Let’s Play! BL Riddle Game

I thought I’m gonna try something different now and write a game for you guys. So recently I re-watched and watched some past and some currently airing shows and movies and I had these crazy thoughts of “I could describe this very differently but still accurate” and so, I’m here writing these riddles.


Instructions: Read the riddle. Think about the answer. Write down what series you think it is. Check the solutions at the end.

Featuring: Asian shows that feature at least one BL couple. No movies (yet). No non-Asian shows. Already completed and currently airing. No upcoming shows.

Rules: Multiple season are multiple possibilities (meaning a season 2 counts as its own series and not as one with season 1)

Some of the riddles are easy and some may be pretty hard I think. I tried my best, don’t hate me! Also, the pics to not correlate to the riddles at all!

Let’s Go!

1 – The starting point for one of our GMMTV boys, starring a yellow rain coat (no, it’s not the movie It) and a sticky juice shower, ew. Featuring the beginning of our beloved GMMTV three-way…


2 – The story of wrecking rooms and the secret meaning of Sprite. Secretly a hair advertisement.


3 – The first story of THE girl every gay (or not gay) person on earth wants to have as their best friend. Featuring way too many pink clothes and a sweet proposal.


4 – A fluffy tragedy and food porn combined. Sponsored by snacks.


5 – A very uncommon family: a kid, a grown-up kid, a skeleton (or mostly it’s head) and our main protagonist. Maybe he should just write his will now?


6 – A short series we all wish was longer and which made every BL oldie fan cry their eyes out. The names are confusing though.


7 – A guide on how to NOT get the right timing for confessing your feelings. Including characters both loved and hated, depending on which episode you are talking about. Featuring an actor who does not seem to age…like ever…


8 – A surprise story of how a son should not introduce their husband to their family. Featuring weasels.


9 – An unexpected BL story and why we would not have many shows if people would communicate their feelings directly. Did he just misunderstand his room mates actions or was this on purpose? Dae-bak!


So, how was it? Did you get all of them you think? Or did you struggle a lot? Tell me if you want to see more of this. I’m not perfect at writing but I’m gonna try my best to make it fun and enjoyable.




1- Waterboyy The Series
2- TharnType
3- Bad Romance
4- Until We Meet Again
5- HIStory2: Right or Wrong
5- ReminderS
6- Theory of Love
7- My Monster-In-Law
8- The Lover



Because updates are exhausting #randomremarks

Welcome to another installment of random remarks and me lamenting about some ongoing things…or if I’m late, the recently past things 🙂

What to do with Monday and Tuesday?

So recently I started to write down all the shows I’m watching and on what weekdays I can expect some new episodes. I really need it because I watch to much and already lost total control of my calendar I guess. Well, so I started this calendar and soon realized…why do I have almost nothing to watch on Monday and Tuesday? For some time I had one (!) show to watch but since that ended I’m pretty much screwed at the beginning of the week. For now I have spend my time re-watching already released stuff or to finally finish a few shows I had stopped watching for some time.


So if you know any good shows airing on Mon/Tue, feel free to write it down in the comments.

It’s gonna be an interesting Phase Four…

Whether you are a Marvel fan or not, if you like superhero movies at all, you probably have heard of the dispute between Marvel and Sony.
For those who do not know, Marvel (which belongs to Disney) and Sony have made a pretty amazing deal in the last few years, something not seen before. Sony owns the rights to Spiderman while Marvel wanted to add the friendly neighborhood hero to their highly popular MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) and integrate him into the world of their other superheroes. If you have ever entered the world of licensing, owner rights and so on, you’ll know it’s messy and pretty much a world of “i have something you don’t have, hehe”. So, this deal… Marvel and Sony decided to cut a deal, where Sony would pay and produce the movies but Marvel would take the lead on the creative side. Of course, the income would go to Sony too. I mean, let’s be honest here: if you are not an avid comic fan and totally for “the original comic creators should be able to do what they want with their hero”, then this does sound pretty reasonable considering Marvel/Disney were the ones who wanted to include Spiderman into their universe. I mean, yes, Sony got the lucky end with the movies considering only (I think) 5% of the movie profit went to Marvel but…everyone…you DO KNOW HOW MUCH money Spiderman made, right? The first one got pretty much 7-8 times its original budget and the second made around 9-10 times its original budget.


A little bit of math: if I can believe wikipedia, Spider-Man: Far From Home made around 1.111 billion US Dollars. Even if we minus the 160 million for its budget, 5% are still around 47 million dollars. Ever heard of the phrase: “if you don’t respect the little money, then you don’t deserve the big one”? and Marvel finally got a deal that allowed for them to get to use Spiderman in their MCU.

In general, I understand why Marvel asked for more money, I do. I do not understand why they asked for 50% though. Let me be honest, if I was in Sony’s position I would’ve trashed the deal too. I mean, Sony DID buy the Spiderman rights and now they are being slandered for actually doing what they want with it…that’s as if I bought a house, painted it pink and now everyone is complaining that I should give back the house, JUST because I colored it pink. I mean Sony already saw that it was smarter to let Marvel take the creative lead because they are far better at that than Sony, but asking for half of the money, it’s pretty much Marvel asking whether they can have their hero back. I’m totally for Marvel getting their hero back…but maybe don’t ruin your own story on the way. So many people already doubted the MCU could survive without Iron Man and this definitely does not bode well for the MCU’s future.

