Let’s Play! BL Riddle Game

I thought I’m gonna try something different now and write a game for you guys. So recently I re-watched and watched some past and some currently airing shows and movies and I had these crazy thoughts of “I could describe this very differently but still accurate” and so, I’m here writing these riddles.


Instructions: Read the riddle. Think about the answer. Write down what series you think it is. Check the solutions at the end.

Featuring: Asian shows that feature at least one BL couple. No movies (yet). No non-Asian shows. Already completed and currently airing. No upcoming shows.

Rules: Multiple season are multiple possibilities (meaning a season 2 counts as its own series and not as one with season 1)

Some of the riddles are easy and some may be pretty hard I think. I tried my best, don’t hate me! Also, the pics to not correlate to the riddles at all!

Let’s Go!

1 – The starting point for one of our GMMTV boys, starring a yellow rain coat (no, it’s not the movie It) and a sticky juice shower, ew. Featuring the beginning of our beloved GMMTV three-way…


2 – The story of wrecking rooms and the secret meaning of Sprite. Secretly a hair advertisement.


3 – The first story of THE girl every gay (or not gay) person on earth wants to have as their best friend. Featuring way too many pink clothes and a sweet proposal.


4 – A fluffy tragedy and food porn combined. Sponsored by snacks.


5 – A very uncommon family: a kid, a grown-up kid, a skeleton (or mostly it’s head) and our main protagonist. Maybe he should just write his will now?


6 – A short series we all wish was longer and which made every BL oldie fan cry their eyes out. The names are confusing though.


7 – A guide on how to NOT get the right timing for confessing your feelings. Including characters both loved and hated, depending on which episode you are talking about. Featuring an actor who does not seem to age…like ever…


8 – A surprise story of how a son should not introduce their husband to their family. Featuring weasels.


9 – An unexpected BL story and why we would not have many shows if people would communicate their feelings directly. Did he just misunderstand his room mates actions or was this on purpose? Dae-bak!


So, how was it? Did you get all of them you think? Or did you struggle a lot? Tell me if you want to see more of this. I’m not perfect at writing but I’m gonna try my best to make it fun and enjoyable.




1- Waterboyy The Series
2- TharnType
3- Bad Romance
4- Until We Meet Again
5- HIStory2: Right or Wrong
5- ReminderS
6- Theory of Love
7- My Monster-In-Law
8- The Lover



Most Loved BL Couples (worldwide)

In the last few years we have gotten a lot of different BL couples. From movies, TV shows and so on. Today I want to give you a short overview over the most loved and popular BL couples. I’m trying to be on a worldwide scale here but I know more Thai shows than others, so of course, more of them will be here.

This will not be a post with like “who is IN right now?” but more like “What couples kind of defied the BL couples game in shows out there and were highly liked and beloved”. Of course there a lot of really popular shows that have LGBTQ+ characters and gay relationships in it but not all of those couples have a really big fandom. I’m mostly talking about couples where fans where really happy with every scene they got from the couple and it didn’t matter how small, fans loved the scenes (unless it was a break-up…).

So there might be a lot of couples missing if you only expect me to talk about the big shows and their characters because a lot of those shows are highly loved overall and not just or mainly for the gay couple.

Note: I am talking about character couples not real life actors!
Also, this is MY OPINION. This is not scientific research. This is what I experienced from interacting with other fans, asking in forums and chats and reading other people’s favorite couples lists.

11 – Frame x Book

Series: Make It Right (2016), Make It Right 2 (2017), Make It Live: On The Beach (2019)
Characters: Frame (Ohm Pawat), Book (Toey Sittiwat)


What to know: The characters first made an appearance in the Thai series Make It Right and later on appeared in the second season as well as in one episode of the series special. Book is the top student of his high school class, if not even the whole year. He is shy and mostly alone. Frame is the total opposite. He is a total playboy and has lots of friends. He is very easygoing and open. One day an accidental meeting leads to some steamy action and despite Frame’s playboy image and Book’s shyness, they grow closer and their feelings change.

