An unexpected BL story and why we would not have many shows if people would communicate their feelings directly. Did he just misunderstand his room mates actions or was this on purpose? Dae-bak!


So, how was it? Did you get all of them you think? Or did you struggle a lot? Tell me if you want to see more of this. I’m not perfect at writing but I’m gonna try my best to make it fun and enjoyable.




1- Waterboyy The Series
2- TharnType
3- Bad Romance
4- Until We Meet Again
5- HIStory2: Right or Wrong
5- ReminderS
6- Theory of Love
7- My Monster-In-Law
8- The Lover



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