So yes, I’m actually on Sony’s side here…I do hope they reach a new deal with Disney and Marvel though, because Tom Holland as Spiderman is just amazing ^.^


And fall brings us back to the wonderful world of BL…

For BL there are these phases I think. During the year there are like 3 or 4 phases where there are 2-3 BL shows airing at the same time. Then suddenly it stops and we are left with nothing. Before 2Moons2 we had such a sad phase. Well, another one is coming soon. September brings another dry phase considering 2Moons2 ends in September and Dark Blue Kiss doesn’t start until October. The same with the highly anticipated (at least by me) series Until We Meet Again, that one is supposed to start in November. History3 Make Our Days Count (the second story of the HiStory3 series) is also set to air from October 1st. So prepare for some sad weeks of not being able to watch anything. Do not be too sad though, since we are getting Dark Blue Kiss, Until We Meet Again, HiStory3 Make Our Days Count and maybe finally the also long awaited series The Effect (although we may not know whether that show goes the dark or happy road)


Since I already mentioned it, I cannot wait for Until We Meet Again. I’m currently reading the novel and it is absolutely awesome. I mean seriously, it’s tragic and sad, but at the same time so lovely! And considering the trailers/teasers and the pictures I have seen I think they did a good job with the cast ^.^ so excited for it. For those who do not know: UWMA is about Korn and Intouch, who fall in love and promise each other to always be together and find each other. But their love is not supposed to last and ends tragically. 30 years later, Parm starts his university life and meets the swimming team captain Dean. And strangely, both of them have the feeling of having met each other before…as if they remembered each other from a previous life.
I am seriously so excited for this series!


As for 2Moons2, let me be honest, if the ending is as good as the show is right now, they totally top the previous season. The show has the chemistry, the cast, the stories, the design and camera work and gets better each episode. I’m definitely gonna post a review after it ended, so yes, you’re gonna hear my full review then.

So, is there anything else? Not really I guess…I am planning to release a review on Theory of Love soon 😀


Summer is here #lifeinanutshell

Let me start this post in a different way than usual. With a warning. It’s 36°C where I’m from and my brain switches off at around 25°C so I’m overly excerting myself right now. It’s hot, it’s sunny and even though I’m on vacation right now, I’m totally useless.


So despite this lack of usefulness and energy, I thought it would be a nice idea to post some life update again since I haven’t in a long time. Just to keep you up to date even if you’re not interested 😉 (even I’m getting tired of all the reviews)

What have I been up to?

I tried losing some kilos and the only thing I lost was my patience.
I finished my Bachelor thesis, but I do still have to take additional courses at uni.
I’m on vacation and sweating my life out of me since IT IS TOO HOT. Did I mention that already? *my brain is overheating right now*

I’m diligently watching the ongoing BL shows and tried to post some reviews but I kind of get stuck in the middle all the time so no posting yet. I will try to finish the 2Moons 2 review today though, so maybe in the next few days I can release it.


As for general BL news: currently ongoing Theory of Love with #OffGun and like mentioned 2Moons 2 with the new cast. We just finished the re-telling episodes of the story so let’s see how they manage with a whole new story. I’m interested.

So, yeah, there is not much going on but at the same time some things have happened I guess. I hope that after finishing my thesis, the exams and so on I might have some time to release some posts again so keep your eyes open, maybe I’ll manage to keep my promises for once.


So this is the end of my post, it’s a short one, I know.
Bye 🙂




About pumpkincrash

Welcome to my site and I hope you’re gonna stay for a while. Here a few things about this site you might be interested in…or not.

Why pumpkincrash?

Because I like the English word pumpkinpumpkin pumpkin pumpkin. I don’t actually like the color orange but hey, why not?

Who am I?

(this paragraph is the same as written on the front page of this website)

I am a 20-something student and IT-employee who likes her job and just tries to get a degree for the degree, not because she’s actually gonna do anything with it (it’s not an IT related subject).

I collect everything with owls and have a big fluffy elephant plushie in my bed. My favourite movies are Aladdin (2019) and Ready Player One and my guilty pleasure song I Want It That Way by the Backstreet Boys. I’m a K-Pop fan and my future traveling goals include Australia, New York, Canada, Thailand and South Korea. As you can probably figure from that, I’m not from any of these places. I’m from Europe.
I speak English and German pretty fluently, I can understand some French and Spanish and I’m currently learning Korean.

What is this site about?

I mostly write about K-Pop, Boys Love TV shows, some Manga and Anime stuff and my movie and TV fascinations. Sometimes I post Best-Off Lists, sometimes just reviews and a lot of times recommendations.

How long does it take for me to answer comments?

Until now it took me quite some time, mainly because I wasn’t on this site much and I didn’t really know what to write about but I’m trying my best to better myself to a reply time of 2-3 days.

Is it possible to contact me any other way?

Of course, I have a phone, a mobile phone, a Whatsapp, a Youtube account, an Instagram, an email. I just won’t tell you what they are.

You have an idea for a post or want to give me a suggestion for future post topics?

Just write it into the comments and tell me and I’ll see what I can do.


Busy? I know that feeling…#update

So this is gonna be a short post.

For all the BL recommendations fans out there, I’m so so so soooo sorry for not actually managing to post that promised recommendations post part V yet….

First, it’s because I had to watch some of the stuff I wanna recommend.

Second, I don’t wanna recommend bad stuff.

Third, I am actually running out of good recommendations but it’s okay, I’ll manage atm…somehow BL shows are going on a break for some time, it seems. There’s gonna be some new ones soon but I don’t think with a BL couple as a main protagonist. But let’s see and hope for the best.

Fourth and this is also about my other posts and news: I’ve been sick for more than two weeks now and I have a big exam (which I totally cannot fail *again*) coming up, so I had/have absolutely no time to post anything, not even write a lot.


So when do you get your update? Well, easy: My exam is on the 11th of April, some time after that, I can post the new recommendations post, depending on how crazy busy my other school work is by then (since pretty much everything except for the urgent stuff has been put on hold in my life for now).

So again: Sorry for not giving you that promised part V yet, I’m doing my best T.T