There are a lot of shows where the second couple and not just the main couple bring in a lot of fans. It’s been happening quite often actually. You could call it a trend. Talking about second couples taking the spotlight, here is the original one. Frame and Book started out as the more popular couple after Make It Right, even though they were the second and not the main couple. Their popularity lost a little bit of touch in the second season (the “second season curse”, let’s call it that) but overall they were the top “second” couple out there and people loved the playboy-top student cliche in BL form. One of the actors left the genre after but it definitely kick started Ohm Pawat‘s career. He is one of the names to remember in the BL genre but also a very good up-and-coming actor in general.

10 – Sun x Mork

Series: Kiss Me Again (2018), Dark Blue Kiss (2019)
Characters: Sun (Podd Suphakorn), Mork (Fluke Gawin)


What to know: Sun and Mork first appeared in the second installment of the Thai Kiss Series, Kiss Me Again. There was a lot of tension between the characters but fans got curious. Afterwards they appear as the second couple in the third installment Dark Blue Kiss (DBK) and almost immediately swept fans away. Sun lives with his younger brother right above his own café. Almost everyday he clashes with his brother’s best friend and college mate Mork who has quite the temper on him. But their dislike is not as deep as they think.

DBK got a lot of concerns and negative reviews. But that was mostly about the main couple and the overall story pacing. A lot of fans only stayed with the series because of the secondary couple, Sun and Mork. They got everything, from passionate scenes full of tension, as well as sweet and fluffy scenes you just want to giggle to. They might not be as popular as some other couples on this list but I think it is quite amazing how this couple made a series so much better than it was and how it kept all the fans stay with the series, no matter how annoyed they were by all the other characters. That’s a very praise-worthy achievement. A lot of fans have asked for another season with them, while some fans (me included) voiced their concern over the possibility of ruining a perfectly good couple through another season (you remember…the “second season curse”)

9 – Gallavich

Series: Shameless (US Version, 2011 – present)
Characters: Ian Gallagher (Cameron Monaghan), Mickey Milkovich (Noel Fisher)

1012 - Gallavich!

What to know: The Gallavich characters appeared starting from season one of the US TV series Shameless. Ian was a main character right from the beginning, Mickey was upgraded to series regular starting season 2. Ian is part of the dysfunctional Gallagher family and butts heads with the kinda gangsta/street style Mickey, the older brother of one of Ian’s friends. Their continuous tensions end up getting them closer than ever.

Let me be honest, Gallavich is a very passionate couple full of tension and they had a lot of bad scenes as well as good scenes. Some people might not count them as one of the most beloved BL couples out there but tbh they are one of the most passionate couple in this “genre”. And I’m not just saying that because they had some steamy scenes, no. I’m counting the scenes where whatever happened, in the end they supported each other when they had a bad time and they just could not stay away from each other. If you talk about passionate and also popular gay/BL couple, Gallavich is definitely one of them.

8 – Pete x Kao

Series: Kiss The Series (2016), Kiss Me Again (2018), Our Skyy (2018), Dark Blue Kiss (2019)
Characters: Pete (Tay Tawan), Kao (New Thitipoom)


What to know: Pete and Kao first appeared in the Thai series Kiss The Series as supporting roles, then in the second installment Kiss Me Again as one of the main couples and then got their own installment Dark Blue Kiss. They started out as acquaintances, then went on to dislike each other because of misunderstandings and differences between them. In the end they became friends and lovers.

Note: Kiss Me Again (2nd installment) tells the pre-story of Kiss The Series (1st installment) but because of production value I recommend watching Kiss The Series first anyway because otherwise you are going to be disappointed by Kiss The Series since after all, they had a better production quality in Kiss Me Again.

Originally I wanted to do a one couple per series but I kinda worked on this concept again. Pete and Kao come from the same world as Sun and Mork and they are the only Thai character couple besides Korn and Knock who managed to hold on into a third season. Their relationship really took off when we saw them in Kiss Me Again and the actors are often paired together too. When DBK was announced, it was like Christmas for fans. Sure, there were a lot of negative reviews but overall we love the couple and they might not be the most beloved BL couple out there but strangely enough there also aren’t that many people who dislike them. Compared with the top spots on this list (except for number 1) who also have a lot of viewers who disliked them, Pete and Kao are mostly loved or “okay-ed” by viewers, earning them a spot on this list here.

