BL Yaoi manga recommendations – Part III

So, another post with less mainstream BL manga recommendations and this time we are going for the Yaoi ones and less Shonen-Ai or BL teases.

If you are beginner in the BL genre, turn around and check out the Shonen-Ai recommendations first. Seriously, otherwise you may be shocked…I wasn’t but I’m strange, so yea…XD

Let’s get right into it!

Tadaima, Okaeri

This manga is just so much fluff. It’s fluffy, cute, sweet and oh so nice!! The story is set in the popular Omegaverse (see here – there are changes depending on which author the story is from). It tells the story of a lovely male-male couple Masaki and Hiromu who have a child together and it tells the story of their life together.

Regarding BL manga stories in the last few years, this is definitely one of the best that came  out. There are multiple volumes and a lot of chapters and you will not just fall in love with the couple but also the kids, the neighbors, the friends…with the whole world.

Nirameba Koi

This story is for all the people out there who want some new main characters. Nira Koi definitely offers just that. It’s the love story of the normal (but kinda weird) high school student Shima and the kinda yankee/delinquent student Ryuunosuke. Ever since the first time they met, Ryuunosuke glares death stares at Shima and Shima gets curious why. The story unfolds kinda funnily but also unexpected because you cannot really say who or if there is someone who has like the pants on in the relationship.

I just love the new mix of characters and there is also a nice spin-off of Ryuunosuke’s older brother.

Choco Strawberry Vanilla

CSV is definitely nothing for light hearted fans. It’s a pretty strong manga and there is absolutely no doubt about it being Yaoi, not Shonen-Ai but Yaoi.

The story is about Mine, a young worker who one day at a high school reunion meets his school crush Hiroi again and promptly gets into bed with him. But Hiroi is not your normal colleague and partner. His whole life he has always shared the things he likes most with his childhood friend Take.

Why should Mine be any different? And what happens if feelings bigger than the three of them start to grow?

This one is pretty perverted and erotic but also kind of sweet inbetween. It’s full of people not saying what they really feel though ^.^ while still being able to give everyone what they want.

Kuroneko Kareshi Series

When I said not totally mainstream maybe I was a little bit lying. The Kuroneko Series is quite big actually.

The story is about Shingo, a behind the scenes worker for movies who can turn into a black cat. One day he meets the top movie star Kakami, who immediately falls for him and wants to have Shingo for himself. Imagine the shock when Shingo finds out his new partner is also a werecat, but a full grown leopard?!

I think there are multiple volumes out and it includes a lot of chapters. There is also a story about Kakami’s brother which I think also already got multiple volumes. The story itself starts out strong, is highly erotic and if I ever get caught reading it by my mum she would propably put me in a monastery – and she’s not religious at all.

But still, the characters just go so well ^.^

Totally Captivated

TC is actually not a Japanese comic but a Korean one, if I remember it correctly but who cares? A lot of people had to convince me to start reading TC but once you’re in, you won’t get away.

The story is about college student Ewon, who is forced to work for the loan-shark and gang leader Mookyul, by his ex-lover Jiho (who is now Mookyul’s lover). While at odds in the beginning, soon feelings start to sprout.

I know it does not sound like much but I just could not put the story in other words. That’s the gist of it. In general, the story grabs you quite soon and won’t let you go. Around the end it gets a little bit blurry but it’s still such a satisfying story.

Puchitto Hajiketa

This one only has one volume but it is still very nice.

It’s about Ashitaka, an out of the closet gay man who had a bad first experience with his previous lover Noshiro and only tops since then. One day at a bar, he meets Noshiro again and the story unfolds from then on.

The drawing style of this one is really nice and beautiful, the proportions are great and the chemistry between the main characters seems really nice. I really enjoyed reading it even if it isn’t that long.

Junketsu Drop

Junketsu Drop is actually a manga I read, then forgot the name of and then searched for it for such a long time. Well, when I found it again, I immediately loved it with all my heart again.

The story is about the academic student and student council president Kasukabe and the sports students and tennis ace Misato. They are fighting so often that they are famous in their school for quarreling. One day, Kasukabe helps Misato out of a stressed situation and things turn quite unexpected…

I loved the teasing between the two characters in this one. The teasing and the two faces to both the leads. Both of them have their own areas of security and their weaknesses and both try to hide them but you know how good that works in mangas, right?

Also the pictures are really nice.

Side note: this one actually has another adaptation to it but the story of that one is quite different and has a totally different feel. Just if you hear something about it, you won’t be surprised. 

Konya mo Nemurenai

When I read KmN, so many people were waiting with me for every new chapter. And we were going crazy.

It’s about the shy and inexperienced Rikiya who one day lands in a bad situation and by accidents calls upon a demon from the demon realm, Endo. Endo has to fulfill Rikiya’s wish but while Rikiya doesn’t even know what to wish for, Endo doesn’t really plan on returning to the demon realm either.

The story is from the popular BL artist Yamamoto Kotetsuko and came out in 2011. The drawing style is quite nice and the story develops quite well and picks up the pace at the end of the story. There is another volume about some previous side characters of the original and that one also includes some epilogue material from the original story as well, so there is enough to read 🙂

Saezuru Tori Wa Habatakanai

This one is heavy. Not just the erotic stuff but also the storyline itself.

The story revolves around the masochistic and beautiful yakuza boss Yashiro and his newly appointed clumsy and stoic subordinate Doumeki. Both of them have emotional and physical scars but maybe, just maybe they can overcome them together.

I really have to re-read the story sometime soon. It’s still ongoing and it’s updating pretty slowly but the story is developed quite well and not as fast paced as some others. Their are six volumes and there are some pre-stories for Yashiro out there so you won’t get bored anytime soon.


So that was it. That was all my recommendations for this post. If you want more, feel free to comment down below and let me know. Also if you have any more recommendations for me, tell me so I can add them to the next post ^.^

Busy? I know that feeling…#update

So this is gonna be a short post.

For all the BL recommendations fans out there, I’m so so so soooo sorry for not actually managing to post that promised recommendations post part V yet….

First, it’s because I had to watch some of the stuff I wanna recommend.

Second, I don’t wanna recommend bad stuff.

Third, I am actually running out of good recommendations but it’s okay, I’ll manage atm…somehow BL shows are going on a break for some time, it seems. There’s gonna be some new ones soon but I don’t think with a BL couple as a main protagonist. But let’s see and hope for the best.

Fourth and this is also about my other posts and news: I’ve been sick for more than two weeks now and I have a big exam (which I totally cannot fail *again*) coming up, so I had/have absolutely no time to post anything, not even write a lot.


So when do you get your update? Well, easy: My exam is on the 11th of April, some time after that, I can post the new recommendations post, depending on how crazy busy my other school work is by then (since pretty much everything except for the urgent stuff has been put on hold in my life for now).

So again: Sorry for not giving you that promised part V yet, I’m doing my best T.T