7 – Klaine

Series: Glee (2009-2015)
Characters: Kurt Hummel (Chris Colfer), Blaine Anderson (Darren Criss)


What to know: Kurt and Blaine are characters in the US TV series Glee. Kurt was a series regular from the beginning to the end of the series, while Blaine starred from season two until the end of the series. Kurt has always been the “strange” kid in his school. One day he meets Blaine while spying on another school’s show choir. After becoming friends, their feelings soon turn into something more.

Different from a lot of the Thai shows, this show features a lot of grown-up problems too. Marriage and planning your future together is a big topic in Glee in general but for this couple too. Even though the Glee hype kind of lessened over the years, Klaine was a big hit and should be considered a milestone in TV. It was a mainstream show, especially also for younger people, and they were one of the main couples, especially in its later seasons. They weren’t just pushed to the side as a support couple like so many other LGBTQ+ couples in other shows. Spoiler! When they faced some problems in the later seasons and broke up, fans went kinda crazy and I still remember how many people complained about the producers for doing this. In the end we do get our happy end for them but fans really followed their story with full focus.

6 – Gu Hai x Bai Luo Yin

Series: Addicted Heroin (2016)
Characters: Bai Luo Yin (Timmy Xu), Gu Hai (Johnny Huang)


What to know: Bai Luo Yin and Gu Hai are the protagonists of the Chinese series Addicted Heroin (nothing to do with the drug). It tells the story of Bai Luo Yin who lives in poor surroundings with his father while his mother remarried. One day he meets the rich and spoiled Gu Hai who takes an interest in Bai Luo Yin. From then on it’s a tug and turn war between them.

Still named as one of the best BL shows out there, Addicted stands strong against a lot of shows. Some may ask, why? Well, easy. The chemistry between the leads is the main reason why this show got so much love and why people still love it. It was one of the first shows, especially Chinese shows, that featured such an amazing chemistry between the lead couple and it carried through the whole series. Unfortunately we did not get a second season as planned, because China had to ban LGBTQ+ content (yes, China, I will be angry about that indefinitely!) but at least we got one season of great chemistry between this couple.

5 – Korn x Knock

Series: Bad Romance (2016), Together With Me (2017), Together With Me – The Next Chapter (2018)
Characters: Korn (Max Nattapol), Knock (Tul Pakorn)


What to know: Korn and Knock first appear in the Thai series Bad Romance as a side couple, then again in Together With Me and its sequel The Next Chapter as the main couple/one of the main couples. Korn and Knock were school mates and later became friends in early college days. One drunk night changes all of it though.

Korn and Knock….what to say here? Korn and Knock were one of the first Thai couples who did not look like small boys, yes, they are actually quite well trained. They were also one of the first Thai couples who started having actual steamy scenes. It wasn’t just a kiss here and a kiss there, they actually featured more than one full on make out scene, throwing a lot of BL fans into a frenzy. Similar to the Kiss Series, The Next Chapter got a lot of negative feedback (for a reason though…ugh), still the couple had one of the best couple chemistry out there. They just fit together so well and fans noticed and loved them for it.

4 – Kongpob x Arthit

Series: SOTUS (2016-17), SOTUS S (2017-18), Our Skyy (2018)
Characters: Kongpob (Singto Prachaya), Arthit (Krist Sangpotirat)


What to know: The characters are the main protagonists of the Thai series SOTUS (available on Youtube HERE). The series is set at college in the engineering faculty. Kongpob is a freshman and has to deal with the usual hazing the freshman of the faculty get from the seniors. The leader of the hazers is Arthit and both guys immediately clash with each other. But slowly there feelings start to change and they grow closer.

If we talk about changing the BL game, SOTUS is definitely one of the big names out there. Before you come to me and say “but there were so many others before or after”, listen. SOTUS was one of the first shows where the actors themselves got really famous in the genre even if only one of them decided to act in more BL shows after SOTUS ended. Kongpob and Arthit were one of the first character couples that was highly beloved and cherished by fans and people could not believe it when they announced the second season SOTUS S. Even now, if the friends (the real actors) do something together, a lot of BL fans go crazy over them.

3 – Malec

Series: The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones (2013), Shadowhunters (2016-2019)
Characters: Magnus Bane (Godfrey Gao, Harry Shum Jr.), Alec Lightwood (Kevin Zegers, Matthew Daddario)


What to know: The characters first appeared in the US American movie The Mortal Instruments together. After the movie ended up being a flop, the book series was adapted to TV. That’s why there are four actors listed and not two. The TV series got more popularity and fame and they ended up producing three seasons. Their story is about the stoic Alec Lightwood, who was raised as a fighter and to protect the family reputation, and the playful Magnus Bane, an immortal warlock. One day they meet and immediately feel an attraction to each other but there are many obstacles in their way.

Malec is probably one of US TV’s most beloved gay couples out there. Shadowhunters was a nice show but if those two characters had not gotten as many fans as they did, it most definitely would not have made it as far as it did. Fans followed all the scenes with eagle eyes and after the famous kissing scene, fans were on Cloud 9. The actors themselves even said, that the couple was very loved and that brought a lot of pressure but they were happy to be able to make so many fans happy. I really enjoyed that the couple had high quality scenes and ended up being one of the main couples of the whole show and not just side characters, like with many other US TV shows.

2 – The LBC couples (Ae x Pete, Tin x Can)

Series: Love By Chance (2018), TharnType (2019-2020)
Characters: Ae (Perth Tanapon), Pete (Saint Suppapong), Tin (Mean Phiravich), Can (Plan Rathavit)


What to know: The Thai BL series Love By Chance was the breakout hit of 2018. It features four couples. The main couple is outgoing and tough Ae and shy and quiet Pete who meet by accident and soon become the most important person to each other. The second couple is the cold Tin from a rich family and the energetic and easy going Can. They meet through Ae and Pete and immediately start fighting until Tin decides to pursue Can romantically. The other two couples are not really featured much in the series so I’m not actually including them here.

Even after two years LBC is one of the biggest hits out there. And it immediately confronted the cast with a lot of fame. The characters and couples are some of the most beloved couples out there. Seriously, if the upcoming second season would feature all the original actors and couples, no BL fan would skip on it. The characters enchanted all the fans and while over the years some criticized the series, the couples are still part of some of the most popular couples out there. And the big fandom definitely kick started a few careers here.


1 – Wangxian

Series: The Untamed (2019), The Untamed Special Edition (2019-2020)
Characters: Wei Wu Xian (Sean Xiao), Lan Wang Ji (Wang Yi Bo)


What to know: The Untamed is a 2019 Chinese series. Outgoing and feisty Wei Wu Xian from the Yunmeng Jiang clan visits another clan with his “brother” and “sister” and meets Lan Wang Ji, the stoic and quiet second son of the Gusu Lan sect leader. While at odds in the beginning, the two soon start becoming trusted friends and companions to each other.

2018 had LBC, 2019 had The Untamed and it left all BL fans stunned. Seriously, if you haven’t watched it for whatever reason, do it. Now. The Untamed finished after one season of 50 episodes but fans still love them and for a reason. Like I said before, China still has its ridiculous ban of LGBTQ+ content going on, so The Untamed is quite platonic BUT that does not defer from the fact that the chemistry between the leads is off the charts. The chemistry, the sweet and sometimes dramatic story and the detailed world surrounding the leads pulls you in if you want it or not and WangXian are definitely the one most beloved couple out there. I did hear some people have issues about the series but seriously for everyone who watched until the end, I have yet to hear a person seriously criticizing this couple. And I would not recommend complaining. Fans do tend to go crazy over WangXian and their chemistry. That’s why so many people watched The Special Edition, even though it was pretty much the same series just in short and with some little additional content.



So, this is my list of most beloved BL couples out there. If you have couples I might have left out, comment down below, maybe I really just forgot and I will add them; maybe I had a reason to skip them. Comment down below and tell me what you think.

I left out Tharn and Type because while the show is amazing and so, it’s mostly the actors themselves being shipped together and like I said I’m going to do character couples.

Do you agree? Do you disagree? Do you want to know more about a couple? Tell me your opinion in the comments below. And with this…I’m out!



Because I love BL. Update 14/03/2020

Hi, this is just another update for everyone out there.

So, many bad and scary things going around at the moment but I’m not here for that. I’m here to give some good news and make you smile.

I have made a few new friends who are also part of the BL world and they have given me even more information which I thought I share with you. There has been quite a few things going on in the last few weeks regarding BL.

First, we got the TharnType second season announcement! I mean, YES! We all hoped for it and we got it. Thank you so much to the whole production team ❤ Now let’s all just hope they won’t fall under the same curse every second installment did. Please make it amazing. Pretty please. I heard some of the plot lines for the new season and it sounds like something that could go very very wrong and turn out like Together With Me: The Next Chapter. I’m gonna trust everyone involved in the production though and just hope for the best.


Secondly, we got a few series starts with Why R U The Series and 2Gether The Series. As well as the show Because Of You. Because Of You is definitely lower in production quality but seriously that show has a way with its story and characters. I cannot stop watching even if next week is the finale 🙂 cannot wait to see all those sweet confession scenes!


Why R U is currently rocking the BL world. Saint Suppapong is back to win our hearts and I really don’t think he plans on letting go anytime soon. The series is getting better each week and the expectations are rising. We are already at episode 7 and I’m curious where the series goes and what we will get in the end. If they do well, people are gonna ask for a second season, I’m sure. You can find the links on the official LINE TV twitter Thailand.

And now, 2Gether. Isn’t it the first of GMMTV’s BL line-up? Or the first one of the 2020 line-up in general? Like the one they uploaded on YouTube? Well, doesn’t matter. Before I talk about the series itself: GMMTV actually uploaded the subs right when they uploaded the episodes and I really want to kiss them for it! I mean, finally and oh I love it so much 🙂 It was already a mess with DBK when we had to wait for subs even though we knew we could already watch it without. So, thank you, GMM, you are the best!

Moving on to 2Gether. It’s on episode 3 this week and I. am. absolutely. in love with it. Seriously, I love that the characters are so different from our usual leads. Tine is dumb but innocent and so pure and just a joyful person in general. And Sarawat is so charismatic but at the same time shy and cute and awkward about everything. The characters are so balanced and I cannot wait to see more. I already knew this could turn out to be a really good or really bad series. So far, they have shown only good things. I’m definitely watching more!



On the 14th (so today) we will also see the start of two new shows. Studio Wabisabi‘s highly anticipated En of Love. High pressure for that show but the studio has proven to be doing well, so I’m full of hope.


We will also get My Engineer. Finally. Some faces we know, some we don’t. I actually don’t know much about the series itself but I think this could also turn out to be either really good or really bad. My curiosity is picked and I can only hope we will be able to watch it on official links with subs next week. Let’s hope!


Also there seems to be another ReminderS 2 in production. Since Love Sick 3 turned out to be nothing, I don’t want to guarantee anything but if a ReminderS 2 is happening, I’m going to freak out. I hope I’m not at work when that happens. I do hope we see a return of Phun and Noh though.

So here you just had a few good news! I hope you liked them, even if they are quite short. Maybe check out the new shows and let’s all hope for second ReminderS!


Stay healthy and continue supporting our BL shows by watching the official links! Byeee, cya!


Review: Until We Meet Again

Oh my dear heart. If you have also watched Until We Meet Again The Series, or UWMA in short, then you will know what I mean. It was a rollercoaster ride. So many feelings, so many tears. By the end, even I’m surprised Fluke still had any tears left to cry and I actually read the novel so I knew what was coming. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, no problem, I’m here to enlighten you about the show that kept everyone afloat after our favorite TharnType ended.

Read on and find out more!


Until We Meet Again – General Information

Until We Meet Again is a 2019/20 series that aired from November 2019 to March 2020 and was originally set for 12 or 13 episodes. Because the fans loved it so much (and maybe other reasons) they actually extended it to 17 episodes. So it is actually one of the longer BL shows nowadays.
UWMA aired on LINE TV and LINE TV even released official links with English subtitles for international fans. The series is produced by Studio Wabisabi. Yes, the studio that brought us Love By Chance, a show that is not anywhere near willing to give up its top spot in BL. Studio Wabisabi also released the episodes on their YouTube channel with English subs. You can find them here: LINE TV & YouTube


The series cast includes a lot of new faces or unknown faces to the BL world with Ohm Thitiwat Ritprasert as Dean and Nine Noppakao Dechaphatthanakun as Korn, as well as actors Prem Warut Chawalitrujiwong as Team and Boun Noppanut Guntachai as Win. We got some more known faces, mainly from other Studio Wabisabi works, with Earth Katsamonnat Namwirote as Intouch. Fan favorite and more experienced actors and actresses (in leading roles) are mainly represented by Fluke Natouch Siripongthon as Pharm and the amazing Samantha Melanie Coates as Manow. Both have acted in BL as well as non BL shows before and proved to know their acting well.

The series was directed by the awesome and my favorite director New Siwaj Sawatmaneekul (Love By Chance, ReminderS, Make It Right, etc.). Seriously, I want to invite him to a party just for all the amazing shows he’s giving us.

The story and characters

UWMA starts about 30 years ago with Korn and Intouch. Both come from very different family backgrounds but fall in love and want to stay together forever. Their love is short lived when their families are against the couple and tragedy strikes. A promise Intouch and Korn made, leads to today: Pharm is a freshman in university and just starts making new friends and getting used to his new surroundings while still being haunted by scary and unnerving nightmares, when he meets the third year student Dean. Dean is captain of the swimming team and has always had the feeling he is missing something in his life. As it happens their wishes and desires seem to be fulfilled when they finally meet and get closer. But why is it that the nightmares are getting stronger and both feel like there is something they should know about their past lives?


The story does not only revolve around Pharm and Dean though. There are a lot of scenes of Pharm with his new best friends Team and Manow. I totally adore those scenes since it seems more believable then if it was just about the couples. You see Pharm tell his worries to his friends and them supporting him and sometimes teasing and pushing him to do better, like real friends do. There is also the side couple of Team and Win. I enjoyed them a lot but there has been a lot of criticism about them not really having many scenes. I agree although I think there were even less scenes in the actual novel? If I remember it right. So I guess it is okay to not mention too much…I guess…

Overall, the series keeps pretty close to the novel and tries not to cut too much out of the story line. I have no idea how they wanted to fit all of that in 13 episodes though…that’s a mystery I have not yet solved.

The acting and chemistry

Well, the acting was…good, actually. The chemistry, I have to admit, was waaaay off in the beginning. I was like “will this work?” but I kinda warmed up to everyone and everything fit well pretty soon. The chemistry between Pharm, Manow and Team was off the rocks I have to say. They really seemed like such good friends ❤

In general, there was waaaay too much crying involved for Pharm’s role but that’s kinda part of the story line and Fluke Natouch did an amazing job. Samantha Melanie Coates also did an amazing job. You could see they had some experience with acting and knew better what they had to do and how to do it. The newer actors did show some stiffness sometimes but overall they did a good job and you saw them learning over the duration of the series and becoming better every episode.


Fun fact: Starting from like the 10th episode, maybe even earlier, you can see when they shot the scene depending on Win’s hairline. Sometimes he has full blonde hair and suddenly it’s like half natural again…another thing though, guy…please keep your head open more often. When you opened that door, wow…I would’ve never left the room again.

The production and quality

BL shows have been getting better and better in the last few years. There are still some not so high quality shows out there and some of them are hidden gems just waiting to be discovered but LINE TV and GMMTV have set a standard for BL shows that count as the standardized and quality shows of the genre. UWMA is without a doubt one of those high quality productions. The music has the perfect timing, the colors are great, the designs and sets convincing. It all fits together to make a perfect production. There is only one criticism I have for UWMA regarding their production. They never really figured out the brightness settings for in-the-dark scenes. While watching such scenes I had to turn up my screen brightness to the highest possible setting or I wouldn’t have been able to see anything. But that’s my only criticism. The one thing most shows mess up with is the timing of the music and background sounds, UWMA did perfect with those.

Note: There is another thing I’m not happy with…P’Sin’s character…The wig… Don’t worry guys, you will know what I’m talking about when you watch the show 🙂

My personal and biased opinion

I kinda have the feeling I have to give a really personal opinion about this series somehow. I mean I always try to give my opinion but I try not to go just by my preferences but also talk about stuff that might be issues for others. Well with UWMA I have the feeling I also have to talk about my totally personal opinion about the series. First, I loved it. It’s not the best out there, definitely not. It’s not so good, you would think about it for five days and ask yourself if you are ever gonna have a show as good as that, you know the LBC and TTTS effect. At least I had that moment with both those shows. Now, UWMA might not be like that but what I think is so special about this series is that it does not have the usual “ending”.
I’m not talking about the ending of the actual series, I’m not gonna talk about that since I don’t want to spoil stuff. But I do want to talk about the fact, that the stories in the show, not all of them end well. BL shows usually have three kinds of endings: total despair, all end up happy, people disappear into nothingness.

Either everyone dies or the couple is separated and it ends in despair for everyone or it’s a total happy ending with all the leads getting what they always wanted or –and this one is sometimes part of the others– people who might not have been the “good” guys in the series disappear and are not mentioned again. In UWMA there are some revelations that bring tragedy and drama but still the story is not fully closed yet, meaning it’s still part of the story. When you know what I mean and think about it, you want to cry and I did, especially when I read the novel. The series still does a good portrayal and gives you some solace I guess. I think they did well in making the novel into a series and did the novel justice. *SPOILER AT THE END OF THE POST*

I know this is mostly me ranting but I just had to mention why I like this series as much as I do and recommend it to others.

Overall review


Overall UWMA is a little bit darker and more serious than other shows. It is more a romance BL series than a comedic or fast-paced one. The pace is not as slow as it seems in the beginning but it still takes some time to get used to because you will need to turn down your excitement a little bit or you will not get half of what is happening. The series still offers all the things we want from a BL and more. I recommend watching and if you have time I also recommend reading the novel beforehand. It’s even better when you’ve read it. Of course, you can also watch it without having read the novel. Don’t worry everything will be revealed in the end!

So check out this wonderful Studio Wabisabi gem. New and the studio have once again proven they know how to make a good BL show!

I hope you liked this review. Tell me in the comments down below what you thought of the show or if you will watch it 🙂



Just so I’m clear for all those who don’t mind a *SPOILER*:
I watched the series and you always switch between Pharm and Dean in their current life and Intouch and Korn in the past and I enjoyed reading and watching but then it just kinda clicked and I could not forget everytime I watched/read In and Korn’s scenes. “They are so in love and happy. They enjoyed their life and wanted to be together. But in the end the pressure was too much and they died. Not normally but in such a tragic death too.” And so I pretty much cried my eyes out every time I saw them being happy. It was always reminder that they did not get the chance to be happy longer. I don’t know but UWMA really tug my heart strings there….I’m a crybaby.

Review: Dark Blue Kiss

NOTE: I know it is late and I haven’t been posting but seriously have you read the news? It’s only March and I feel like a whole year went by…well, let me make it up for you. I’m trying to post a little bit more in the following weeks at least…

I still remember when GMMTV released their line-up for 2019 and people were going crazy over Dark Blue Kiss. We were getting another installment for one of our favorite couples, Pete x Kao. So yes, the expectations were pretty high. And since I was an avid watcher myself, I decided to finally post a review about it.

Enjoy and share your opinion in the comments below 😊


Dark Blue Kiss – General

Dark Blue Kiss is the third installment of the Kiss series, after Kiss The Series and Kiss Me Again. Different from the others we only see the Pete x Kao couple coming back while some of the characters from previous seasons only appear in a supporting role.
The show had been highly anticipated because, let’s admit Tay and New are one of the favorite couples out there. Of course, the expectations were high, like enormously high.

The series aired between October 12th and December 28th and GMMTV actually released the episodes on YouTube and added subs about 24 to 48 hours later, so international fans could also watch it. Thank you, GMM!
Tay Tawan Vihokratana and New Thitipoom Techaapaikhun both reprised their roles as Pete and Kao respectively. Podd Suphakorn Sriphothong reprised his role as Kao’s café owner friend Sun who build a supporting couple-to-be with another known face from the previous installment, Mork, played by Fluke Gawin Caskey. Many actors from previous installments make an appearance even if just for a short time.

Like I said before the series was also released on YouTube officially and with added English subtitles so please check it out Here.

The story

One thing that is kind of unclear is when this story line takes place. Kiss Me Again, the second installment, served as a prequel and showed us how Pete and Kao got together but there are some plot lines in Kiss The Series, the first installment, that seemingly have not happened or have been forgotten. Judging from the fact that they are applying for jobs already, I guess it’s set after Kiss The Series? But honestly, I have no idea when it actually takes place.

While Kiss Me Again had Pete and Kao figuring out how to fit into the world around them and maybe telling their friends the truth, Kiss Me Again was about their beginnings and how they got so close and when they started going out. Dark Blue Kiss is when they are already together and have to figure out how to tell their families about each other while also discovering what they want to do in the future.


Like other shows this show also has another side couple, Sun and Mork. Sun is the owner of his self started café and lives with his younger brother, Rain. Whenever Rain gets in trouble, his best friend Mork seems to be around and the origin of all bad things happening. Of course, Sun isn’t Mork’s biggest fan. Still he doesn’t want to give up on the guy. One thing leads to another and suddenly Mork is working in Sun’s café. And before they know it their feelings seem to change into…well, into what?

Surprise from unexpected sources

Okay, so let’s start with the bad things first, this time. DBK had such high expectations but the story line of Pete and Kao did not really deliver on it. Sure, there were a few scenes and episodes where they were delightful and as perfect as you can imagine, but out of all 12 episodes you could have told their story of DBK in 3 instead of so many. Why I’m saying this? Because for the first episodes, the same problems seemed to be coming up again and again and to be honest, no one is a fan of insecure feelings for such a long time. For the fans it was clear both of them were in love and had been together for some time…why did they sometimes behave like they had known each other for about a month? Why so much distrust? I can say it was nice to see them develop and near the end the story picked up and finally decided to go somewhere.
You could see Kao and Pete learn and find out more about each other and their own feelings. So as long as they learn how important honest conversation is in a relationship, I guess they will be fine?


The biggest surprise of the show came from our side couple though. Sun and Mork convinced with their romantic tension and obvious dislike turned like. They didn’t just fall in love with each other but like Pete and Kao faced obstacles but they overcame them and learned from them and especially learned the meaning of forgiveness. Even if you are angry at your partner or the person you are flirting with, you should know nobody is perfect and sometimes misunderstandings can happen. Sun and Mork showed us scenes full of tension, comedy and cuteness and I’m not surprised they turned to be one of the fan favorites of 2019.


The cast and the acting

Hm, how do I say this…I am a big fan of Tay Tawan and New Thitipoom and they were good actors even before DBK. To be honest the only thing that really surprised me from the acting was when Pete finally had enough of Kao and both of them suffered from it. That was some amazing acting right there. Especially from New because we had not seen stuff like that from him before. Otherwise though, there weren’t really that many special scenes in the series.

For the rest of the cast…there was some chemistry doubts between Sun and Mork / Podd and Fluke in the beginning but those flew out the window soon and they fully convinced in their roles. The other actors also showed their best. I do have some pity for AJ Chayapol Jutamat though, since he got a lot of hate for the role of Non, since, let’s be honest, Non was a jerk. Still he also convinced as his character.


Overall the cast did a good job but the story line only offered like 2 or 3 scenes where the actors could really prove what they could do. In that regard it is very different from shows like Theory of Love, where Off and Gun had to pull out all of their talent because there were a lot of scenes involved you just had to nail and show some serious and breathtaking acting. DBK, like I said, doesn’t have that much in that regard (side note: and I don’t actually like ToL).


Okay, now overall…DBK is a nice and beautiful series. It has the production quality you want and also the chemistry you want. The show will not throw you off you chair but it will keep you watching and enthralled and you want to know what happens at the end. It just isn’t as extraordinary as other shows.

Also one thing to say to GMM: Please try not to fall into the same trap as many other production companies. Except for Love Sick, I have not yet seen a couple that has survived their second installment well (since they were just one part of the story in the previous seasons I take it as this is Pete and Kao’s second installment). Since you do so well with all the BL shows, I still put hope in you, GMM! 🙂

In the end, I still recommend watching DBK even if it takes some time for the story to really start and the pace is a mess but overall it is nice to watch and the chemistry is wonderful ❤

Note: DBK did give me a new breathtakingly beautiful scene. You can actually see it as the title pic of the site. That scene alone is worth dealing with a few bad things and still finishing the series 🙂